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Friday, June 13, 2008

Rumor Control: 1st Houseguest Revealed

If you're a subscribed reader to Evil Dick's myspace blog, then you already know about the "possible leak" of the 1st houseguest.

So, who is this mystery man? Trust me, you're better off not knowing. lol But I know you still wanna know, so check him out:

Introducing, "Silver Kid":

[videos will go here once YouTube isn't down anymore. Freakin' YouTube!!]

Either way, let me cut through a ton of bullshit and skip to the point...
this guy "Silver Kid" emailed Dick saying that he's gonna be on the show and be the best cast member ever, blah blah blah. Dick replied back a bunch of "fuck off, fuck you!" emails.

So what's the verdict on this rumor? Well, as Evel Dick actually said, even if this "Silver Kid" character is actually in the final casting calls, he won't make it now because he breached the CBS contract that vowed him (and every other possible contest) to silence. So, even if it's true (which I doubt it is), then it won't be true for very much longer. Personally, I think it's just some guy fucking with Evel Dick.

Okay, so 1 rumor down, and about 99 more to go between now and when the show starts! lol

Stay tuned...