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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Veto Comp is TONIGHT!!!!!!!

The POV will be held tonight!!!

The players have been picked:

* April (HOH)
* Jessie (Nom)
* Memphis (Nom)
* Libra
* Jerry
* Michelle

Renny will be the Host.

Remember that I posted about Crazy James (from last season of BB) saying to expect former Big Brother houseguests for the POV Comp on "either Aug. 1st or Aug. 2nd"?...well, that would be TODAY!!!!!! :-D I wonder which former HG's will be returning!!! Maybe Evel Dick will wake them all up with pots & pans. lol ;-)

Updated @ 3:09am EST:
April & Libra are talking in the HOH room alone. April is apologizing (or should I say, saving face for the sake of her alliance and getting them to vote the way she wants them to this week). Libra is accepting all of her excuses..err..apologies.

Updated @ 3:30am EST:
The feeds switched to fishies (aka standby mode) 10 minutes ago..POV Comp, perhaps??

Updated @ 3:40am EST:
We have TRIVIA on all feeds!! :-D The POV Comp is underway!!

Alright everyone, I'm going to bed. The comp should take at LEAST an hour, but I'm guessing more like 2 hours or so. I'll be back in the morning with the results of POV Comp!! If you MUST know tonight, then go ahead and get your 2 weeks totally free trial of the feeds here!

See you in the morning!!

Stay tuned...