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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today is the Live Eviction!!!!! :-D

Okay guys & dolls, this is the day we've all been waiting so patiently for: it's Live Eviction Day!!!! :-D w00t w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Jessie go home? If America told Dan to evict him, then YES! And you know what that means; Shit will hit the fucking FAN and I can't WAIT to see it! I'll be looking for the reactions of Jessie, April, and Michelle as Julie tells him that he's been evicted. Oh my gosh, my little heart is pounding in excitement just thinking about it! hehe ;-)

If you don't have the live feeds, then you DEFINITELY want to get them today because you're not gonna want to miss a single second of all the drama this week is GUARANTEED to have!!!

Since today is Live Show Day, the HG's had to do their normal cleaning routine:

..and as of now, the HG's are on HOH lockdown as production does whatever they need to do downstairs:

The girls are talking about Disney World vacations to pass the time. :-P

Updated @ 12:03pm BBT:
The HG's are now off of HOH lockdown and they're cleaning.

Keesha & Libra are talking about April. Keesha says that April would backstab her (Keesha) at any second so knowing that won't change anything ("anything" being that they plan to evict Jessie today.)

Jessie, Michelle, and Jerry are talking about food & slop as Jessie packs up all of his stuff:

**Breaking News**

A friend of mine just informed me that BB leaked (for a brief second) the set up of the HOH comp in the backyard for tonight and it looks like it's going to be a Q & A comp.

Alright, I'm gonna go take care of some things and prepare for tonights show, but I'll be back online 1 hour before the show starts and as always, I WILL be blogging the live show!! :-D

See ya'll at 7pm EST (4pm BBT)!!!

Stay tuned...