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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Live Eviction!!! (SPOILER!!!!)

Hey guys & dolls! I'm baaaackkk!! :-D And just in time for the very first LIVE EVICTION of BB10!!!

Okay, we are 9 minutes into it and really they've just done a recap of the veto ceremony, Brian (who is the renom) talked to Jerry, Jerry told him that it was 8 people (everyone except Steven & Dan) that approached him and gave him a choice of either nom'ing Brian or he would be next to go next week, and Brian got pissed when he found it out that it was Ollie who sold him out first.

They just showed the showmance between Ollie & April..a little kissy kissy here in bed.

Brian knows of the girls alliance and wants them broken up.

Now they're showing Brian & Steven talking. Brian tells him it's gonna be like "pulling an elephant out of my ass" to stay in the gane. (How colorful of a picture you paint, Brian. lol)

And now we have our first commercial!!

Alright, we're back!

They're showing some of the HG's doing a puppet show (they're impression of Renny was hilarious! LOL) The sock puppet show was Brian's idea to get everyone together and be happy and then start to feel bad for Brian (because he's going home). It got Dan and Angie thinking of how they can swing the votes in Brian's favor.

Angie is now campagining to Keesha to keep Brian in the house.

Now they're showing Keesha & April's "water fight" fiasco. Renny goes into the house to talk to April (who is crying hardcore).

Now Julie is talking to the HG's live!! Julie just told them that (just like in Season 1), they will have a live audience during live shows.

Julie is now talking to Jerry in the HOH room.


April=Votes to Evict...Brian
Libra=Votes to Evict...Brian
Michelle=Votes to Evict...Brian
Ollie=Votes to Evict...Brian
**Live Vote Will Continue After Commercial**
Dan=Votes to Evict...Renny
Jessie=Votes to Evict...Brian
April=Votes to Evict...Brian
Memphis=Votes to Evict...Brian
Steven=Votes to Evict...Brian
Angie=Votes to Evict...Brian

1st HG Evicted from BB10 is:


Next up, THE HOH COMP!!!!!! :-D

The comp is a Q & A comp (boo!!! love the physical comps).

Memphis is out...Renny is out...Keesha is out..April is out..Dan is out..Michelle is out...Angie is out...TIE BREAKER between Steven, Libra, Ollie & Jessie)...

The New HOH is:


Okay everyone, I'm gonna spark up the live feeds and see what's going on!!!! :-D

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