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Friday, August 22, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House:

Just for a heads up, I don't believe there will be a Food Comp today. Usually BB has mercy on the HG's after a brutal endurance comp like the one last night. Nominations should be taking us usual.

The morning has been FILLED with nothing but game's almost too much to take in! lol I am happy, however, that Dan has a bigger/better plan than he was letting on.

Dan told Ollie that Memphis will be nominated but he didn't say who the other person was gonna be.

But from his convo with Renny & Keesha, it sounds as if Dan wants to backdoor Michelle this week.

Dan: "We won't be able to do anything until after the POV comp."

("Anything" being, backdooring or thinking up a new strategy for this week.)

Memphis & Keesha just got done talking and Keesha did NOT tell Memphis about her convo with Renny/Dan up in the HOH room this morning. I don't think they're gonna tell him anything until AFTER the POV comp and that is probably when Keesha/Dan/Renny will approach Memphis to be in the Final 4.

I hope I got all of this info right, there's been so many theories, strategies, thoughts, rants, and's very easy to get things confused.

Ollie: "Whoever wins POV will determine who goes home. How do you feel about getting out Memphis this week?"

Michelle: "He's my friend but, he can go! I don't care."

Stay tuned...