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Friday, August 22, 2008

How does a Double Eviction work?

I wanted to make this a seperate post so that everybody will read it.

Alot of you want to know how a typical Double Eviction works. To the best of my knowledge, this is how a Double Eviction works:

(This is what happened in Season 8)

How a Double Eviction Works:
1) Live eviction will happen as usual on Thursday.
2) Then the HG's will play for HOH live.
3) The new HOH will nominate 2 HG's for eviction.
4) The POV Comp will then take place.
5) Then the Veto winner can decide to use it or not.
6) HG's will then go into the diary room and privatley vote.
7) 1 HG will be evicted.

All of this happens during the Live Show (this Thursday).

What I'm not clear on is if they then play for HOH again or not. I think this has varied from season to season. If you know, leave it in a comment below! :-D

Stay tuned...