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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Overnight Report

Good morning, everyone!!! The coffee is brewing (thanks to those who donated to the blog yesterday!!) and I'm just now finishing the overnight report and editing the screenshots I took last night, so check back in a little bit for the full report! :-D

Last night was a doozy of a night!!!! lol

Okay, so LATE last night, the HG's started to get woken up every 15 mins by fans calling in and doing wakeup calls! lol I'm sooo bummed that I missed that, I went to bed shortly after 3am EST and the wake up calls started at 4am EST. I can't wait to see footage of that! lol

Earlier in the night:

Jessie got dressed up in his green unitard that he kept from the POV comp a couple weeks ago. He decided to wear it to make Michelle feel better about her having to wear her red unitard:

..they looked like to peas in a pod & skipped through the kitchen and outside to the backyard:

Renny & Libra were chilling in the backyard on the couch and said what we are ALL thinking!!!!!

Renny: "These viewers can't wait 'till tomorrow. They can't wait! Honey, they're sitting on the edge of their seat!
Libra: (laughing)
Renny: "..telling everybody 'I can't miss that [episode].."
Libra: "they telling everybody 'I gotta get home!'" (laughs)
Renny: "That's what they sayin'! Don't call me..uh uh!"
Libra: (still laughing)
Renny: "..'cause there's some shit going DOWN [tomorrow]! That's what you call good tv."

Minutes later, the girls walk inside the house and Jessie & Michelle are left outside by themselves playing pool:

Michelle: "Did anybody else say anything to you today? Like Jerry or anything?"
Jessie: "Umm.."
Michelle: "Jerry did say that, if it comes to where you leave, he said "Let the blood bath BEGIN!!"

Michelle goes on to say that her and Jessie should be doing the blood bath'ing in the house because that's been their plan for weeks now.

Jessie: "I hope it just goes that way" (referring to not getting evicted this week)
Michelle: "It better...or there's gonna be some fuckin..shit goin' down."

***Okay, if you guys don't have the live feeds yet, you might wanna get'em today!!!! I'm telling you, if the votes go the way that I think they are, there's gonna be a MAJOR shit-storm in that house for DAYS!!!!!!!!

Jerry & Ollie then came outside and Jerry started talking about tomorrow as well:

Jerry: "..cuz if they vote for him (Memphis), they're gonna come after us. And Dan will not vote with them, I'm telling you right now. He won't!"
Ollie: "Shh!" (and points to Jessie & Michelle over 'there' playing pool.)

Jerry goes on to say that Dan swore on a bible and everything. I must have missed that because I never saw that nor have I heard about that. Doesn't matter at this point, though. Dan will vote the way America tells him to, and that's pretty much that. :-D

Jerry: "They might wanna keep Memphis to form a new alliance, you know that?"
Ollie: "I know."
Jerry: "That's exactly what they'll do."
Ollie: "Shhhh!! You're talking loud, you're talking loud."

Jerry ignores Ollie's worries and continues to talk.

Jerry: "Libra's trouble."
Ollie: "Yup."
Jerry: "I don't like her, never have."
Ollie: "Me either."

Jerry then says that if any of them (Jerry/Ollie/April/Michelle) wins HOH this week, to get Libra out. Ollie says to wait and see what happens first.

Ollie walks away to get some water, Memphis comes outside to play some pool with Michelle.

Let the Pranks Begin!!

Pranks were going on last night on the feeds and it all started with Renny!! She put pantyhose over her face (she couldn't even breathe! lol)...

..and scaring the shit out of Dan when he came out of the Diary Room:

Next on the prank list: To scare Libra & Renny!!

Memphis crawled under the edge of Keesha's bed and put the covers over him so that he wouldn't be exposed..

..and then Libra came in and Memphis got her good!! lol

Now it was time to get Renny back and this time, Dan joined in the fun!!

Renny said she almost had a heart attack! haha! Poor Renny! ;-)

Even Jerry got in the action by scaring the hell out of everyone in the girls room AND us live feed viewers!!

It was a fun night on the feeds, to say the least. lol :-D

It was an hour after all of that happened that the prank calls started to go over the loudspeaker.

And this concludes your Overnight Report. ;-)

I'll be posting an update on the HG's in a few minutes (looks like they're just cleaning up right now for the live show day), so keep checking back!! :-D

Stay tuned...