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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Evening in the BB house: (pics)

Things slowed down earlier this evening, but the HG's are waiting for alcohol..actually, Michelle is more or less begging for it. lol She's been pushing the Storage Button access button for a while and now she's trying to get into the Diary Room to see if they're getting any booze tonight.

Ollie & Dan spoke earlier and Ollie told Dan that his pick for the renom is Keesha but he knows that Dan promised Keesha that she wouldn't go up, so Ollie then picks again and says "Renny." Dan said he'd think about it. lol Of course, the plan to backdoor Michelle is still very much in motion.

In other news: The HG's know that one of them will be receiving a phone call!!! They don't know which one of them won the phone call (and neither does America yet.)

Jerry still thinks he's going home this week and that's the way Dan wants him to think. With that on his mind, he's also hoping that he's the one that gets picked to recieve a phone call (from his wife).

Currently on the feeds:
Oh goodness..the HG's got their alcohol! Let the fun begin!!! :-D

BB gave them much more booze than normal, so it should be a very fun night on the feeds!!

Memphis & Dan are playing Beer Pong now.

Memphis has the goal of getting Dan buzzed tonight. lol Dan's cups are filled with Sprite, but if Memphis wins, Dan has to drink ALL of Memphis' cups with beer in them. :-P

Keesha doesn't even know how to play Beer Pong..

Keesha: "How do you play beer pong?"
Memphis: "Why don't you come and play it?"

Michelle came in from outside and helped herself to the rest of the wine.

Keesha & Renny only had 1 glass, Michelle had at least 2 glasses that I personally saw but Keesha said she had 3. The girls both agree that it was shitty for Michelle to take the rest of the wine without even offering them anymore.

Stay tuned...

Winner of the POV is:


The Winner of the POV is:


It was a puzzle comp.

HOH Room:

Dan jumps on Memphis' back and they both celebrate!!

Dan: "Michelle is gonna FLIP, dude!"

(I think Dan plans to backdoor Michelle?)

Memphis: "We're gonna have to win HOH dude, cuz Ollie will What are we gonna do about Jerry?"

YUP!!! The plan is to backdoor MICHELLE!!!

Ollie & Michelle are both worried about what's gonna happen next:

They both wanna talk to Dan and try to get him to not use the POV. (Good luck with that, guys! ;-) lol)

Turn on the feeds!!! There's too many details & conversations going on for 1 person (ME!!) to cover!!!

Dan & Memphis are still talking in the HOH room: their plan is to backdoor Michelle and to tell Jerry that he's okay this week and possibly get a deal made from Jerry out of it.

Keesha enters, and a few minutes later Renny enters the HOH room as well.

The comp was a puzzle comp but they were flying through the air.
Keesha: "ya, because you're using your body weight to fly."
Memphis: "I know! I was haulin' ass!"


Renny: "Michelle is down there slamming cabnit doors. I can't stand that shit!"
Keesha: "She ALWAYS does that! Look..[looks at spy screen]..she just looked up here. She's pissed!"

Conversation switches to Michelle:

Dan: (laughing) "Guys, if some shit goes down, you better have my back!"
Renny: "Like what??"
Dan: "Like Michelle throwing steak knives at me!"
Memphis: "Dude, she's gonna leave here fuckin' screaming & kicking!"

They then all talk about getting Jerry to give them his gold bars (I believe it's $4,000 or $5,000) in order to keep him "safe" this week. lol They talked about it for a while but I think that idea is dead now.

Downstairs, Ollie is PISSED!! He was talking to Michelle in the kitchen and said "This game is about to get UGLY!" He also said that he wants to call out Dan in front of everybody and if he denies the whole deal they made, Ollie is going to "punch him". (Wow!)

Updated @ 5:33pm BBT:
*Renny is in the kitchen cooking.
*Memphis is in the Diary Room.
*Michelle is in bed doing her nails.
*Dan is showering up in the HOH room.
*Keesha is in her bedroom putting on makeup.
*Ollie is in the Spa Room.
*Jerry is laying down.

All is quiet in the BB house....for now. ;-)
You can bet your bottom dollar that if BB gives them beer & wine tonight (enough to get drunk), there's gonna be a major shit-storm in that house! PLEASE, BB..get'em drunk tonight!! Or at least Michelle! I wanna see some action! ;-)

Updated @ 5:49pm
Everybody still doing the same thing.
Ollie went up to the HOH room to talk to Dan but Dan didn't answer because he was in the shower. Ollie is back in the Spa Room.

Stay tuned...

POV Comp has started!!!!

The live feeds went to trivia at 12:33pm BBT, which means the POV Comp is underway!!! :-D

Who will win the Power of Veto? We'll find out in about 1-3 hours!

While we're waiting, let's play another round of...


This is one of my favorite funny pics from this season. lol

Leave your caption in a comment below!! :-D

Updated @ 4:01pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia...

Holly crap this is a looonggg POV Comp!! :-/

Stay tuned...

Morning in the BB house:

Just as I turned on the feeds and saw Ollie sitting at the kitchen counter by himself, the feeds went to TRIVIA (at 10:27am BBT)!!! The HG's are more than likley choosing the players for the POV Comp today. Are ya'll as anxious as I am to find out who gets picked??!

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post who was picked for today's POV Comp!!

10:40am BBT:
FEEDS ARE BACK!!! Let me get a couple of screenshots and gather some info on what went down during trivia.

Okay..Michelle got picked:

Michelle: "Thank you Jerry, for picking me. That was nice of you."

Playing for the POV:
*Dan (HOH)
*Jerry (Nom)
*Memphis (Nom)
*Michelle (picked by Jerry)

..and the host is: Ollie

Memphis seems to be in good spirits, but Ollie is laying down in his bed with his shades on and doesn't look happy.

11:01pm BBT:
Everyone (but Ollie/Jerry) are getting ready for the day & for the comp.
Michelle is doing her hair, Memphis just got done with his shower, Keesha is putting on her makeup, and Ollie is shaving his head & face. Renny is in & out of the bathroom getting ready.

11:12pm BBT:
Nobody has said a word in about 20 mins.
Jerry is in the Spa Room laying down taking a rest.
Memphis is dressed & doing his hair.

Dan walked into the Spa Room and asked Jerry how he was doing, Jerry said he's just resting.

Dan: "When do you think [the POV will start?]"
Jerry: "Well, Ollie is in the Diary Room right now, and he's the real soon I would guess."

Ollie is doing shaving and double-checks himself in the mirrors:

11:22pm BBT:
Renny & Keesha are in the 60's room (Renny is resting/Keesha is putting on makeup still), Michelle is at the kitchen counter with Memphis (a couple stools away), Jerry is still in the Spa Room. I haven't seen Dan in a few minutes on the feeds.

60's Room:

Memphis: "I got my Reebok pumps on..ready to go to war!" (laughs)
*Renny chuckles at him.*

Memphis: "Michelle came up to me and was like..'why the f**k did Jerry pick me??' I was like, I tell me!"
Renny: "If Michelle wins the POV, she'll take Jerry off, right? ..and put up Ollie."
Memphis: "I hope so!"
Keesha: "He's not going to put one of us up." [Us=Keesha/Renny]

They start talking about what kind of POV Comp they think it will be..they don't think it will be physical.

HOH Room:

Ollie is throwing Jerry under the bus, big time! He's saying that he wouldn't mind seeing Jerry leave this week and that he thinks Jerry actually wants out of the game.

Dan: "If things blow-up, don't go telling everybody our whole deal!"
Ollie: "I won't. Jerry suspects but I haven't told him anything." (lie)
Dan: "That's the thing, he may suspect, but he doesn't know for sure."

Dan told Memphis/Renny/Keesha earlier that if Ollie goes around telling Michelle/Jerry the whole deal, he's going to just deny it.

Ollie is clearly scared that (depending on who uses the POV) that he might be go up and Ollie is doing everything he possibly can to make sure that doesn't happen.

They end their convo with a hug and Ollie says "Good luck, man!" and he leaves the HOH room.

Spa Room:

Ollie is whispering to Jerry about his convo with Dan.
Jerry: "Tell Dan that if he keeps me, and I end up in the Jury House down the line, then I'll make sure he gets the votes. But if he doesn't, then I'll make sure he doesn't get the big money."

Ollie then covers his ass by telling Jerry to keep hush-hush about the whole deal he made with Dan this week:

Ollie: "He thinks I haven't told you the whole deal, so he doesn't know that YOU know the whole deal [about picking the renom], so don't say anything to him and act like you don't know what he's talking about."

50's Room:

Ollie is now telling Michelle everything and filling her in. Michelle then says that she told Memphis earlier that she surprised that Jerry picked her to play in the POV Comp today. They then talk about if Renny wins, then Dan will have to put up Keesha.

Little does Ollie & Michelle know that Dan plans to backdoor Michelle (or possibly even Ollie), if Michelle doesn't win the POV today.

Okay, so here's where things stand:

If either Dan/Keesha/Memphis/Renny wins the POV, Memphis will come off.
If Michelle wins it, she'll either save Jerry or not use it.

Scenarios if Michelle wins it:
Michelle wins it and DOESN'T use it, then Memphis would stay if Dan breaks the tie.
Michelle wins but uses it to save Jerry: then Ollie will go up and get backdoored.

If this all works out in Dan's favor for his alliance of 4, then this will be one of the greatest moves in BB history!! It's a very risky move but a SMART move that Dan made this week, there's really no chance for failure at this point; it's just a choice of who will get backdoored..Michelle or Ollie.

12:17pm BBT:
Keesha/Renny/Memphis/Dan are in the kitchen snacking away and anxiously awaiting the POV Comp to start.

Dan looks like he's deep in thought.

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report (pics)

Gooood morning, BB fans!! :-D I'm gathering the overnight report & pics for ya, so check back in just a little bit!

Today the HG's will be fighting like hell for that golden POV! Oooh to watch all of that unfold..wouldn't that'd be great!?! We'll find out if Dan's "master plan" will work out or not.

Nothing "game changing" happened last night, though the feeds were rather interesting all night! Ollie & Michelle were whisper-talking during most of the night about the same stuff they've been talking about: "We're gotta win the POV, and I'm gonna f*** Dan over..if we win it, let's take Jerry down." Wash.Rinse.Repeat.

When the HG's received 2 beers & 1 bottle of wine, I knew (and so did the HG's) that the POV comp wasn't going to happen last night.

Memphis & Dan think that the POV comp might be a luxury/POV Comp. Example: "Take $10,000 or the Veto" kind of comp. We'll find out today if they're right! :-D

HOH Room:

Dan was taking a bubble bath as the others watched him and they all talked about non-game related stuff.

Renny was wearing a firefighters shirt & hat and Dan asked her about it. Renny said that the fire station has been her neighbor for years.

Dan: "There must be a reason they want you around."
Renny: "Yeah, I was their neighbor!"
Dan: "What did you do bake cookies? Dance for them?" (being a smart ass)
Renny: (irritated) "I WAS THEIR NEIGHBOR, dammit! Shout out to station 15!"

Dan gargles his bathwater..
Renny: "That's dirty, Dan!"
Dan: "But it's MY dirt!"
Renny: "That's nasty! It's all your dead cells!"

Talk then turns to Dan's back.

Renny: "Do you want me to wash your back?"
Memphis: "There will be no washing of each others backs."

Renny told Dan that he needed to wash his back because it was dirty & he had zits all over it. When Dan refused (just to mess with Renny), Renny took it upon herself to do it for him. LOL

Renny grabs a loofah and gets some soap...Dan says don't waste it, it's "special HOH soap." LOL

Renny: "There's more where this came from!"

Meanwhile downstairs, Ollie is telling Jerry to trust him that he'll be safe this week and Ollie/Michelle/Jerry are all talking & sharing stories. (I didn't listen because frankly, I didn't give a damn. lol)


They got the bottle of wine and 2 beers, Jerry has 1 of the beers because it's been so long since he could have one.

Jerry: "I'll probably get drunk just off of the smell of beer!" (laughs)

Talk turns to misc. topics: from the O.J. Simpson trial, to races. Renny said that there are "only 3 races" and Jerry says "there's 5: Black, Brown, White, Asian, and Red."

Renny: "RED???!!!??"

Everyone starts laughing at Jerry.

HOH Room:

Dan wants to know how Keesha feels. Keesha asks since the bubble bath?

Dan: "If you win [the POV], will you use it? ..And I'm not going to hold you to it, just, would you use it on Memphis or Jerry?"
Keesha: "Wouldn't you want me to use it?"
Dan: "Yeah, I mean, I don't care. If somebody uses it, I don't care. You know what I mean? Depending on WHO uses it. Like, obviously, I wouldn't want Michelle to win it and use it."
Keesha: "I don't think Michelle would use it."
Dan: "You don't think so?"
Keesha: "I dunno. Maybe."
Dan: "Yeah."
Dan: "Would you use it on Jerry of Memphis?"
Keesha: "I guess I'd have to..probably Memphis. I think that, you know ..
Dan: "If you're in it, you're going to like try to win it, right?"
Keesha: "Ya."
Dan: "Ok. Cuz I know you haven't won anything yet. There might be some prizes."
Keesha: "Oh you mean I haven't won any prizes yet. I don't know, Memphis didn't try to hard to win mine. That's the only thing about it. That's my biggest thing, like, he could have taken me off that block in an instant."
Dan: "Oh, I expect him to go balls to the wall and try to win it by a mile, you know?"
Keesha: "But of course, I mean, it's an important POV."
Dan: "There's a lot riding on this, for everyone."

(Ya thank, Dan?? lol)

Later on: Renny & Memphis join them.

They all speculated about what could be going on outside (since they're on lockdown) and some of them were thinking it would be a food comp.

They all agreed that this POV is going to be HUGE!!

Keesha talked about April and how she's so glad that the "barbie bitch" is gone. lol

Renny asks who called Jerry "the colonel" first.

Renny: " he even a colonel?
Memphis: "No!"
Renny: "Well then, how the hell did he get that name?"
Dan: "I gave it to him."
Keesha: "I feel for bad for him...he's all alone [in this house]."

All 4 are watched Jerry on spy screen saying it looked like he was debating on whether or not to go upstairs.

There was very little game talk last night, and what game talk was had, I've already covered once or twice (they tend to repeat convos in the house).

Okay, this concludes your Overnight Report! :-D Let me fire up the feeds and get to the Morning post. ;-)

Stay tuned...

Friday, August 22, 2008

After the nominations:

Dan seems like an outcast in the house. Nobody is talking to him that much.

The houseguests are rather quiet and a sense of "what the f**k?" is flowing throughout. I can feel it from just WATCHING the feeds!!

Spa Room:

He seems to be thinking alot..Memphis walks in and tells him that dinner is ready.

Everybody sits down at the table, they all say a dinner prayer, and then total silence for minutes.

Michelle & Ollie just got done talking and they were laughing their asses off about Dan actually following through with the deal. Then they started to talk about the POV Comp:

Ollie: "If I win the POV, I'm using it on Jerry."
Michelle: "Same here! If I win it, I'll use it on Jerry."

Ollie then tells Jerry that him and Michelle will be fighting for the POV to save him from the block.

Ollie: "They fu**ed with the wrong person! I'm glad I didn't win HOH yesterday."

Little does Ollie know that Dan told Memphis..

Dan: (to Memphis): "If Ollie uses the POV to pull Jerry off, then Michelle will go up."

This week is gonna be REALLY interesting on the live feeds!!!!

Updated @ 7:27pm BBT:
Dan & Memphis are playing chess, and everyone else is taking a nap but I don't think that will be for too long...they are on lockdown and they are thinking that there tonight will be the POV Comp!!! (Big Brother, please say it's true!!!)

HOH Room:

Dan & Renny talked about how major the POV is this week. They also talked about Jerry and the possibility of making nice with him by using the POV. Dan asked Renny if she were to use the POV on Jerry, does she think that he would go along with voting Michelle out, and Renny said yes.

BB: "Renny, please go to the Diary Room."

Renny leaves, Memphis enters and then Memphis & Dan head back to their chess game outside the HOH room.

Stay tuned...

Nomination Ceremony was held!! (spoiler)

At 5:52pm BBT, the feeds went to trivia and the Nomination Ceremony has begun!!

So, to pass the time and wait for the feeds to come back, let's play another round of...


Think of your best caption for this pic & leave it in a comment!! :-D

Also feel free leave a comment of what you're thinking about Dan's HOH so far, who you think he will nominate for eviction, or anything else on your mind! ;-)

Updated @ 5:50pm BBT:

Nominated for Eviction are:

Memphis & Jerry

HOH Room:

Dan tells Memphis that the OTHER part of the deal with Ollie is that if he wins POV, he can choose the renom.

Memphis: "What were you SMOKIN' when you were up there, dude?"
Dan: "I'll get Renny..I promise you."
Memphis: "You counting on Renny for ALOT!"

Memphis goes on to say that Renny is a loose cannon and that he doesn't trust her for shit.

Memphis keeps saying he doesn't trust Renny for the Final 4 deal and that she will back out of it..

Memphis: "She's in it for herself, dude!"

Dan is trying to sell Memphis on the idea of being Final 4 with Keesha/Renny/Dan. Memphis said that even if he gets Renny (which he already has), that she will back out of it.

Memphis is saying that he can get Michelle's vote.

Stay tuned...


Dan is in the HOH room talking outloud to himself:

Dan: "If Memphis goes, I have no chance of winning [this game]. Is it worth the risk? I dunno..what do you think, Monica?" [looks at her picture]

[moments pass]

Dan: "Do you put Ollie & Michelle up and say screw it? Whoever comes off will be coming after me like a BEAST! Or do I roll the dice and put up Memphis? You have to have Antifreeze in your veins to win this game...antifreeze."

Feeds go to trivia @ 5:25pm BBT
Nomination Ceremony has BEGUN!!!! :-D

5:12pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia..

Stay tuned...

Afternoon in the BB House: (part 2)

Memphis thinks this week will be a double eviction (and he's right.) Of course, BB never tells them but some seasons I wonder if they "hint" towards it in the Diary Room.

Ollie spilled the beans (Dan & Ollie's deal) to Jerry. (Uh oh! This could get interesting! lol) Jerry *still* thinks Dan is America's Player, in case you were wondering.

Ollie then goes and tells Michelle the details of the deal, which will be a big problem because Dan & Ollie agreed to not tell anyone the details on their deal just yet.

Dan was up in the HOH room with his headphones on listening to a CD, all while watching the spy screen.

He saw that Michelle came up earlier to talk to him, but he ignored her & laughed at how she wanted to talk to him but wasn't letting her in. lol

Switch to:
HOH Room
Dan (alone)

Dan started to talk outloud about what he was seeing on the spy screen:

Dan: "Here comes the colonel"
(he laughs at Jerry walking away from HOH door after he doesnt answer.)
Dan: "..and there he goes to Ollie..ANNNNND here comes Ollie to do some damage control. Do I know these people or what?!
Dan: "Come on Jerry, come on up. OHH!!..he doesnt want anyone to see him. Ok."

Switch to..
Backyard Couch

Memphis: "I never thought in a million years that I would have to worry about Dan winning HOH."

Keesha: "Oh, I did!"

[long silence]

Keesha: "3 more hours until nominations..then we'll see what's really going on [with Dan's plan]."

**3 hours from now would mean that nominations will be at 5pm BBT today.

HOH Room @ 2:40pm BBT:

Memphis: "If you put me on the block, there's a good chance that I'll go home!"

Dan: "I haven't thrown out the idea of backdooring just yet.."

Memphis: "Backdoor? You gotta win the POV first before you backdoor anyone! And the veto has only been used once so far in this game..once!"

Dan: "It's in my best interest to keep you in the house. What would you do if you were me, this week?"

Memphis: "Michelle is already attached..hardcore! Ollie. If it's Me/You/Keesha/Ollie for the Final 4, I'm confident in that! I wouldn't rely on the backdoor thing."

Dan: "I'm not! I'm just saying that it's an option."

Dan asks Memphis a question...

Dan: "If X & Y are on the block, and then there's Z that's not...who is going to fight harder for the POV?

Memphis: "MICHELLE!"

LOL!!!! ;-)

Memphis then says that the people on the block will fight harder for the POV. Could this be Dan's way of getting things to work out this way? To give the other people in the house a false sense of security so that they don't fight as hard for the POV? Hmm!!

Dan: "You don't know anything about the deal [I made with Ollie]?"
Memphis: "I know it was to save Ollie..and obviously Michelle is safe cause shes walking around like she is...Renny knows she's safe because you promised her last week you wouldn't put her up!"

(By the way, it sounds like Memphis & Jerry are gonna be nominated today.)

Dan gets called to the Diary Room...
Memphis: "See you on the battlefield!" (Memphis leaves.)

Backyard Couch:

Memphis is FREAKING OUT about going up on the block. Obviously, he doesn't know that Keesha/Dan/Renny plan on including him in the Final 4 plan. My guess is that Dan is making Memphis worry so that Ollie & Michelle believe that Dan still plans on honoring Dan & Ollie's deal, and to also light a fire under Memphis' ass to win the POV this week. I believe that after the nominations or the POV, Dan & Co. will talk to Memphis and bring him into the Final 4 group and then backdoor Michelle.

During Dan & Memphis' convo in the HOH room, Memphis said that he hasn't won anything (HOH or POV) and Dan said..

Dan: "That's because you haven't really wanted to win anything yet."
Memphis: "That's true."

This is why I think Dan is making Memphis get his ass motovated to win the POV, all while giving Michelle & Ollie a false sense of security and dodging drama in the meantime (from Ollie/Michelle).

Keesha is doing a wonderful job at fooling Memphis and not "spilling the beans" to him. So far, Dan's plan is working out GREAT! But, it all comes down to the POV!

Memphis: (to Keesha) "This POV is gonna be...VERY interesting."
Keesha: "Ya."

Stay tuned...

How does a Double Eviction work?

I wanted to make this a seperate post so that everybody will read it.

Alot of you want to know how a typical Double Eviction works. To the best of my knowledge, this is how a Double Eviction works:

(This is what happened in Season 8)

How a Double Eviction Works:
1) Live eviction will happen as usual on Thursday.
2) Then the HG's will play for HOH live.
3) The new HOH will nominate 2 HG's for eviction.
4) The POV Comp will then take place.
5) Then the Veto winner can decide to use it or not.
6) HG's will then go into the diary room and privatley vote.
7) 1 HG will be evicted.

All of this happens during the Live Show (this Thursday).

What I'm not clear on is if they then play for HOH again or not. I think this has varied from season to season. If you know, leave it in a comment below! :-D

Stay tuned...

Afternoon in the BB House:

Just for a heads up, I don't believe there will be a Food Comp today. Usually BB has mercy on the HG's after a brutal endurance comp like the one last night. Nominations should be taking us usual.

The morning has been FILLED with nothing but game's almost too much to take in! lol I am happy, however, that Dan has a bigger/better plan than he was letting on.

Dan told Ollie that Memphis will be nominated but he didn't say who the other person was gonna be.

But from his convo with Renny & Keesha, it sounds as if Dan wants to backdoor Michelle this week.

Dan: "We won't be able to do anything until after the POV comp."

("Anything" being, backdooring or thinking up a new strategy for this week.)

Memphis & Keesha just got done talking and Keesha did NOT tell Memphis about her convo with Renny/Dan up in the HOH room this morning. I don't think they're gonna tell him anything until AFTER the POV comp and that is probably when Keesha/Dan/Renny will approach Memphis to be in the Final 4.

I hope I got all of this info right, there's been so many theories, strategies, thoughts, rants, and's very easy to get things confused.

Ollie: "Whoever wins POV will determine who goes home. How do you feel about getting out Memphis this week?"

Michelle: "He's my friend but, he can go! I don't care."

Stay tuned...

Morning in the BB house:

Game talk has already started!!

Backyard Couch:

Memphis asked him what the hell he is doing. Dan tells Memphis that he really needs to work on Renny's vote this week.

Memphis tells Dan that Ollie might as well be the HOH this week (since Dan gave him every power of the HOH) and Dan can't even play for HOH next week.

Dan: "I'll tell you about it when it gets closer. You'll have to work Renny this week."

Memphis: "Your doing exactly what he wants to do and he gets to play next week. I mean I can work on Renny all week when she goes to vote, but you saw her fly off the handle off last week. It doesn't matter now! What sucks is, I have to worry about Ollie and Michelle now. I mean if they make it to the final 4, but it will be interesting to see. "

Dan: "I have to talk to you about a lot of stuff."

Memphis: "I thought Michelle had my back. Obviously she doesn't. I called her out last night. I mean, Ollie is trying to put me on the block, that's a pretty ballsy move. As far as I'm concerned, he drew first blood on it last night and he didn't even win hoh!

Dan: "I'll tell you about the entire deal, but not yet. When he was up there your name wasn't even mentioned."

Dan: If Michelle goes up some time this week, would you hesitate to vote her out?"

Memphis: "No, dude, I do not want her anywhere near the end. If she had clothes on, she would have won."

Dan: "You've got to trust me this week. Obviously you can't talk to anybody, not Ollie, nobody. You've got to keep cool and trust me."

Dan: "I've got to go start lining my ducks up"

Dan leaves to goes into the house.

HOH Room:

Dan is talking to Keesha about getting Michelle out this week!

Renny enters.

Dan tells Renny/Keesha his thought process (he told Keesha the whole deal, but isn't telling Renny or anybody else.)

Dan wants to make and official Final 4: Dan/Keesha/Renny/Memphis
They all don't trust Memphis, but they *need* him right now.

Dan: "Tell me what you think of Memphis."
Renny: "I think he'd cut your throat! He already thinks he won this game."

Renny goes on to say that she'd vote out Memphis over Michelle.

Dan: "This conversation doesn't leave this room!"

Renny is making the Final 4 plan VERY difficult. She is going off about how much she hates Memphis and thinks he's an arrogant prick, etc etc.

Dan: "But can we USE get to the Final 4, and then cut him.."
Renny: "He needs to go! I want him to go!"

(Shut up, Renny!! Just accept the DEAL!!!)

Renny is just not 'getting it'. Dan/Keesha are telling him that they NEED him to further their game play. Renny is on an anti-Memphis rant.

Renny: "I'm confused."

Dan: "What can we do, to get us 3 to the Final 4."
Renny: "Right now, I'm gonna do what you wanna do. [Final 4]"

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! lol

Dan: "I know how you feel about Memphis..but Jerry won't get us far in this game...
Keesha: "..and Michelle will take us out!"
Dan: "We need Memphis for get us further in the game." they all agree to do the Final 4, but Renny is on another anti-Memphis rant. lol

Dan: "Since I can't play for HOH next week, I need you two [Keesha/Renny] to be fighting for us..and we need 1 more [Memphis] to fight for us."

Renny: "I have no problems using him! But I wanna cut him at some point."
Dan: "It's not about *if* we cut him, it's *WHEN* we cut him."

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report (pics)

Gooood morning, everyone!!!

Okay, so the question on everyones mind is..'What is the deal that Ollie & Dan made?''re not going to believe this one:

Ollie tells Michelle his deal with Dan was 3 parts:
1. Ollie and Michelle don't go up
2. They aren't the replacement nominees
3. Ollie gets to pick the replacement if POV is used.

Before you freak out (like I did!), I don't know if Dan plans on honoring that or not. We'll find out though!!

Ollie told Michelle about the deal.

And they also made a "to the end" deal together.

Storage Room:

Michelle acted like she didn't know anything when she talked to Memphis..Memphis tells her HE HEARD IT out of Dan's mouth. (Dan didn't whisper, he said it outloud.)

Switch to:
60's Room

They are all stunned & pissed at Dan for making such a shady deal with Ollie. They all tried to figure out what the hell Dan was/is thinking.

Dan got his HOH room last night. It was filled with pics of his family & his girlfriend Monica, who is gorgeous by the way!!! Everybody commented on how pretty she is.

Dan got his letter from his family & Monica, too. He could barely read it..he took pauses every minute to collect himself, but he was clearly crying.

Everyone was going "awwww!!" and "how cute!!".

As soon as everyone left, Dan went and got the remote for the HOH spy screen and turned it on and said the BEST line of the season:

Dan: "That was all nice & lovey-dovey, on!"

That line was then followed a few minutes later with:

Dan: "Let’s do this like Judas."

And this concludes your Overnight Report! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

After the Endurance Comp: (pics)

Wow, whatta comp!!! :-D That was my 2nd favorite endurance comp of all far! I just loved the set up and the banging them against the wall...A+ to the BB Art Dept. for sure!

Okay, here's a look at the feeds:

Jerry is lovin' him some non-slop food! lol

Renny baked some cookies:

Meet the new HOH this week! :-D

...and then there's Ollie.

Ollie looks like a sad puppy wondering where his owner went. lol ;-)

The HG's are just finishing up eating and there's not much convo at the moment. They'll probably refuel, refresh, and then let the game talk fly! I'm gonna stay up to catch everything, but I'll be back in the morning to post is all in a juicy Overnight Report. :)

I'll see ya'll in the morning!! :-D

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Stay tuned...

The New HOH is:

Ollie fell...

The New HOH is:


Michelle is taking really good care of Ollie, and Jerry is taking really good care of both boys.

Nobody knows what the deal was that Dan & Ollie made (I've been trying to find out because I couldn't hear it as well.)

10:25pm BBT:
All the HG's are eating pizza courtesy of BB. It's kinda weird seeing Ollie interact with everyone..haven't seen that before. lol

Stay tuned...

HOH Endurance Comp:

If you don't yet have them...


Watch the whole endurance comp for yourself!! :-D I have a feeling we're gonna be in for a LOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The feeds are currently on trivia, they will go live in about 5 mins. Are you ready? ;-)

I'll be reporting the whole endurance comp no matter HOW LONG it is!! 2 hours..14 hours...BRING IT ON! :-D

Everyone is still on and they're getting constantly banged into the wall. LOL They're all in GREAT spirits and happy and joking around. (Oh ya, it's gonna be a long feakin' night! LOL)

Michelle: "Ya gotta love the numb legs!!"
Keesha: "Yep!"

Renny is on the sideline, looking up at the "swingers". She says she'll probably be eating dinner alone tonight.

6:30pm BBT:

He dropped on purpose. His legs were TOTALLY numb, couldn't feel them and couldn't feel them until about a minute after he dropped.

6:40pm BBT:
Ollie & Michelle are whisper-talking every once in a while about how to keep their legs from not falling asleep like Jerry's.

Memphis threw some water ballons at Michelle and it hit her in the eyes. lol She got a little ticked off but seems to be okay now.

6:54pm BBT:

She got SLAMMED really hard against the wall and fell halfway off.

Keesha: "I leg slipped off of my disk."

As of 6:59pm BBT
*Memphis looks like he's in pain a little bit.
*Dan looks VERY comfy!!
*Michelle looks like she's in good shape.
*Ollie seems to be in good shape as well.

7:17pm BBT
The feeds have been on trivia since 7:14pm BBT...

7:20pm BBT:
Feeds are back!

Memphis/Dan/Michelle/Ollie are still hanging on strong!

BB is giving them rain off & on and taking 3-5 min breaks between slamming them against the wall. Everyone has been silent the past few minutes, no doubt that they are all in pain. Michelle got slammed into the wall pretty hard this last time (she got slammed face first.)

Dan: "How long have we been up here for?"
Jerry: "..almost 2 hours now."

BB is slamming them HARD into the foam wall!!!!! And I mean..HARD!

Everyone is silent and has been for a very long time now.


Left on the vines as of 7:57pm BBT:

The boys still haven't spoke a single word in nearly 30 mins.
Keesha/Renny/Michelle/Jerry all went inside. (I believe Michelle & Keesha were taking showers and getting changed.) Renny changed into comfy & warm clothes and is now with Jerry back outside watching the boys swing.

Michelle: (to Keesha) "Right before the live eviction, I got my period."

(Thanks for the info, Michelle. lol)

Ollie looks to be very uncomfortable. Dan is looking good at this point. Memphis is in a good mood and playing with Jerry (Jerry is throwing him water balloons upon Memphis' request and trying to catch them.)

8:38pm BBT:
All 3 boys are still hanging on!!

Michelle: "Good job, guyyyss!!"
Keesha: "You guys are doing really good!"

8:55pm BBT:
All 3 are still up there...

BB is really up'ing the torture. They just did a series of slammings into the wall, accompanied by constant cold "rain".

9:07pm BBT:


Ollie & Dan are talking, they both want to get down but neither of them feel 100% safe with dropping (and they shouldn't.)

Dan: "I'm doing this for Monica!"
Ollie: "You can see her next week." (talking about pictures in HOH)

Memphis is inside the house wrapped up in a big blanket trying to get warm. He's clearly in pain by the way he's walking and shivering.

9:29pm BBT:
Ollie is trying to talk Dan into dropping..
Dan: "Im not dropping, man! I'll be here for 12 hours if I have to."
Ollie: "Aight, let's do it man!"

9:30pm BBT:
Dan: "You want protection?"
Ollie: "For myself."
Dan: "Pick you and 1 other person you want safe this week.."
Ollie: [no response]

Stay tuned...