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Monday, September 29, 2008

BB11 will start in Summer 2009

Hey guys & gals! I just posted this on the Big Brother 11 Blog but wanted to post it here as well (for those of you who haven't yet bookmarked the new blog url).

Source: CBS Press Release

So...that's that. :-( To say that I'm bummed would be an understatement. I really liked having back-to-back seasons of Big Brother, plus it made Winter go by faster. Nothing like being under a sea of blankets and watching the live feeds! But, it's just not gonna happen this Winter. Damn you, CBS!!

I'm surprised that they don't do a Winter Edition since there's such a HUGE fan base of the show and ratings are always good..even during BB9 (which totally sucked and it showed in the ratings). But even the poor ratings for BB9 were amazingly good compared to most shows ratings.

Oh well. Guess BB will remain a "summer only" show. :-(

Stay tuned...

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