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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Michelle likes Jessie & Jessie likes Angie

I feel like I'm watching a soap opera with these two!

Okay, so let me break it down for ya'll:

Michelle likes Jessie and he knows it (she flat out told him). The problem is that Jessie likes Angie..and he told Michelle that! Oh, and did I forget to mention that Jessie has a "girlfriend" back home?

*sniff sniff* I smell a love feud a-brewing!! Oooo, this is gonna get good!! :-D

Jessie has a crush on Angie:

Well, tomorrow episide #3 of BB10 starts at 8pm EST!! I can't wait to see the Diary Room sessions and the food comp, oh and how nominations went. It's gonna be a good show! If you can't be by a tv at that time, but will have your iPhone or laptop near ya, then come back here tomorrow because I'll be blogging every juicy minute of it..just for you!!! ;-)

Also, I have a special announcment tomorrow so make sure to bookmark the blog (if ya haven't already) and come back to see what it is!!! :-D

Until then, ladies & gents, I'll be watching the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...

Libra & Jerry Fight (vids)

Like I said in the post below, this morning was CRAZY with drama on the live feeds!!!!

Libra was talking to the girls in the 70's decor room and just waking up for the day, when all of a sudden, Jerry comes in and starts confronting her for some remarks that she had made after the food comp the other day. That's when Libra SNAPPED and went psycho on him! I truly thought she was going to hit him!!

Libra DID say that they lost the food comp because of the "2 old people" on their team (Renny & Jerry), but that they had lost as a team as well. Well, it seems that the 1st part "slipped" Libra's mind. She remembers saying something similar, but not in those exact words.

No matter who is right/wrong in this, I think the way that Libra handled herself was in very poor taste and down right scary! I'm not sure if this is who she is all the time (a really short fuse), or if it's because she's been on slop and it's making her crazy, but she flipped the hell out on Jerry AND Renny!!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

This happened a couple of hours ago, but it takes soooo much for me to take videos, process them, upload them, and then it takes about 10 mins per video to upload them onto YouTube (then I had to restart the computer because it was lagging from working so hard). So that's why there's a delay in getting these videos to ya'll. But better late than never! :-D

So what are your thoughts on Libra, Jerry, and Renny and the way they handled themselves?? I'm curious to see what ya'll think!!

By the way, I think Libra's reaction to Jerry is going to REALLY bite her in the ass. More and more, I see Michelle totally using the POV on Steven and asking Jessie to nominate Libra. And just some FYI; Jessie STILL hates Renny and wants her gone ASAP. That boy has a ton of growing up to do! It was a small incident, she appologized and changed her WHOLE ATTITUDE since then, and he is still holding it against her. Gawwd...get over it, Jessie!! I hope that punk is next to go. lol

If you don't have the live feeds yet, I highly recomend you get them now! The houseguests are cracking under pressure and the game is ON!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned...

Steven campagins to Michelle: (vid)

This morning in the BB house was CRAZYYY!!!!!

Starting off the afternoon posts is Steven campaigning to Michelle..more like trying to convience her to use the veto on him. I can totally see Michelle using it to save Steven now, but not because of this particular convo (though I believe it did a world of help having this conversation with her!!)

Steven Campaigns to Michelle:

Steven is trying like hell to get himself off the block, and the rest of the house is *STILL* throwing around the idea of nominating Libra.

But that will be in the next post and trust me, you'll wanna stick around for that post!!!!!!!

Stay tuned...

The Overnight Report (vids)

Goooood morning, BB10 blog fans!!! Alright, I finally had some coffee and I feel like I'm part of the living world again. lol :-P Let's get this overnight report done!!

Last night was all about how to backdoor Libra. She has made her imprint on the house, and it's not a good one. There was a ton of back & forth shit between houseguests and at times, keeping up with the convos was impossible.

Okay, so let's start off with the two videos I took of the feeds last night.

This one is Steven campaigning to Memphis (asking for his vote). Memphis flat out says no, and he's being honest with him. But Steven does a GREAT job of planting a seed in his head, which was his main goal. So mission accomplished! But as far as a vote, we'll have to see what today brings.

Steven campaigns to Memphis:

...and then Memphis & Michelle talk next. Memphis tells her that Angie approached him and said that Jerry & Steven have a plan to try to get Michelle to use the veto to take Steven down and nominate Libra instead (and evict her). Right after that is when Steven approached Memphis (see video above).

Steven & Michelle talk about Steven:

Michelle later on gets pissed at the idea that Jessie would even consider the idea of her having to use the veto to backdoor Libra, for the main fact that it would put a huge target on HER back next week. Needless to say, I think Michelle won't use the veto at all and just save herself a bunch of bullshit.

That's it for the overnight report! The house was VERY entertaining to watch last night on the feeds! It was (for me) the first time that I really got into the feeds. I was still waiting for the "honeymoon phase" to be over, and trust me, its over! lol ;-) The HG's are getting pissed off at each other and are not afraid to voice their opinions.

If you want my "expert opinion", I think this week will be good, but next week is when the foundation of the house will rock and the HG's start breaking down!!! Also remember that Angie, Libra, Jerry, Renny, and Memphis are all on slop for 2 weeks! Slop will make people break down emotionally, get angry faster, and will snap on people in an instant!! Ooo...I can't WAIT!!! :-D

Oh, and I've been noticing alot of Angie fans (mostly guys who think she's hot), so here's a screenshot of Angie playing pool last night.

You're welcome. ;-)

Okie dokie, there's plenty more to come today, so make sure you...

Stay tuned...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Libra is making enemies in the house:

As predicted, Libra's too hard/too fast approach to playing the game is starting to flip on her!

First, we have Keesha, Jerry & Renny bashing on Libra:

Jerry: "Libra shoots her mouth off about everybody."

Then Keesha and Memphis had a nice talk in the Spa Room. Keesha told Memphis that Libra told April that Keesha was campaigning to keep Steven.

Keesha: "Where does she get this f***ing shit from??"

Keesha & April sat down and talked, and this is how all this came to light. As Keesha says in the video, Libra approached Keesha before the POV comp today and said "Talk to Steven", Keesha said no, and then Steven (later on) goes up to Keesha and says "Libra said you wanted to talk to me?"

Oh, and if the video of Jessie being cocky wasn't enough (see 1 post below), then check this one out:

Jessie thinks he has control of next week:

That kid is starting to really wear on my nerves. lol :-P

Stay tuned...

Jessie being cocky...again. (video)

Remember when I posted earlier that no particular houseguest was rubbing me the wrong way? Well, I take it back now. lol

Jessie has been full of himself since the HOH comp and it's getting worse by the hour.

The title of this video from TRD is called "Jessie being a douchebag". Enough said. lol

I have a feeling that his cockiness is gonna get his ass in trouble!

Stay tuned...

The winner of the POV is...

We have a winner of the POV comp today!!!!!

WARNING: Spolier!!!!!!!!!!

The Winner of the POV is:


Will she use it to save either Steven or Dan? Not likely. But we shall see what the next 5 days bring!!!

Stay tuned...

Updates, Updates, Updates!!

Nominations were yesterday and it seems that Jessie is a man of his word:
The nominationed HG's are Steven & Dan (with the target being Steven).

Jessie told Dan that Steven is the target and to chill. So what does Dan do? He starts planning not only on winning HOH next week, but who he wants to put up! Umm, jumping the gun a bit, Dan? ;-) Anyways, Dan said how he would want to put up Libra and he is unsure of who else to put up. He told all of this to Jessie.

Don't ask me if they're in an alliance because I have no clue! There's about 10 alliances: one of them being Keesha, April & Libra, and then another being Angie, Jessie, Michelle, & Memphis...and a couple of sub-alliances from those alliances. Makes my head spin!! The only good thing about this is that these "secret" sub-alliances are going to be known at some point, and then comes the DRAAMMAAA!! ;-)

Oh, and Renny is still paranoid that Jessie will backdoor her, so she's gonna fight like hell for the POV (if she gets picked to play, that is.)


We have the POV comp today!!! :-D

Got anybody in mind that you want to win it? There's not really any HG that is rubbing me the wrong way lately (I know, it's a shocker! lol) so I'm neither here nor there this week with noms and POV. I'm just enjoying watching it all unfold. :)

It seems that HG's are starting to really warm up to Renny! And to be honest, I am too. :) She's so funny on the feeds!! She makes little comments to herself or sometimes even to the cameras, and she is just...FUNNY!!

So that's about the jist of what happened last night and today. I'll update ya'll on the POV players and the winner of the POV as I find out!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Comp is going on right now!! (Updated!!!!!!)

We have trivia going on the live feeds, which means...

We have a comp going on right now!!!!!!

Food comp? Luxary comp? We shall see!!

While we're all waiting, here's a trivia question from the feeds:

(Click for Answer)

Updated @ 4:03pm EST: Still trivia on the feeds...
Updated @ 4:25pm EST: Still trivia on the feeds...

The feeds are BACK as of 4:45pm EST!!! :-D Listening to the HG's right now to gather some info...

Okay, it was a FOOD COMP!!! April looks depressed (laying on the floor, staring stright up at the ceiling), and the HG's are wearing either a red suit or a green suit (possibly a bathing suit?)

Alright, so far I've gathered that Angie, Libra, Jerry, Renny, and Memphis are on slop. It sounds as if Memphis won a sweet prize (not sure what yet) and some of the HG's are complaining how cocky he was being. Hmm..Memphis? Cocky? Nawww. ;-) lol

Turn on the
feeds!! The house is buzzing!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Nominations are today!!

As I just posted in the previous entry, the nominations look like they were be Dan & Steven nominated (with Steven as the target). Nominations should happen later on today! :-D

The day in the BB house has been random chatter (, but that will all change tonight after the noms are choosen, I'm sure. ;-) That's when the live feeds become very much alive!!

Also on today's schedule is a food comp!! Now, last season BB "leaked" about 10 mins of most of the food comps on the feeds, so I'm really hoping that they'll do that this season as well!

Okay, let me open up a new post and check out the feeds to see whats going on!!

Stay tuned...

The Overnight Report (vid)

Good afternoon, everyone!! :-D I'm getting a bit of a late start today, but I'm still gonna bring ya'll everything you need to know to get ya caught up to speed!

Last night, only a few things happened that are worth mentioning:

Jessie got his HOH room (it took BB a long time to give him the key for some reason):

As far as nominations go, here's the latest buzz:
Jessie wants Renny to be nominated, the HG's out-numbered him by telling him that he needs to put up Dan and Steven (with the real target being Steven this week). They tell Jessie that Renny will go out in the next couple of weeks and to not worry about it.

It never ceases to amaze me how houseguests can think that they have everything planned up to a few weeks in advanced. lol Do they not know how quickly shit can change in that house or how quickly people can turn on each other in a heartbeat?? Ehh, they'll learn. ;-)

Okay, so that's it for the overnight report! More posts to come right up! :-D

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Live Eviction!!! (SPOILER!!!!)

Hey guys & dolls! I'm baaaackkk!! :-D And just in time for the very first LIVE EVICTION of BB10!!!

Okay, we are 9 minutes into it and really they've just done a recap of the veto ceremony, Brian (who is the renom) talked to Jerry, Jerry told him that it was 8 people (everyone except Steven & Dan) that approached him and gave him a choice of either nom'ing Brian or he would be next to go next week, and Brian got pissed when he found it out that it was Ollie who sold him out first.

They just showed the showmance between Ollie & April..a little kissy kissy here in bed.

Brian knows of the girls alliance and wants them broken up.

Now they're showing Brian & Steven talking. Brian tells him it's gonna be like "pulling an elephant out of my ass" to stay in the gane. (How colorful of a picture you paint, Brian. lol)

And now we have our first commercial!!

Alright, we're back!

They're showing some of the HG's doing a puppet show (they're impression of Renny was hilarious! LOL) The sock puppet show was Brian's idea to get everyone together and be happy and then start to feel bad for Brian (because he's going home). It got Dan and Angie thinking of how they can swing the votes in Brian's favor.

Angie is now campagining to Keesha to keep Brian in the house.

Now they're showing Keesha & April's "water fight" fiasco. Renny goes into the house to talk to April (who is crying hardcore).

Now Julie is talking to the HG's live!! Julie just told them that (just like in Season 1), they will have a live audience during live shows.

Julie is now talking to Jerry in the HOH room.


April=Votes to Evict...Brian
Libra=Votes to Evict...Brian
Michelle=Votes to Evict...Brian
Ollie=Votes to Evict...Brian
**Live Vote Will Continue After Commercial**
Dan=Votes to Evict...Renny
Jessie=Votes to Evict...Brian
April=Votes to Evict...Brian
Memphis=Votes to Evict...Brian
Steven=Votes to Evict...Brian
Angie=Votes to Evict...Brian

1st HG Evicted from BB10 is:


Next up, THE HOH COMP!!!!!! :-D

The comp is a Q & A comp (boo!!! love the physical comps).

Memphis is out...Renny is out...Keesha is out..April is out..Dan is out..Michelle is out...Angie is out...TIE BREAKER between Steven, Libra, Ollie & Jessie)...

The New HOH is:


Okay everyone, I'm gonna spark up the live feeds and see what's going on!!!! :-D

Don't forget to COMMENT!!!

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report: Keesha & April fight

Last night, there was finally some good action on the live feeds! Keesha has been brewing up her anger for a little bit at this point because April kept talking shit behind Keesha's back saying that she has flipped on voting out Brian. Seems like the Girls Alliance is coming undone already. Either way, Keesha threw water on April (but claims that it was an accident and she was just trying to throw it on the grass, and then later says she was so sick of hearing April talk who knows.)

It doesn't seem that anyone has captured the actual incident happening because the live feeds weren't focused on them at that point. But here's what happened immediately following the water being thrown towards April (but hit Michelle):

The aftermath: Brian confronts Jerry and tells him (he thinks) he has 1/2 of the house votes to stay and that Jerry might be the sway vote. I highly doubt that Jerry would vote to keep Brian in the game.

After a while, Keesha calmed down and explained everything to Angie, and Angie comments that she's sick of the drama and Libra (in so many words):

It looks like at this point that Brian will be the one going home with 6 votes to be evicted, but as we all know, that change in a heartbeat.

Okay, so the HG's all calmed down and become a big happy family later on that night. :) They decided to cure their bordem with Potato Sack Races (with garbage bags) and then a 3-legged race. Looked like fun! lol

Michelle hurt her foot during the first race and Jerry came to her rescue with some First Aid..and a kiss on the cheek! ;-)

Well, since today is Live Eviction Day, the HG's had to do their goodbye messages in the DR last night. Here's a clip of Brian, Steven, Angie, and Dan. Oh, and has anyone else noticed that Brian has been in the same exact spot on the backyard couch for days and smoking cigerette after cigerette? I hope BB told him that he can move around the house. lol ;-) I'll be glad if he goes home tonight, he's rather boring to watch on the feeds and his 'better than ya'll' attitude is tired and old.

And lastly, we finish the overnight report with a clip of Ollie & April. Ollie tries to talk a little sense into her (in a sweet way) and just wants to make sure that she stays in control of herself so she doesn't get evicted. April was saying earlier that she is/was afraid that BB would kick her out for saying 'Bring it on!' to Keesha during the whole water fight incident. Ollie tells April that if anyone disrespects her, to let him know:

Okay, so there ya have it!! I'm gonna get some breakfast and coffee, I feel like I'm stuck in 2nd gear this morning. lol *yawn*

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BB10 Blog is now MOBILE!!!!

Hey guys & gals!! Just wanted to make a quick announcement that the BB10 Blog is now mobile!!!

Subscribe to Big Brother 10 Blog...because you're addicted. on your cell phone

So whenever you can't be on the computer, you can get updates on your phone (great for those of you with iPhones!) It's totally free (yayy!!!) so go ahead and sign up...because you're addicted! ;-)

Also, I'm thinking of a better way to use the Chat Room here on the blog. I'm thinking that maybe I'll just set up times that the chat room will be open and then I'll post them, that way everyone can join in the chat at the same time (instead of going into an empty chat room..I hate that!)

And one more announcement:
I'm going to be offline tomorrow from 12pm EST-6pm EST because I have a prior engagement I have to tend to. :( I'll post a reminder tomorrow morning as well. :) I'll do the overnight report and maybe post a video or two of the live feeds before I have to leave, but I will be back in plenty of time for the FIRST EVICTION OF BB10!!! Who's it gonna be: Renny or Brian? My bet is on Brian. lol ;-)

So, what did ya'll think of tonights show?? I think they did an EXCELLENT job at clearing up a ton of things up, such as Brian's many alliances and how they were exposed. Great show tonight, in my opinion!

What's your opinion? Leave it below in the comment section! :-D

I'm going to spark up the live feeds and see what the HG's are doing, but in the meantime, share your thoughts & feelings below!

Stay tuned...

Episode #2: First POV Comp!!

Okay, so I'm watching the show on CBS right now, and I'll blog about it for those of you stuck at a computer with no tv. :)

They showed that right after the nomination ceremony, Renny went up to Jessie and said "Dude, what are we gonna do?" (in a lighthearted manner) and Jessie wasn't happy because she's the reason they are both on the block.

Renny didn't think it was that big a of "fight" and told Jerry the same thing (that it wasn't a big deal). Jerry just said that it was their problem to work out now (basically). Renny said that Jessie is acting like a baby and asked him what that was about. Jessie walked away saying he already told her (the other night) what his problem was. As he walked away, Renny made comments about how he needs to grow up. Jessie told her it took 1 1/2 days to applogize, but CBS just flash backed to their original convo where Renny apologized 2 seconds after he complained. This whole thing turned into a verbal fight in the HOH room when Jerry was giving the HG's a glass of wine. Renny called him a liar & a punk and walked out.

Now they're showing Brian talking too Ollie and Michelle about how to get out Jessie and that Renny will self-destruct. It's obvious that Brian is getting very cocky and Angie caught on to him and was intimitated by him for playing the game so good.

Now they're showing Brian talking to Steven, and now Memphis. Memphis saying he doesn't mind ever going up on the block. Brian offers him "2 or 3 weeks" in return for a favor at ANY point during those 2-3 weeks. Memphis didn't buy it and Brian knew it.

**NOTE: This is basically CBS showing his "5 alliances" that the HG's found out.

Now Brian is talking to Dan and Ollie about how they 3 are in control of the game.


Alright, we're back.

Watching the birth of the April/Ollie showmance.

Jerry: "It's time to pick players (6 players) for the Veto Comp! First is the HOH, then the two nominees."

The players are:
Jerry, Jessie, Renny, Michelle, April, and Memphis. Angie is the host.

The POV comp is a stuffed bears & honey comp. They have to crawl through honey, under a bridge (and they're having a HARD TIME!! lol), then rip open pillows to find little stuffed bears on a HUGE bed. Renny was moving VERY slow during the comp because the honey was so hard to crawl through. Memphis said that the honey felt like 70-80 pds of honey was on him. (Wow!!) Renny looks like a chicken LOL She's COVERED in honey and feathers, and then a feather pillow was stuck to her ass and it looked like a tailfeather. :-P

The POV comp was VERY close game!! Three of them were tied for 1st place at the same time.

The POV Winner is:


(Wow, all BB blogs thought that Jerry had won it!! I'm surprised it was Jessie.)


Brian goes up the HOH room and is being SUPER cocky! He thinks he knows how to play the game, how to play Jerry to do what he wants him to do, and he's telling everyone what to do. Libra, April, and Keesha caught on to Brian's tactics!!

Angie, Keesha, and Michelle were in the sauna talking about Brian being in total control, and that he will pick the girls off one by one after getting Memphis & Jessie (the 2 biggest boy threats) out of the house. Angie agreed. April thinks Ollie would have told her if he was in an alliance with Brian because of their showmance. April is pissed at Ollie for not being told about his alliance with Brian and Dan and she confronts him about it. Ollie said he's not against April and Libra. So Ollie pulls Libra and April aside in a room and tells them the truth..that the 3 boys have been in alliance since Day 1. Ollie tells the girls to "flip it" back on Brian.


Ollie, Libra, Angie, Michelle, Memphis, Jessie, April, and Keesha plan to talk to Jerry. They all get him up to the HOH room where they're waiting, and they're calling him out on his alliance with Brian. The crew tells Jerry that he has to put up Brian and they expose all of his alliances to Jerry, and tell Jerry they know about their alliance (Jerry & Brian) as well. Jerry is resisting at first, they offer Jerry safety for next week if he puts up Brian. Jerry said he doesn't trust anybody and doesn't believe them.


It's time for Jessie to use the POV to take himself off the block. He looks at the memory wall, grabs the POV necklace, and they show everyone being nervous.

Jessie: "Time for the veto ceremony!"

He takes himself off the block, and now it's time for Jerry to nominate another HG for eviction. Jerry says it's a difficult thing to do for himself personally. Jerry outs Brian for all of his alliances. Brian looks like he's about to have a heart attack. Dan is surprised!

Jerry: "Brian, I nominate you for eviction."

Brian said he still has more tricks up his sleeve, but that "the player (him) got played."

Annnouncer: "Who will be evicted? And who will become the new HOH? Find out tomorrow!"

End of Show

Stay tuned...

"Nothing big has happened yet."

Steven said it best. Nothing big has happened yet (as far as drama or fights). He was talking about the next HOH coming up and that it's going to be hard to pick who will be put up on the block. And I think he's right about that.

With that being said, nothing "big has happened" today, either. I think the HG's have moments where they forget they are there to play a game, and not socialize and do chores and lay out in the sun all day. I hope that either BB does something to spark a little fire under their asses, or that tomorrow's eviction will make it a reality that, hey guess what, you're playing a PLAY IT!!!!

Okay, the CBS show is starting right now, so I'm gonna blog about that in a new post!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Afternoon in the BB House

I turned on the live feeds and right away, Steven made another comment that he probably shouldn't have made. Though I know his intentions aren't bad, he still needs a lesson on what to say and what not to say.

Steven made a reference to a sock puppet that Angie made, Angie was saying that it's Julie Chen, and Steven said "Why, because it has slanted eyes?" *sigh* Oy. :-/

Currently on the live feeds, everybody is moving around between being inside & outside. Right now, Jessie, Michelle, and Memphis are in the kitchen area talking about the pool party they were gonna have isn't going happen now (they didn't say why, but they didn't seem to care either lol).

Libra & Steven are doing some mindless chatter about random stuff in the 60's decor room. (Right now they're talking about Fantasia winning American Idol a few years ago.)

Today has been pretty chill, nothing of major importance has happened just yet and I refuse to report every minute of people farting, going to the bathroom, smoking outside, or things of that nature. lol It's not very exciting to read about. And if you do wanna know about that stuff, then you are a true BB fan like myself and should sign up for the live feeds (remember, you get 14 days totally free, no strings attached!)

But I will, of course, keep ya'll updated with videos worth watching, funny things & game related juicy stuff! :-D So make sure that you....

Stay tuned...

The Overnight Report (vids)

Gooood morning, Big Brother 10 Blog fans!!!! :-D

Time to get ya'll caught up on what happened last night:

Alright, let's see...okay, we'll start off with Steven & Libra hashing things out. If you remember, Steven was telling everyone that she is "controlling" and it got back to Libra, and they talked it out.

April & Ollie took a few minutes out of the day to talk and flirt, then Keesha walks in and jumps in the chat session:

The HG's were locked down inside and so they decided to kill time by working out:

Then April, Keesha, and April gathered for some good alliance talk:

Brian & Angie & Steven decided to make sock puppets. Was there a purpose to this? Well, according to Dan & Brian later on last night, they did this in order to try to get votes. Hm. Oooo k. :-/

Later on, the HG's were looking at the memory wall and discussing it. I can't help to wonder that the "BB10" Picture in the middle will be used at some point as a twist/surprise. There was speculation before BB10 started the there were 14 spots on the memory, but only 13 houseguests. But now we see that its just a BB10 sign in the middle. Makes ya wonder what BB has up its sleeve this season! ;-)

Angie got upset with Jerry for jokingly calling her psycho during a game they were playing. The whole thing truly got out of hand for a remark that was silly and was taken the wrong way. Angie went so as to say that she was going to pretend he didn't exist, etc etc. Sheesh! It was a comment, a light hearted comment, he apologized, get over it! Maybe the HG's are so bored that they need something to focus on (good or bad). lol

Jerry & Angie talked a little bit later on up in the HOH room and Jerry was, once again, applogizing to Angie. They share a few hugs and all is well in the BB world again. :)

On a completely different note, we learned that Jessie likes thicker black girls! lol He said he once dated a chick from Compton with a 52 inch ass. Wowww!! You go, Jessie! ;-) lol And we also found out that Michelle has a little crush on Jessie, but Jessie likes Angie..however he won't showmance with her because of his "life outside the big brother house" and even talked about having a kid (which is news to me!)

Let's talk about alliances now, shall we? Ok! If you're confused on who's aligned with who, you are NOT alone!!! It seems to be that everyone has alliance with everyone, and then dropping an alliance to get with a new's total alliance chaos!! So as far as I know, here are the alliances (let me know if I'm missing one! lol)

Alright, so, we have the Brian & Ollie alliance (as posted yesterday) but Brian is 1 foot out the door and Ollie even said that he had to "bail" on their alliance so he didn't go down with that ship. I also said yesterday that I think Keesha & Steven are "connected some how" so there's a possible alliance but I'm not 100% sure. And we just learned that April/Keesha/Libra (from the video above) are now in some sort of girls alliance.

Oy, these HG's have my head spinning! lol :-P

Alright boys & girls, that's it for the overnight recap!

More updates on the HG's (when they wake their little asses up) to come, so...

Stay tuned...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jerry tells Renny: "Brian is out." (video)

It seems that Jerry had a talk with the other HG's and they are all in agreement that Brian will be going home on Wednesday. Renny is very happy it and starts talking about next week, Jerry tells her "We'll worry about next week, next week."

Jerry seemed to learn that he did, indeed, play the game too hard too fast. This whole week has been full of trial & error, and Brian's error of talking shit and making difference alliances has got him pinned in a corner with no way out (or so it looks like).

Here's the video:

More to come!!! So..

Stay tuned...

Steven calls Libra "that colored girl" (video)

This happened late last night, forgot to post this video (thanks Jenn!! :) )

Oh, Steven. *sigh*

Stay tuned...

Update on the houseguests: (video added)

The BB house has been buzzing non-freaking-stop today!!! It's so hard to watch the live feeds, take videos & upload them, take screenshots, take notes of what's happening on the live feeds as I'm recording videos, AND updating the blog!! My fingers are working to the bone today, that's for sure!

Okay, so here's some cliffnotes for you guys:

Everyone wants Brian out of the house.

Brian is prepared/thinking he is going home, but he's gonna try his best to stay and not be a "floater".

It was Brian that Libra was talking about when she said that he had "5 alliances", one of them was with Ollie and Ollie had to bail out of it because otherwise, he would go down in flames with him.

The target was on Memphis before the POV, and Brian & Ollie were talking about how he has to be next, otherwise the Jessie/Memphis alliance will kick ass in the game.

Brian: "Whoever has a TRUE alliance, to the end, will win this game. Memphis is smart and he will use Jessie as the perfect fall guy when he needs to."

Renny is laying low since the whole Jessie/Renny fight. I think she learned to keep her mouth shut and she's doing a good job at it.

Jerry was talking about how he refuses to put his wife into a nursing home, that she is his best friend, and they spend every minute of every day together, and he refuses to give that up. That is why he's preparing in every way possible to take care of her at their home. It was really a tear-jerker to watch and so sweet!! I got teary-eyed myself. :)

Memphis has also seemed to calm down with his cockiness, but is still a big target in the house.

Steven and Keesha have been talking alot in Keesha's room. Some game play, some mindless chit-chat.

Libra, is by far, the most outspoken (in a bad way) houseguest and unless she tones it down, she's going to get herself in trouble and put a target on her back. She's playing the game WAY too agressive and way too fast (in my opinion.) Hopefully she'll learn from Renny & Memphis and start shutting up and only be outspoken at the neccessary times.

Brian said that he thinks that Jerry is just here to look at the "pretty girls" during his morning convo with Ollie. This is during the time that they were talking about how some people are only here for the experience (such as Jerry & Jessie) and some are here just for the money. Personally, I don't think that they could be any further from truth.

Alright, so now you're all caught up!! Let me upload some videos and I'll post them here, and then it's back to the live feeds for me!! :-D

Here is the video of Keesha, Jessie, and Libra doing some game talk:

Stay tuned...

"Good Morning, Houseguests!" (pics)

Okay, I've been watching the live feeds for a few hours now and it's all still very confusing on what's going on, so please bear with me as I get my bearings. The HG's have been inside the BB house for 7 days (today is the 7th day) but we've only seen 1 CBS episode and have only had about 12 hours of audioable feeds action (in which the HG's slept for about 8 of those hours). So I'm still at that "whats going on?" stage of the game.

What I got so far was the everyone is just sharing stories and such (about an hour of dog ownership convos) and random chatter. Libra just got in the shower at 11:10am BBT and before she got in, she was complaining about one of the guys who has "like 5 alliances! Or at least, had." She was telling this to Michelle & Memphis (Renny & Angie were also floating around in & out of the bathroom during this time). I'll keep my eyes open & ears perked to get more info on that situation.

Alright, it's SCREENSHOT TIME!! Here's a look at this morning in the Big Brother house, enjoy!

Tons more posts, and VIDEOS, coming up shortly!!

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report!! (vids)

Gooood morning, BB lovers!!!! :-D

Okay, so it looks like Jerry DID win the POV and he used it to take Jessie off the block. The renom is Brian and it looks like (as of now) Brian will be going home. But, that can change in a second in the BB house, so we'll see!

And guess what??


It's between Ollie & April! Check out their late night makeout session:

Daammmmn, Ollie!!! ;-) We'll have to see whats going on with them today on the live feeds.

Also, Jerry is an alliance with Ollie & Dan.

Speaking of alliances, it seems that Jessie & Memphis are in their own lil alliance:

And I'm not 100% certain about if they're in alliance or not, but Angie & Michelle seem to be connected in some way:

Now, Jerry DID like Brian but that lasted for a whole 2 hours. lol In my opinion, Jerry shouldn't have asked him to be in an alliance so quickly because this is what happens. Oh, and if you dislike Memphis, you're not alone; so does the whole house. lol :-P And also, Steven did tell the HG's that he's gay and talked about his "coming out". Oh, and Steven doesn't like Libra at all. He was calling her controlling (about everything little thing).

The HG's that were on slop are now off of it, but not before dreaming of the foods they like & miss :

Okay kids, that's about it for the Overnight Report! :-D

We already have friendships, showmance, tension, backstabbing, and every other fine ingredient that makes up what the Big Brother house! ;-) I LOVE IT!!

More to come! (...after I get myself a couple cups of coffee lol)

Stay tuned...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

More BB10 screenshots!! (pics)-Updated!

Want a couple more screenshots from the live feeds?

You got it!!!!

The houseguests are still in that getting-to-know-everyone phase, light chatter, sharing some laughs, thinking of games to play, etc etc. They are very much still in that "Honeymoon Phase" of BB...and I can't wait to see when that ends and it all comes crumbling down on them! lol ;-)

Okay, so the time is now 1:06am EST and I'm going to bed. I have yet to adjust my sleeping schedule to the BB houseguests' sleeping schedule (should take a few days yet) but I'm recording BB: After Dark on showtime and I'll let BB fix the audio problem on the feeds in the meantime and I'll be back with a full overnight report in the morning. :)

So check back early tomorrow morning to see what has happend overnight and all the juicy gossip!! :-D Until then...

Stay tuned...

The Feeds are LIVE & Showtime is ON! (pics)

BB is now LIVE!!!!!

I started to record video the second that the feeds went live, but there's been some major microphone issues and you could BARELY hear anything, so I stopped (for now). But BB is on top of the problem and all should be well very soon!!

But here are some screenshots to hold ya'll over!! :-D

Can you say, Danielle from BB8, version 2.0?

And I'm still waiting to hear someone confirm in the BB house that Jerry won the Veto, but I haven't heard it just yet.

Stay tuned...

Big Brother: After Dark will start @ 12am/EST!!

Got Showtime? Then you'll get to enjoy 3 hours of all the action going on inside the BB house!

But when Showtime goes off, the live feeds will continue to roll 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! And that is when the fun REALLY starts!!! To see and hear everything as it unfolds live, all the good uncensored & unedited action right on your computer screen; it's a like a 24 hour sitcom every single day of the week! :-D

The live feeds are still on the little fishies swimming around, but I'm guessing they will go live when BB: After Dark on Showtime starts.


Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy! I will be taking videos until I go to bed, so keep checking back! :-D

Also, if you missed tonight's first episode of BB, here's a video of the nominations:

Stay tuned...

Currently on the Live Feeds...

We have fishies! lol Any minute now, the feeds should switch over to what's currently going on in the BB house, so hang tight feed viewers!! Don't have the feeds yet? Get'em Here!!

More to come tonight, so make sure to BOOKMARK THE BLOG and keep checking back!! (I update alot. ;-) )

Stay tuned...

Big Brother 10 has STARTED!!!!

Okay everyone, sorry for the slight delay (I'm running 5 minutes behind schedule). The very 1st episode of Big Brother 10 has STARTED!!! :-D So sit back, watch the show, and leave comments!!

They are showing the houseguests getting their keys & more about each houseguest.

Now the HG's are inside the house, they picked an HOH before they even went inside (but has not been revealed to the public yet), the HG's are introducing themselves to each other and their backgrounds.

Now they're showing the clip of Jerry feeling April up LOL They all just did the champagne toast and Jerry is setting himself very nicely by saying "What a great bunch of kids! Cheers!" He's softening them up with sweetness and defining his age..all within 1 sentence! LOVE IT!!

The first Food & Prize Comp of the Season was held!!!!

The comp is called "Buggin Out"..there's 2 Volkswagen bugs upside down. Jessie is sitting out because 1 person had to sit out and he volunteered himself but when he saw that the prizes are 2 classic cars, he was really bummed. AND they just announced that it's a food comp as well!! Jessie automatically eats food no matter what for sitting out.

The HG's are playing...oh, and is it just me or is Memphis really arrogant/cocky/annoying? LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS IN COMMENTS BELOW!!!!

Alright, so the "Red Team" won and Memphis got to choose between the 2 cars..he picked the old Camero.

Next up, the reveal of the 1st HOH (which was posted here on the blog last week). Waiting for the commercials to end...

Oh, and remember how there were 14 spots on the houseguest Memory Wall? Well, 1 of those pics is just a BB10 pic. Blahh. No twists or anything..not yet at least. ;-)

Alright, the 1st HOH of BB10 is...


Julie just warned him that he has 24 hours to pick nominations for eviction. Brian & Dan have sorta teamed up together.

Jerry just saw his HOH room and loved it! They showed pics of him when he was just 20 yrs old.

Renny is annoying the houseguests (again, as I posted on the blog last week through a reliable source). She's too over-the-top and the HG's think she's seriously "crazy". lol She has the most annoying laugh and it's pissing off Jessie who was trying to sleep, he told Renny that he was pissed and she appologized and told him to lighten up.

Brian is with Jerry up in the HOH...Jerry asked him to be in an alliance and Brian said okay. Also, Jerry told Brian to make an "X" sign with his arms whenever he wants to talk. In Brian's Diary Room session, he said that he'll use Jerry as much as possible and then dump him when "that ship sinks".

Time for nominations!!!!..after the commercial. ;-)

Nominated for Eviction are:
Renny & Jessie

Jerry's reasoning is because the conflict between Jessie & Renny the night prior, and instead of letting the problem grow worse, Jerry wants them to decide who should truly go.

Jerry: "I am HERE to STAY!"

"Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save any the nominations?"


Stay tuned...

Big Brother starts TONIGHT!!!! :-D

We have FINALLY made it!!! Big Brother 10 starts tonight at 8pm/EST, then the live feeds go live immediately following the show, and then we have Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime starting at 12am/EST!!

Of course I will be here pre-show, during the show, and long after the show blogging just for you! :-D

If you wanted the live feeds and forgot to snag up the Early Bird Special, don't worry, you can still get the feeds in time for tonight! But the price is now back to $14.99/month (instead of $12.99). If you're new to the feeds this season, please give yourself at least an hour to get them all set up!

Alright, I'm off to go to a baseball game (kind of like my last day of freedom before BB starts lol) but I'll be back so keep checking in with the blog to see what's going on!! :-D

IT'S HERE!! TONIGHT IS PREMIERE NIGHT!!! w00t w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned...