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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Winner of the POV is:

Okay I'm backkk!! :-D

Here is who played in today's POV Comp:
*Michelle (HOH)
*Keesha (Nom)
*Libra (Nom)

Thanks to you fans who left me comments, I was able to see that...

The Winner of the POV is:


Looks like Libra will go home (at this point).

Michelle told Jerry it's up to him what he will do with the POV and whatever he does, she will respect it.

Memphis has to wear an Onion Necklace for the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report

Goood morning, BB10 blog fans! :-D Hopefully you have your coffee brewing or in your favorite mug and ready to read the Overnight Report!!

I spent a good part of the night on here blogging, so if you haven't read all of that yet, go ahead and get caught up.

Alright, now for the Overnight'er:

Keesha & Dan were sitting out in the backyard on the couch talking about how anybody BUT April needs to win the POV today.

If Libra doesn't win it, Keesha will be safe this week. But if Libra wins it, then the game could change. They start talking about how it'd be possible to backdoor April if Libra won the POV but Keesha is doubtful Michelle would do that.

Ollie & April made their way up to the HOH room to "talk" to Michelle:

They all did some bashing on the other alliance and Michelle was saying that Libra is main target this week.

Memphis & Dan were outside and they were being called in, one by one, to the Diary Room and production asked them both the same question: "Are you having fun?"

Memphis: "Hell no I'm not having fun!! *laughs* If this is considered fun, then kill me now."

Meanwhile back upstairs in the HOH room, Ollie & April are still talking to Michelle. This time, they change subjects and talk about the POV.

April said that she hopes Ollie, herself, and Jerry get picked to play. Michelle said that'd be nice but highly unlikely. Michelle then says she will dump out all names in the POV bag before she picks names, just to make sure that all the names are in there. Memphis has threatened to do that in the past as well (when he was on the block). They all seem to think that BB might be rigging the POV Comps by putting only certain peoples names in the bag.

They continued to talk more about the POV and about how BB isn't building anything in the backyard so it might be an easy comp. Ideas for today's POV Comp start to fly out of their mouths. Michelle hopes it's a Hide-The-POV challenge.

Again they change subjects and this time, it's about how much they all don't like Jerry and April went as far to as to call him "creepy". (I believe it's official now that nobody in the house likes Jerry.)

Memphis/Dan/Renny (Keesha was in the Diary Room) were sitting outside on the couch again and talking about how the house is a crazy house.

Renny goes on to say she's bored and should have signed up for survivor. Dan tells her that she'd never make it.

Dan: "You'd never make it on that show, Renny."
Renny: "Don't tell me what I can or can not do!!"
*Memphis laughs*
Dan: "You'd miss your red lipstick too much!"
Renny: "Oh, you're not allowed makeup??"
Dan: "No!"
Memphis: "Makeup?? Shit, they can't even take SHOWERS!!"
Renny: "Oh, well, to hell with that shit!"


Their talk turns into CPR (somehow lol) and Memphis & Dan both tell Renny they are trained in CPR. Renny tells them to practice on her and show her how to do it:

Memphis tells Renny how they just changed the way CPR is done (no more mouth-to-mouth, just chest compressions) and explains that a person that is doing CPR is will break the breast bone during chest compressions.

Renny: "Memphis is gonna kill somebody as he trying to save them!!!"

The boys laugh and their talk of various topics continues.

Ollie & April were playing pool outside as everybody else sat on the couch talking, and...well...I'll let them tell you about their convo:

Ollie: "I'm not wearing any underwear tonight, can you tell?
April: "Yes, and it's mean."
Ollie: "Mean? How..what do you mean? Disrespectful?? I didn't mean to be!"
April: "No! You're being mean. To me!"
Ollie: "....I don't understand what you're trying to say.."
April: "You turn me on when you don't wear any underwear."
Ollie: "OHH!!!!! Okay, okay. Well, you do the same thing to me with those skimpy dresses of yours."

...and that was about all of the convo I could handle before I switched to another camera in the house. lol :-P

Alright guys & dolls, that concludes your Overnight Report!! :-D

Today is the POV Comp and that should take place in the early afternoon (BBT). I'll be gone for most of today (part business/part pleasure). But I'll be anxious to get back home to see who won the POV Comp, that's for sure!! :-D So feel free to either take the day off as well and enjoy what's left of your summer, or go right ahead and finally get your 2 week free trial of the live feeds.

Either way, I'll see ya'll tonight!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Evening in the BB house: (pics)

At 8:17pm BBT, Michelle goes back up to her HOH room (alone) and talks to the camera.

Michelle: "Hey! Hey, come here! Jessie..*wink wink*..that was for you, baby. Woo! I hope it makes you a little happy! If there were more seats, I'd put them all up there. One by one! One by one."

[Camera cuts to Renny & Libra talking in the Spa Room]

Libra: "I know you talked to Michelle, and I know she told you that I'm the target [this week]. And it's okay." (Libra has said this about a million times today already.)

Renny: (getting irritated) "Why do you keep saying this, Libra??"

Libra: "I know I'm her target! I know I'm her fucking target! I wanted Jessie out and I told her (Michelle) I was comin' after her. I don't wanna go up there and talk to her, I already know that I'm her target."

Renny then says "I thought you were a fighter!" and Libra says she's gonna bust her ass during the POV comp tomorrow but that she's not gonna compete against Keesha and "throw her under the bus".

[Camera switches to 'The Idiots' in the backyard: Ollie/April/Jerry]

The conversation that they're having, they've had for the past 2 weeks. "We gotta win and get 'them' out!" and then they pump up each others' egos and laugh and crack jokes. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Ollie & April are talking, and Jerry keeps interrupting about a Harley Davidson he wants. It's like they're having conversations with themselves, only pausing in between convos to bash the other alliance.

I can't take them anymore, I'm switching cameras. lol

Up in the HOH, Michelle & Dan are talking again. Michelle is repeating (almost word-for-word) their convo they had about an hour ago.

Now Michelle is now talking about why she didn't put up April & Ollie.

Dan: "Are you worried about Aprils control over Ollie & Jerry?"

Michelle: "Ya! And the reason why they weren't nominated is because I have no issues with Ollie and I don't any reason to put him up & he's never done anything bad to me." (she never gave a reason for Apirl. Interesting.)

Michelle tells Dan to grab Keesha and bring her up to the HOH room (finally). Dan & Michelle plan to talk again later. Dan thanks Michelle and she thanks him right back, and Dan leaves to secretly get Keesha.

Keesha enters the HOH room.

Michelle: "Keep this to yourself, and I'm gonna be honest with you, ok?"
Keesha: "Okay."

Michelle: "You're the only person that I could put up that I know for a fact would have Libra go home."

Michelle then starts to talk about the numbers and that it was all strategic to put Keesha up (as a pawn).

Michelle: (talking about Libra) "I want her gone, and I want you (Keesha) to be free of her. Be free her telling you lies and I hope you stay here, because I want you to play the game without her."

Keesha has no hard feelings and their convo turns positive. I can easily see Keesha & Michelle joining up in an alliance at some point. They have a mutual respect for each other and they are both being totally open & honest with each other.

Stay tuned...

Nomination Ceremony was held!! (spoiler)

The feeds just came back and the Nomination Ceremony has been held!!!

Nominated for Eviction:

Libra & Keesha

Dan & Michelle are alone up in the HOH talking:

Michelle: "..and I was called a Two-Headed monster..and as you see, I'm no longer two, I'm one. So basically I'm on my own here and I don't want anyone to give me their word..I want people to really, REALLY, vote on they think is best for themselves."

Dan: "Ok."

Michelle: "I pretty much..I think I know what everyone is gonna do."

Dan: "Mm Hm."

Michelle: "So I don't want anybody's word or swear on this/swear on that. That's not what I'm tryin' to do."

Dan: "Right. right."

Keesha: "I don't think they're gonna vote Libra out, I think they're gonna vote me out because she (Libra) is too obvious of a target and they tend to go after the person that is a little bit stronger. And I think they'll try to vote me out."

Renny: "I need to get to Michelle. I need to get up there (HOH room)."

Dan enters.

Keesha starts to cry at the thought of going home.

Dan tells her that only one of them might go home and that everyone (except Ollie, April & Jerry) will vote to get rid of Libra over Keesha.

Renny finally gets her chance to "get in Michelle's ear".

Renny bashes Libra a little bit and talks nice about Keesha. Michelle said that Libra has "dug a little hole for herself." (Sounds like Libra is the target this week). Michelle says that she wants to talk to Keesha to calm her fears a bit and to tell her that she didn't put her up as a pawn (and hints around that she did it for April/Ollie/Jerry). Michelle says that she didn't put up Dan because she was afraid he'd go home. Michelle tells Renny to bring up Keesha.

Renny goes downstairs and runs into Keesha. Keesha says "I think April is looking for you." Renny is having a hard time getting a minute away from "the others" to tell her to talk to Michelle.

Stay tuned...

Afternoon in the BB House:

Dan & Memphis are playing pool and talking about the former BB housesguests.

Memphis: "I can't believe Brian was the host, dude." (laughs)

Dan is talking about his sister & Brian (either to hook up as friends or..?)

Keesha joins the boys and they start talking about how Jessie thinks/thought he would get on the cover of Fitness Magazine.

Memphis: "Ya right. It'd be like me getting out of here and getting on the cover of GQ Magazine." (laughs)

Memphis is now talking about how he's still waiting for the twist of the season.

Michelle/Ollie/April/Jerry are talking on the couch outside about how Dan is "totally America's Player!"

Michelle said that Janelle said Jessie was ugly. lol

(Had enough of Michelle & the idiots, back to the other alliance chilling poolside. lol)

Memphis/Renny/Dan/Keesha (who left a little bit ago..Diary room?)

They're now talking about Brett Favre (ex-Quaterback for the Green Bay Packers) and how he just retired and is now back in the NFL playing for the New York Jetts:

Memphis: "Freakin' Brett Favre..he shouldn't have come back. He's old!"

Dan says they should have made his locker into a shrine.

Memphis says that he doesn't think Janelle is that pretty, and that she has "a big nose".

Libra leaves to go fix her hair for noms tonight & Renny starts talking about Libra to Dan:

Renny: "Gawd, she's getting on my nerves. If she says [she's going on the block] one more time.."

Dan is worried that his family, work, and students might have lost respect for him:

Renny asked him why he would think they've lost respect for him, and he said "I don't know." Renny tells him to stop being so down-in-the-dumps and cheer up.

Stay tuned...

Food Comp was held! (updated)

“LOS ANGELES, Aug. 8 - In a surprise twist, BIG BROTHER 10 will bring back one Houseguest from each of the 10 seasons to participate in a competition that will be broadcast Sunday, Aug. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The former Houseguests who will return to battle against the BIG BROTHER 10 Houseguests are listed in chronological order by season: “Chicken George” Boswell, Bunky Miller, Amy Crews Ouellette, Jun Song, Jase Wirey, Janelle Pierzina, Mike “Boogie” Malin, Jen Johnson, Matt McDonald and Brian Hart.

The Houseguests and their competitors will participate in a fun current events game where food and luxury prizes can be won. The BIG BROTHER 10 Houseguests will be positioned inside the house, while the past seasons’ Houseguests will be in the backyard. A former Houseguest will challenge a BIG BROTHER 10 Houseguest to guess if a statement made about a current event is in the news or not. If the Houseguest answers correctly, they win food for one day of the week or a luxury prize for the house. If they guess incorrectly, the former Houseguest will win a cash prize.

UPDATED @ 1:34pm BBT:
False alarm. BB just let us have a look at the HG's doing nothing in the HOH room. Only Keesha said something (she wished that Evel Dick was there. Jen from BB8 was there instead).

UPDATED @ 1:42pm BBT:
The feeds are on & off. Keesha/Renny/Libra are talking about how Janelle was there and she said "We love the draammmaa!!" and was all-smiles about it.

The house got lobster & steak. The girls are saying that Jen (BB8) likes Renny, and Jun was very nice. They talk about the real current events..they now know that the earthquake was real. Jerry is back on slop! lol He just got off of it last week from a whole week of being on slop.

Renny/April/Michelle are getting food from the Storage Room and were talkning about how star struck they were and wish they could have hung out. Michelle thought Matt (from BB9) was hot.

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report

Gooood Morning!!! :-D Sorry for the delay, had some phone calls that I had to tend to.

Alright, I'm going to pick up where I left off last night (which was the whole house fighting, except Memphis & Dan.)

Since so much happened last night, and there were so many different conversations, I'm going to be doing a cliffnotes version of the overnight report. And as we all know, everything changes after the Nominations Ceremony anyways. But here is what happened and where all the HG's heads are at:

Ollie called Libra a "ho" and Libra told him "I'm not a ho, honey."

April is trying to, once again, manipulate the current HOH and kiss ass to Michelle while Ollie sits beside her and says "Mm hmm." every time April speaks.

Keesha has had it with April and she's about to speak her mind at every given second. (That fight will happen soon! lol). She said that April is up in the HOH doing a bunch of "this"...


Michelle wants to hear everybody's opinion before deciding who to nominate today.

Libra knows she will be nominated and she's having a positive attitude about it:
Libra: "Whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen." (talking about being nom'ed)

Dan was in bed for hours and avoiding drama. (smart move!)

Michelle really thinks that Dan is/was America's Player & was telling Ollie/April about it.

Either Michelle or April threw Libra's cake away (Libra doesn't care though). They all say it was childish. Jerry called Libra a bitch, Memphis said he would have hit him out of natural reaction.

Renny wants to read the rule book cuz its gonna get ugly in the house and she wants to know her limitations (violence section lol)

Memphis talked to Michelle and tried to tell her to put up any 2 of Jerry/Ollie/April:

Keesha says that if she's going home, she's gonna make some "peoples lives" in the house a living hell. Renny laughed in approval. lol

In other news, Michelle got her HOH last night:

And at midnight, Michelle was allowed to get out of her unitard:

Michelle got wine last night and shared some with April. The result? A bashfest about Libra:

Memphis was in & out of the HOH room last night trying to hear what April/Jerry/Ollie were saying and reporting it back to the girls (Keesha/Libra/Renny).

And this concludes your overnight report! :-D

I believe Michelle is thinking about nom'ing Libra & POSSIBLY April (at least that is what she told Memphis), but we'll see what happens because Michelle is always running back to April/Ollie and telling them everything.

Speaking of Nominations, they should start tonight around 6pm BBT (9pm EST).

Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

After the Show:

At 9:05pm EST, the live feeds just came back!!

Let me listen on the convos and chaos, get some screencaps, and I'll post them right here!! :-D

Holy shit!! Renny & Michelle were going OFF on each other!!!! The camera men didn't show anything because they were focusing on Memphis talking to Dan, but they were SCREAMNINNG!!!

Jerry is screaming, too! He's clapping and telling them that they're going home and Michelle called Libra a bitch and Michelle is SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keesha tells Jerry to grow up.

Libra is screaming right back! lol Ollie says "Congrats, guys!" (in a smart-ass voice)

OMG, everybody is yelling at everybody! It's COMPLETE CHAOS!!!!

It's too much to take in all at once but I'm trying to keep up:

Michelle/Ollie/Jerry/Michelle/April were all talking about Dan being a rat and that he gave his word and broke it, etc etc. I'm shocked at the way that whole alliance is a couple of immature kids. April's facial expression says it all:

Can anyone else verify that Jerry called Libra the "n" word?? I thought I heard it, and then a BB10 blog fan said he did, but I don't want to post that he said it without being 120% positive about it first.

April is crying...

..Ollie is saying that he will hold is grudge forever (Oh gawwdd..get over it Ollie, it's a game! Geez. lol)

Keesha/Libra/Renny/Memphis are all talking and I must say, they're acting very mature despite the words thrown at them. They're pretty calm for the most part and talking normally.

Apparantly Jerry said something highly inappropiate about Dan and his cross (referring to his religon) but I didn't hear it and Renny & Libra refuse to repeat it because it was too brutal.

If one thing is clear, it's the night/day between the alliances' attitudes. One is calm, the other is chaotic.

Dan & Memphis are talking about staying calm and not blowing up like "they" are.

Memphis: "We're just gonna sit back and there's gonna be a fuckin' shit-storm [in here]."

Libra is positive that she will be nominated and probably will go home. She then kicks the idea of her possibly being backdoored by Michelle to Keesha .

Keesha & Renny go get a cup of coffee and sit at the dinner table.

Renny says hi to Ollie and he doesn't say anything back:

Renny & Keesha go to the Diary Room together in hopes of being able to chill there for a while so that the other alliance can calm down.

Memphis warns Michelle that the only reason why April/Ollie/Jerry are up her ass is so that they're safe this week and to open up her eyes.

Michelle say "I know, I know!" but then runs to April & Ollie and says "Oh my god, Libra just said congratulations!" and they all laugh and say "oh my god!"

Renny: "That's funny that they (the other alliance) can play this game like snakes, but we can't."

Stay tuned...

Thursday Live Show:

I'm here & ready to go!! :-D How about you guys??

Okay, first off..the CHAT ROOM IS OPEN!! Feel free to talk to other BB10 fans during & after the live show! ;-)

And the time has COME!!!!! :-D Let's get this show on the road!!

If you don't have the live feeds, get them here!!

**NOTE: I took the countdown off for now because, unless you're in the Central timezone, it says the wrong time. Needless to say, it's not timezone friendly. lol I'll have to find a new one.

*Show Begins*

"Hi, I'm Julie Chen. Welcome to Big Brother 10!"

Julie is talking about Dan being America's Player and how his personal vote doesn't matter this week.

[Flashback to the POV Ceremony]

Jessie: "I know I'm not going anywhere."

Memphis: "There is no more alliance anymore, time to start from square 1 again."

April says she wants Memphis out.
Libra & Keesha talk about getting Jessie out this week. Keesha's plan to keep Memphis starts to form. Keesha approaches Dan, the group gathers, etc etc. (I covered all of this in full detail 2 days ago.)

Jerry talks to Dan and bashes the other alliance and tells Dan that they will turn on him, and Jerry (thinks he) gets vote. Jerry goes and finds Jessie and tells him he's "okay" this week.

Now they're showing Dan talking to America while on the hammock. He weighs out his options.


..and we're back.

They're showing Dan's team that he coach's back home and getting their reactions to him hugging Jessie for more than 10 seconds. LOL Now they're showing his sister and mother. His mom feels that he made a bad decision by accepting to be America's Player. His sister thinks he'll do just fine regardless of being the A.P.

Julie is talking to the HG's live right now.

"Michelle, have you embraced your unitard?" and she said yes and that she looks good in it. lol Julie asks how this week is going for her (with Jessie being on the block) and she said (basically) the same as last week.

Julie jokes to Keesha about the "pathetic" Happy Birthday song ever. LOL!!!

To Libra: "You've gone over a month without hearing from your family. In the POV comp, why did you pick the trip over the letter?" Libra says her kids are in great hands and her hubby would want the trip. Michelle looks disgusted at Libra and sticks her tongue out.

Julie: "America, who did you pick to go home? And will they? Find out next!"


..and we're back!!

Julie talks with April who is in the HOH room. Julie asks her where Keesha/Libra stand with her, and April said that she thinks they're still in somewhat of an alliance (and now April is just babbling on & on.) Memphis never asked April to save him and she thinks he doesn't wanna be in the house. (Little does she know that's not true at all.)

Time for the Votes:

Jessie: "Your decision to keep me or not. I wanna stay here."
Memphis: "Vote for yourself! If I can't be an asset to you, then vote me out." (gives a speech similar to Angie's.)

Michelle votes to evict...Memphis
Ollie votes to evict...Memphis
Jerry votes to evict...Memphis
Libra votes to evict...Jessie
Keesha votes to evict...Jessie
Renny votes to evict...Jessie
Dan votes to evict...Jessie (AMERICA'S PLAYER)

Evicted from the BB10 is:


Jessie looks at Dan and says "Your word. Your word."

Michelle is PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody said a single word to anybody, it was silence for 2 minutes. High tension in the house for sure! Jessie said that he wasn't surprised. April had a look like "Oh, shit. Now what." about a minute after Jessie was evicted.

Next up, the HOH Comp!!! :-D

They're playing all Wake-Up calls from early this morning! LOL

The HOH Comp is a Q & A comp (booooo!!!!!)

The Comp is based on the wakeup calls.

Renny & Ollie are eliminated!
Everybody but Libra & Michelle is ELMINATED!!!!!

The New HOH is:


Michelle is PISSEDDDD!!!!!!!! She yelled "THIS IS FOR YOU JESSIE!! I'm gonna get'em back, don't you worry!"

Get the Live Feeds!!!!!
Get the Live Feeds!!!!!
Get the Live Feeds!!!!!
Get the Live Feeds!!!!!

The feeds are gonna be on FIRE tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Michelle: "GAME ON!!!" (oh shit! lol)


1 Houseguest from each season will return to play in a "special comp" this week!

*End of Show* :-D

Stay tuned...

Today is the Live Eviction!!!!! :-D

Okay guys & dolls, this is the day we've all been waiting so patiently for: it's Live Eviction Day!!!! :-D w00t w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Jessie go home? If America told Dan to evict him, then YES! And you know what that means; Shit will hit the fucking FAN and I can't WAIT to see it! I'll be looking for the reactions of Jessie, April, and Michelle as Julie tells him that he's been evicted. Oh my gosh, my little heart is pounding in excitement just thinking about it! hehe ;-)

If you don't have the live feeds, then you DEFINITELY want to get them today because you're not gonna want to miss a single second of all the drama this week is GUARANTEED to have!!!

Since today is Live Show Day, the HG's had to do their normal cleaning routine:

..and as of now, the HG's are on HOH lockdown as production does whatever they need to do downstairs:

The girls are talking about Disney World vacations to pass the time. :-P

Updated @ 12:03pm BBT:
The HG's are now off of HOH lockdown and they're cleaning.

Keesha & Libra are talking about April. Keesha says that April would backstab her (Keesha) at any second so knowing that won't change anything ("anything" being that they plan to evict Jessie today.)

Jessie, Michelle, and Jerry are talking about food & slop as Jessie packs up all of his stuff:

**Breaking News**

A friend of mine just informed me that BB leaked (for a brief second) the set up of the HOH comp in the backyard for tonight and it looks like it's going to be a Q & A comp.

Alright, I'm gonna go take care of some things and prepare for tonights show, but I'll be back online 1 hour before the show starts and as always, I WILL be blogging the live show!! :-D

See ya'll at 7pm EST (4pm BBT)!!!

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report

Good morning, everyone!!! The coffee is brewing (thanks to those who donated to the blog yesterday!!) and I'm just now finishing the overnight report and editing the screenshots I took last night, so check back in a little bit for the full report! :-D

Last night was a doozy of a night!!!! lol

Okay, so LATE last night, the HG's started to get woken up every 15 mins by fans calling in and doing wakeup calls! lol I'm sooo bummed that I missed that, I went to bed shortly after 3am EST and the wake up calls started at 4am EST. I can't wait to see footage of that! lol

Earlier in the night:

Jessie got dressed up in his green unitard that he kept from the POV comp a couple weeks ago. He decided to wear it to make Michelle feel better about her having to wear her red unitard:

..they looked like to peas in a pod & skipped through the kitchen and outside to the backyard:

Renny & Libra were chilling in the backyard on the couch and said what we are ALL thinking!!!!!

Renny: "These viewers can't wait 'till tomorrow. They can't wait! Honey, they're sitting on the edge of their seat!
Libra: (laughing)
Renny: "..telling everybody 'I can't miss that [episode].."
Libra: "they telling everybody 'I gotta get home!'" (laughs)
Renny: "That's what they sayin'! Don't call me..uh uh!"
Libra: (still laughing)
Renny: "..'cause there's some shit going DOWN [tomorrow]! That's what you call good tv."

Minutes later, the girls walk inside the house and Jessie & Michelle are left outside by themselves playing pool:

Michelle: "Did anybody else say anything to you today? Like Jerry or anything?"
Jessie: "Umm.."
Michelle: "Jerry did say that, if it comes to where you leave, he said "Let the blood bath BEGIN!!"

Michelle goes on to say that her and Jessie should be doing the blood bath'ing in the house because that's been their plan for weeks now.

Jessie: "I hope it just goes that way" (referring to not getting evicted this week)
Michelle: "It better...or there's gonna be some fuckin..shit goin' down."

***Okay, if you guys don't have the live feeds yet, you might wanna get'em today!!!! I'm telling you, if the votes go the way that I think they are, there's gonna be a MAJOR shit-storm in that house for DAYS!!!!!!!!

Jerry & Ollie then came outside and Jerry started talking about tomorrow as well:

Jerry: "..cuz if they vote for him (Memphis), they're gonna come after us. And Dan will not vote with them, I'm telling you right now. He won't!"
Ollie: "Shh!" (and points to Jessie & Michelle over 'there' playing pool.)

Jerry goes on to say that Dan swore on a bible and everything. I must have missed that because I never saw that nor have I heard about that. Doesn't matter at this point, though. Dan will vote the way America tells him to, and that's pretty much that. :-D

Jerry: "They might wanna keep Memphis to form a new alliance, you know that?"
Ollie: "I know."
Jerry: "That's exactly what they'll do."
Ollie: "Shhhh!! You're talking loud, you're talking loud."

Jerry ignores Ollie's worries and continues to talk.

Jerry: "Libra's trouble."
Ollie: "Yup."
Jerry: "I don't like her, never have."
Ollie: "Me either."

Jerry then says that if any of them (Jerry/Ollie/April/Michelle) wins HOH this week, to get Libra out. Ollie says to wait and see what happens first.

Ollie walks away to get some water, Memphis comes outside to play some pool with Michelle.

Let the Pranks Begin!!

Pranks were going on last night on the feeds and it all started with Renny!! She put pantyhose over her face (she couldn't even breathe! lol)...

..and scaring the shit out of Dan when he came out of the Diary Room:

Next on the prank list: To scare Libra & Renny!!

Memphis crawled under the edge of Keesha's bed and put the covers over him so that he wouldn't be exposed..

..and then Libra came in and Memphis got her good!! lol

Now it was time to get Renny back and this time, Dan joined in the fun!!

Renny said she almost had a heart attack! haha! Poor Renny! ;-)

Even Jerry got in the action by scaring the hell out of everyone in the girls room AND us live feed viewers!!

It was a fun night on the feeds, to say the least. lol :-D

It was an hour after all of that happened that the prank calls started to go over the loudspeaker.

And this concludes your Overnight Report. ;-)

I'll be posting an update on the HG's in a few minutes (looks like they're just cleaning up right now for the live show day), so keep checking back!! :-D

Stay tuned...