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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Night in the BB house: (pics)

Michelle has some wine in her hand (and she's happy as hell about it!) and whisper-talking to Jessie.

Michelle says that it's only a "matter of time" before the other alliance falls apart completely and that they're all just pretending to like each other right now to stay safe and in control of the house (I couldn't agree more!!) She goes on to say that if it wasn't for her, Jessie & Michelle wouldn't be "safe" this week..she had to hang on until she couldn't physically do it anymore just to be safe this week by making that deal with April. Jessie is venting that he's on the block for the 3rd time now.

It looks like Michelle either is feeling really good from the wine, or she's just being her crazy-silly self and having fun, but she's playing around with her unitard by doing the dance move 'The Sprinkler' and then shoving her stuffed doggy in between her mic belt and herself. lol

Everyone is in the backyard (minus Jerry). Jessie & Michelle are playing pool, and everybody else is around the jacuzzi talking/laughing/sharing stories.

All is calm in the BB house for a change. :-P

Stay tuned...

Afternoon & Early Evening in the house:

Nothing too drastic happened today, but here's what happened:

Alright, April talked to Memphis earlier and he told her that he wasn't going to be up her ass all the time begging to stay, etc.

I guess there wasn't enough drama in the BB house today because April started a fight with anyone that she could. You'll have to forgive me because I try to not be too biased on here (though I do mention who my favs are from time to time but that switches every week anyways lol) but April has been nothing but a whinny & arrogant brat since she's won HOH. If you're a feed viewer, you know this to be very true. If you're not, then wait until tomorrow's epiosode on CBS. From the way she talks to people, to the way she yells and degrades's like another version of April that we haven't seen yet! Is it just the HOH title that brings out the worst in people? Or is this truly how she is and she's just now showing her true colors? I don't know, but I hope this version of April goes away real quick.

Anyways, I digress.

So April & Libra talked smack on Ollie (yes, April's boyfriend in the house). They both said that he's a little too close to Jessie and could possibly be in an alliance together, and then they take it one step further and think that him and Jessie are some sort of twist in the game because they come from the same state. Then April starts to bash Ollie for not defending her during the major fights last night, he just stood back and kept quiet like Memphis and Dan did. So then Libra and April "confronted" (more or less, verbally attacked him) on his friendship with Jessie. Ollie swore on his mama that he doesn't have a sub allaince with him and even says he'll vote him out this week if thats what their alliance wants to do.

**Anybody else see that alliance falling apart more & more everyday? And I love it! ;-) Oh, by the way, the person who posted how Keesha loves then hates April alot, I totally agree. It's kinda weird. What's even weirder is that April doesn't mind the hurtful things that Keesha has said to her and about her. I don't get it.

April figured out that Dan is America's Player, but since she's not 100% certain, she didn't make a big deal about it. But she was able to figure it out because after April had already told the alliance that she's nominatin Jessie & Memphis, BB gave Dan his task of getting Jessie nominated (which was already in the works thanks to April). Well, BB needed the footage of Dan actually saying "You need to nominate Jessie!" and it was already after April told them all about her plans for nominations. That's what caught April's attention and now she thinks he's America's Player..and she's right! ;-) Later on, Libra & April talk to Dan and tell him that they're "on to him!" for being America's Player but they turn it into a series of laughs and jokes, but all the while remaining serious. Dan kept his cool and didn't blow his cover.

As far as Jerry winning the POV, he told Dan that he doesn't plan on using it. We'll see!

Next up, we have bitchy April that apparantly got bored again and decided to start yet another arguement. This time, it was with Ollie. She yells at him for being seemingly distant and questions his loyalty to their alliance and tells him that if he wants to make other alliances, to just go right ahead and do whatever he wants. (Ohhh, geez. This girl is starting to get on my damn nerves. lol)

Seems like I'm not the only one that is getting fed up with April; Ollie expressed to Dan just a little bit ago that she's not the person he thought she was. (Ollie, she is a different person as HOH..we see it too, buddy!!)

Alright, so now we're all caught up!! Let me spark up the feeds and get some pics and more info. ;-)

Stay tuned...

I'm backkkk!!! :-D

I am sooo sorry for taking 10 hours off today but I had to tend to something that took me way long than I expected it to. My applogies for you BB10 Blog fans that are addicted and needed your fix today (I need my fix, too! lol)

Okay, so let me gather up info on what happened the past 10 hours and get us all up to speed and then I'll do an up-to-the-minute post! :-D

Check back around 11:30pm EST (or 8:30pm BBT)!

Stay tuned...

POV Comp winner is...(spoiler)

Okay, the POV Comp was played and we have a winner!!!

Winner of the POV is:


Alright, the comp also involved some prizes and back by popular demand, the Unitard in which Michelle has to wear. lol

Speaking of Michelle, she got pissed off at Libra for choosing a trip to Hawaii instead of getting a letter from her kids. Memphis (somehow was able to) put Jerry on slop for the whole week. And Libra, April, and Jerry all won some cold hard cash!!

I didn't hear any mention of a former HG being there, so I'm guessing it didn't happen or BB is keeping them hush-hush about it.

So obviously, Jerry won't use the POV on Jessie (he practically hates him) but you never know what April will want him to do with it. We'll have to see if Jerry uses it on Memphis or keeps the noms the same or if April has something up her sleeve. I would be shocked if Jessie got off the block after what happened last night! I think he'll go home this week and Memphis will be safe. What are your thoughts?? Leave'em in the comment section!! :-D

I have a prior engagment for the next few hours, but I'll be back this afternoon around 4pm EST. See ya then! :-D

Stay tuned...

Veto Comp is TONIGHT!!!!!!!

The POV will be held tonight!!!

The players have been picked:

* April (HOH)
* Jessie (Nom)
* Memphis (Nom)
* Libra
* Jerry
* Michelle

Renny will be the Host.

Remember that I posted about Crazy James (from last season of BB) saying to expect former Big Brother houseguests for the POV Comp on "either Aug. 1st or Aug. 2nd"?...well, that would be TODAY!!!!!! :-D I wonder which former HG's will be returning!!! Maybe Evel Dick will wake them all up with pots & pans. lol ;-)

Updated @ 3:09am EST:
April & Libra are talking in the HOH room alone. April is apologizing (or should I say, saving face for the sake of her alliance and getting them to vote the way she wants them to this week). Libra is accepting all of her excuses..err..apologies.

Updated @ 3:30am EST:
The feeds switched to fishies (aka standby mode) 10 minutes ago..POV Comp, perhaps??

Updated @ 3:40am EST:
We have TRIVIA on all feeds!! :-D The POV Comp is underway!!

Alright everyone, I'm going to bed. The comp should take at LEAST an hour, but I'm guessing more like 2 hours or so. I'll be back in the morning with the results of POV Comp!! If you MUST know tonight, then go ahead and get your 2 weeks totally free trial of the feeds here!

See you in the morning!!

Stay tuned...

Friday, August 1, 2008

MAJOR fights in the BB house!!!!!

Surprise, BB fans!!! :-D

The Veto Comp will be held TONIGHT!!! I'll post more info on the POV comp in a new post (above this one).

Okay, so HOLY SHIT!! The house BLEW UP tonight!!!! Alright, here's what I've gathered...

April, Ollie, Keesha, Libra, & Dan were up in the HOH room talking about the POV tonight. April voiced her concerns that the other alliance will have "3 strong players" playing in the POV comp. April then goes a little too far and starts worrying about who to put up as a replacement nom (if one of "them" wins). Ollie speaks up and reminds April that the POV hasn't even started yet and to just see how it goes before getting all worked up. (Right on, Ollie!!)

Libra felt as if April was doubting how strong of a player she is during all of April's talking. April tells Libra that she's doubting herself, not her. Libra leaves the room angry and goes downstairs to her bedroom to tell Keesha about April saying (in so many words) that Libra isn't a strong player. Keesha agrees with Libra that April was in the wrong. Ollie comes in and tries to calm everyone down.

Jessie goes up to the HOH room (to stir shit up) and asks April if she yelled at Libra. April says no and asks why. Jessie says that Libra was YELLING very loudly about April and the way she was making her feel like a weak player.

April goes down to Libra/Keesha's bedroom to confront them on everything and that's when all hell breaks loose!!

Everyone is yelling at everybody (Libra/Keesha/April), April tells Keesha "I'll deal with you in a minute." and Keesha leaves the room FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! She walks back & forth in the kitchen and VERY loudly tells EVERYBODY in the house that she "can't fucking stand her!!" (she's referring to April).

Keesha: "Let's lay it out on the table! (punches kitchen counter) I can't stand that bitch!!! Okay? I fucking can't stand her!!"

The "Keesha Alliance" is falling apart at the seams, and it's all due to Jessie & Michelle's plan to getting them all to fight.

Jessie enters the hippie room and Libra goes OFF on him, and he goes off on her!!

Then Michelle comes in and goes was just a clusterfuck of yelling and almost too much to take in at one time!

The fight moves into the kitchen and this is when Libra & Keesha both went off on Jessie..HARDCORE!!! Keesha kept saying "FUCK YOU, Jessie! FUCK YOU!!" over and over.

Keesha: "FUCK YOU, you fucking kid!!"

The whole time, Memphis stood to the sidelines (and most of the time, completely away from the fighting) and never said a word. Smart man!!

Dan was on the couch reading his bible nearly the whole time and just like Memphis, was staying out of the line of fire.

Jerry was busy trying to calm people down over & over again and telling them all to stay cool and calm & to reserve their energy for the POV comp soon.

As of 2:37am, the HG's are still talking about what just happend and bashing other HG's and etc. They've all calmed down (somewhat) but are still pretty pissed off at this point.

The live feeds have been INSANE tonight & I expect them to get even more insane after the POV comp, but who knows how long that will even take! It's already 2:39am EST (which is 11:39pm BBT). I don't know about ya'll, but I'm not sure I can wait all night for the results of the comp. The set for the POV comp started to get built hours ago and Renny was commenting on how she could hear all kinds of power tools being used in the backyard to get the pov comp set up. If only BB would let us feed viewers know about how long it would take.

If you MUST know the second the feeds come back, and you're a night owl, then you need to get the live feeds because I can't stay up that much longer. :-(

I'll keep ya'll posted until I go to bed in a few minutes.

Updated @ 2:44am EST:
Keesha/Renny/Libra are all Jessie.

Update @ 3:00am EST:
The HG's are wondering when the POV comp will start. BB: After Dark on Showtime is now over and the HG's are thinking about going to take a nap before being called outside because they have no idea when it will start.

Stay tuned...

Nomination Ceremony was held!! (spoiler)

Okay, sorry about the delay everyone! Had to fix that Internet Explorer problem.

Alright, the feeds switched to trivia about 30 mins ago, which means...

The nomination ceremony is underway!! :-D

Stay here and keep refreshing every few minutes, I'll post an update as soon as the feeds come back!

As it looked before the feeds switched to trivia, it was still going to be Memphis & Jessie nominated for eviction this week.

Nominated for Eviction are:

Memphis & Jessie

Memphis is playing chess with Dan upstairs by the HOH room:

Updated @ 9:35pm EST:
Feeds came back!!!

Stay tuned...

Internet Explorer Errors

Right now, there's an Internet Explorer problem with many blogspot blogs. If you can't read the blog without a pop-up error blocking you access, then switch to Mozilla Firefox for now.

If you are using Internet Explorer and you're not having any problems reading this, please leave me a comment!! Trying to see how big of a problem this is.

Stay with me as I try to see what's going on.

UPDATED @ 8:56pm EST:
Okay, problem solved! :-D

Stay tuned...

April tells Michelle about Jessie going up

I was surprised at how well she took it.

April and Ollie called Michelle up to the HOH room and they all had a talk. April tells Michelle (in so many words) that Jessie is going up, but as a pawn and that her target is Memphis.

April then tells Michelle that she never promised to keep them both off the block and she repeated this over & over again.

Just in case you're wondering what April actually said, here's the exact conversation from when they were on the ledge during the endurance comp last night:

Michelle: "'re not gonna put me or Jessie up?
April: "What?"
Michelle: "You're not gonna put me or Jessie up?"
April: "No!!"
Michelle: "Not even with the power of veto?"
April: "Of course not!"
Michelle: "Promise me. You swear?"
April: "I swear!"
*Michelle drops.*

Meanwhile, Jessie and Memphis are outside and if there's one thing that was clear, it was that Memphis knows he's going to be nominated today.

Michelle went outside to lay out to catch some sun and she called Jessie over to lay beside her.

She told him that he's going up but only as a pawn. Jessie gets upset but keeps his cool and says "That's bullshit!" Michelle tells him to NOT stir shit up or make a scene and to just lay low this week, otherwise April could target him.

As of right now (8pm EST), the HG's are all just chilling out doing different things. Nothing major to report.

Stay tuned...

Afternoon in the BB House

Get ready for a bumpy afternoon because it's gonna get UGLY in the house!!!!

Libra/Keesha/April were talking about how they have the numbers and basically talking as if they (plus Renny) are already in the Final 4. "Next week, we'll get so-and-so, and then the week after that, we'll evict.." It's going to be a rude awakening when of those 4 gets evicted in the next coming weeks!!

April is preparing herself and the girls for when Michelle & Jessie flip out for Jessie getting nominated today.

April: "I'll just tell Michelle..hey! I promised he'd be safe this week, and he is. He's going up as a pawn. And then I'll tell her 'I didn't have to promise you nothing up there because I was whooping your ass!'"

**Hey April, REALITY CHECK: you weren't "whooping her ass" up there, you both were tired as hell and in pain and both were ready to drop at the same time.

And oh, how April soon forgets what she says. She actually PROMISED on the life of her nephew that Jessie & Michelle wouldn't be NOMINATED this week and including be SAFE from the POV. A war is gonna start in the house today for sure!!!

Updated @ 4:04pm EST:
Michelle & Jessie had a talk in the storage room about nominations today. They think that the noms will be Jerry & Memphis. (It will be Jessie & Memphis, though.) April & Libra and Ollie were just in the Spa Room talking about nominations and April's head is growing bigger by the minute, which seems to be what every HOH has done thus far this season.

Lockdown is now over.

Updated @ 4:26pm EST:
Jessie & Michelle are whisper-talking. They still have no clue that Jessie is going up on the block. Earlier, April said that Jessie isn't 100% safe this week because if he starts "running his mouth" about April's family or any kind of personal attack on her, she'll get him out of the house.

I'm going to take a break from now until the nominations ceremony. When I get back, I'll start a new post! :)

Stay tuned...

Morning in the BB house

Alright, so it looks like Dan (America's Player) received his first task of getting a HG of our choice nominated for eviction. And that HG is:


He has already approached April twice about putting him on the block and she said that she will be nominating him. Looks like Dan's 1st task was easy as pie!

Big Brother is taking it easy on the HG's today by not making them do a food comp. Instead, BB gave them a backyard hockey game. And as we all know, Big Brother just doesn't give HG's toys for the hell of it; it'll be a comp of some kind soon. Rest assure. ;-)

In other news, it seems that Keesha & Renny are already starting to turn on their alliance with April, Ollie, and Libra! Keesha told Renny that they need to win POV (to save Memphis if he goes up). Renny does a little April bashing about how much of a control freak she can be.

As of 2:55pm EST (which is 11:55pm BBT), the houseguests were ordered to go inside the house for a lockdown. Hmmm!! Wonder what's up??

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report

Good morning, BB fans!! Hopefully ya'll are recovered from watching the endurance comp last night. I'm having a rough start to my morning from being up so late (4am EST).

Alright, there's just a few things I wanna cover really quickly before getting to the Overnight Report:

Renny didn't drop on purpose yesterday, she was disqualified for turning around. And the other thing is that during the live show yesterday, I mentioned that Memphis was part of the "Brian Alliance"..what I meant by that is that Angie was part of it, and Memphis was in an alliance with her, plus anyone (at this point) that isn't in the "Keesha Alliance", is the whole other side of the house. So I just wanted to clear that up real quick.

Okay, now it's time for the Overnight Report!! :-D

About 10 minutes before BB After Dark on Showtime ended, April got her HOH room. She got a basket full of goodies and straws that she wanted, plus some clothing from her family. She also received a letter from her twin sister and Ollie was a real gentleman when he told everyone in the HOH room to give April some privacy to read her letter. :)

Alright, so how many of you were shocked that Dan was chosen as America's Player? I know I was! In every poll and on the message boards on CBS, Renny was CLEARLY the winner. The only thing I can think of is that either they asked Renny and she turned it down (CBS said that they'd ask the HG with the highest votes and if they decline the challenge, they'll ask the runner-up). So either Dan was the runner-up, or something else happened that we don't know about. Not to say that I don't like Dan, because I do, I just thought that it would be Renny or Libra.

Speaking of Libra, I find it odd that she made a comment/joke late last night on the feeds about how she thinks Dan is "Americas Player". The first thing that ran through my mind was "Oh! Libra was asked first to be America's Player and turned it down!" But hey, I could be totally wrong and it could all just be one big coincidence.

In other news, today is nominations!!!! :-D It looks like April will put up Jessie & Memphis (as I previously posted last night). This is going to send the house into an uproar because April PROMISED, on her nephew Boston, that she would not nominate Michelle OR Jessie for eviction this week. Shit is going to hit the fan!!!! April's target is Memphis this week, but she wants to put up Jessie so that if Jessie wins the POV, he would have to save himself and not Memphis.

Renny & Keesha talked about April wanting to possibly put up Memphis & Jessie and Keesha said that Memphis needs to stay in the house and not leave. Could these two be starting to turn on their own alliance?? This could get interesting!

Well that's it for the overnight report!! Let me start up a new post with up-to-date info and pics. ;-)

Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Evening in the BB house

Holy crap, that endurance comp was something else!! :-D I'll sleep good tonight from all my multi-tasking here at the computer. lol

We have a first look at April with her HOH key around her neck:

She hasn't been granted access to her HOH room just yet, but it should be soon! She'll look at pics, the HG's will look at pics, April will cry (from either pics of her sister or from a letter from her sister), HG's will start to filter out of the room and those left behind, will start to talk game. Or at least thats the way it normally goes.

Speaking of game talk, the only person that has been mentioned from April about nominations, is Memphis. No big shocker there. They "Keesha Alliance" is trying to fully wipe out the "Brian Alliance" (or what's left of it), and with only Michelle, Jessie, and Memphis left..and with the promise of not putting up Michelle & Jessie, there's only 1 more person left: Memphis. The other person will most likely be Jerry. Jerry tried to talk game to April already and that kinda hit a nerve with her and she told him she wasn't ready to talk game just yet.

As far as tonight goes, April said she might take a shower and since she'll have privacy from the other houseguests, I'm sure her and Ollie will make the most of it. ;-) As Renny said a little bit ago, "I guess we know where Ollie is sleeping for the week!" lol

Update @ 1:32pm EST:
April, Libra, and Renny are at the dinner table chit-chatting. April brings up the fact that Jerry tried to already talk game to her and that she told him to leave her alone because she's "not talking game tonight!" (she's mentally and physically drained).

Renny: *rolls eyes* "He is so obnoxious."

The talk then turns to game (and before she even has her HOH room! lol)

April: "Because if I put up Memphis & Jessie, and one of them wins POV, I will not put up Michelle, I can't put up Michelle!"

April then threatens to put up Keesha:
April: "If Keesha tells him (Memphis) anything, I'll put her up. She better not be talking to him!"
Libra: "Oh, I don't think she is."

Libra says that Memphis latched onto Keesha because he knew Angie was leaving.

In the 50's room, Memphis & Jessie & Michelle are making fun of a couple of people in the house (I know Ollie & April are two of them) that are saying that they think the earthquake was fake. Memphis thinks they're stupid for even thinking that.

Stay tuned...

After the Endurance Comp: (pics)

Keesha & Renny are super excited that the Storage Room was fully stocked with food while the HOH comp was going on.

Libra just got out of the shower and April is fixing herself up.

The rest of the HG's are floating around the house and cooking up food in the kitchen.

Stay tuned...

The New HOH is:

And we have a winner!!!!!

The New HOH is:


Michelle asked April "Promise?" and April said "PROMISE!" (that she won't put her or Jessie up this week and including POV).

Michelle dropped like a ton of bricks (on purpose) and she is clearly in pain and crying from being up there so long.

Libra: "Ya'll are bad ass!!"

Jessie is nursing Michelle (her wrist is all messed up) and he got her some orange gatorade.

Alright ladies & gents, I'm taking a break..I'm BEAT!!!!! Be back in about 5 mins (the feeds are on trivia anyways, nothing to report right now..I think a medic might be looking at Michelle's's really messed up.)

Stay tuned...

Endurance Comp: Part 2

I will be posting live updates from the feeds in this post for the rest of the night, so keep refreshing!! :-D

It's still just Michelle, Renny and April.

There's no bad blood between any of them..they're getting along just fine.

Dan is on the ground giving some great prep speeches to each girl and the rest of the HG's are pulling for all of them & telling them each how great of a job they're doing.

All of them are very impressed with Renny and how long she has held on thus far!! :-D

Michelle said she wants some Southern Comfort when she gets down. lol

Everyone is really quiet. Michelle finally said a sentence to break the silence.

Renny just did a series of stretches and she's looking good!!

I can't tell if it's April or Michelle, but someone has really shaky breathing and has for a while now. (I think it's Michelle).

RENNY IS OUT! (I was switching between camera's so I missed how she fell).

Update @ 10:51pm EST:

Everyone is still very quiet!

Update @ 10:59pm EST:
April & Michelle are still holding on...

Update @ 11:11pm EST:

Michelle "My hands are falling off over here.."
April: "I can't even feel mine."
Michelle "Me either."

Update @ 11:14pm EST:
April just told Dan that she's ready for her personal pep talk now. (She's getting weaker.) Dan is giving her a great pep talk!! (Imagine a funny coach giving April a pep talk...that's what Dan sounds like. lol)

Update @ 11:18pm EST:
Michelle just said that she "can't hold on for very much longer" and she's making a deal with April to NOT put up Michelle. Michelle is thinking about the deal. Michelle said she NEEDS to see HOH pics of her family and April said "me too!!"

Now they both said that they have a "long time" still left in them. (Either it's going to be a short night or a very long night!!)

Update @ 11:24pm EST:
Michelle is crying. April whispered to her "Aw, stop crying!" (she feels sad for Michelle crying.)

April: "Good job, Michelle!"

Now April is offering a deal (couldn't hear it very well, very soft whispering) but I think it was about keeping Jessie safe this week and they're trying to keep their convo hush-hush because her alliance is staring at her.

Michelle just asked April if she falls, for saftey for her AND Jessie this week..including the POV and April said "I promise!"

April wanted the same deal (with her and Ollie) and Michelle said okay. Somebody is gonna drop soon...

Update @ 11:38pm EST:
Both girls are still hanging on. There's no talking between any of the other HG's, and just little "Are you okay?" comments from April & Michelle once in a while.

Stay tuned...

HOH Endruance Comp:

Alright guys & dolls, I'll be posting updates from the live feeds, so keep refreshing this post! :-D

Okay, we have our first person out...


The HG's are holding on... 9:22PM EST, Libra jumps down on purpose:

Libra: (whispers to April) "Come on, April!"

Jerry says he feels bad he couldn't stay, his arm locked up on him.
Libra just looked at April and whispered "Good job!"

Dan is having fun up there by sayin off the wall stuff (lol), Libra is still silently cheering April on but telling ALL of them how good of a job they're doing.

At 9:35pm EST, DAN IS OUT!!!!!!!

Ollie is out (on purose):

Keesha, Ollie, Jerry and Libra are whispering that Jessie & Memphis have their arms wrapped around the pole and you're not allowed to do that..and that it's "not fair."

Jessie is out!!!!

Memphis is out!!! He dropped on purpose.

(They're dropping faster than I can keep up with, so bear with me!)

Nobody else has dropped yet! :-D

It's Michelle, April, and Renny.

I'm starting a NEW POST now (there's too many pics in this one.) ;-)

Stay tuned...