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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Renny out of Keesha/Memphis/Dan alliance?

Ever since Renny nominated April & Jerry, and went against the alliance by not nom'ing Ollie & April, Keesha & Memphis have really started to question Renny.


Keesha told Memphis how Michelle said that she wants Jerry gone REALLY bad, but that she'd wait until next week. When Michelle told Keesha that, she basically said that she was with Ollie & April.

April will go this week, that's for sure (Keesha/Memphis/Dan have the votes this week to get her out), so now Keesha & Memphis are thinking ahead for next week. They assume that once April is gone, Ollie & Michelle will play in the game together and take Jerry along with them. The problem is, Renny didn't put up Ollie this week because she "likes Ollie" and didn't want to do that to him. Could alliances in the house be shifting? Looks that way! But probably won't happen until next week after April is gone.

Memphis: {to Keesha} "One of us has to win HOH next week. We have to."

Stay tuned...

Something is going on...

The feeds switched to fishies around 12:15pm BBT. Something is going on & we all don't know what!!

Updated @ 12:52pm BBT:
Feeds switched to TRIVIA!!!!!!!

Updated @ 1:31pm BBT:
Still trivia!

Uh oh...what's going on???!?!?!!

While we wait for the feeds to come back, let's play...


Think of your best caption for this pic & leave it in a comment below! :-D

Updated @ 1:40pm BBT:
Feeds are back!

It looks like BB just changed the table from the big one, to a smaller one. And that took THAT long????? Even Ollie was surprised that BB took 1 1/2 hrs to do that:

Ollie: "They must of had 1 guy doing that." much for a "surprise". Booooo Big Brother, Booo!! lol :-P

Stay tuned...

Morning/Early Afternoon Report:

Obviously since I was up all night reporting, there's not going to be an Overnight Report today.

The HG's got woken up early, especially considering that they didn't go to bed until around 4am BBT.

Keesha & Michelle talked in the bathroom this morning while they were putting on their makeup & doing their hair.

They are both on the same page as far as voting out April this week, but Michelle talked about getting Jerry out next week because he's too strong of a player.

A little bit later on, it was Renny/Keesha/Dan/Michelle up in the HOH room talking about getting Jerry out next week.

Renny needed a little explaining about how the POV actually works (why, I don't know. She should know how to use it by now).

As they were all talking, BB told them to go outside for lockdown.

Keesha: "They're being very weird today!" (referring to BB)
Michelle: "Something's going on!"

Stay tuned...

Winner of the POV is:

I've been waiting all early morning, and now the time has come..

Winner of the POV is:


(I believe April will be going home at this point since Keesha/Dan/Memphis have the votes this week!)

Stay tuned...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Evening in the BB house: (pics)

Well, the POV Comp players have been chosen for tonights surprise late-night POV Comp. Here is what I gathered from all the convos around the house:

POV Players:
Renny (HOH)
Jerry (Nom)
April (Nom)
Ollie (Uh oh!)
Keesha (picked by April)

And the host is: Michelle

This could get interesting tonight.

Ollie is in high spirits and of course, so is April:

Memphis on the other hand, is worried that Ollie got picked to play:

Memphis is PISSED at Renny because essentially, she is throwing Dan/Keesha/Memphis "under the bus" by not nom'ing Ollie in the first place and putting them all at risk this week.

Memphis: "It doesn't make sense to me [that should wouldn't nominate Ollie]."

In the 60's Room:

They're talking back & forth about how Renny was someone they would never question in the game and now, they totally question her. Renny not nominating Ollie & April at the same time, really caught Dan/Memphis/Keesha off guard. Keesha, who once felt safe with Renny, is now saying she doesn't feel safe.

Dan/Keesha/Memphis continue to talk about tonights POV Comp. Memphis seems to be a little bit more calm ever since he got a lollipop to suck on. lol

They keep talking about the songs "Monster Mash" & "Thriller" (I think they were played this morning in the house by BB).

Keesha: "I bet it's going to have something to do with a cemetery...we're doing it at night and a cemetery is scary at night...then you have "Monster Mash"...I bet it's going to be something scary!"

Updated @ 11:42pm BBT:
The POV Comp hasn't started as of yet and probably won't start until after BB: After Dark on Showtime is over (at 12am BBT). As soon as the Comp starts, I'm going to bed (it'll take a couple of hours to film the POV Comp, I'm sure.)

Updated @ 12:21am BBT:
Dan/Keesha/Memphis are still in the 60's room (been there all night telling stories and such), and Dan said what I've been saying the past couple weeks: that us fans don't want to see anymore question/answer physical & endurance comps. Hopefully the production crew heard that and wrote that down. lol :-P It is nearly 3:30am EST and I am beyond tired.

Jerry/Ollie/April have been in chill-mode for hours, meanwhile Keesha/Memphis/Michelle are FULL of energy (probably due to the lolipops lol)

As of 12:32am BBT (which is 3:32am EST), the comp hasn't started yet. I'll be back in the morning with a report of the POV Comp!! See ya then! :-D

Updated @ 12:41am BBT:
Trivia on all feeds!!

Stay tuned...

Early Evening in the BB House:

The nominations ceremony was held and as a result, we now have Jerry & April on the block. This was not a smart move on Renny's part and everybody (but Renny) knows it.

BB is out in the backyard building something (POV Comp, perhaps?) and it has the houseguests and us feed viewers wondering what's going on. Will POV be tonight? Will it be tomorrow & and it's just a big set to build? Or does BB have something else up their sleeve? We shall see!!

[keep refreshing this post every 5-10 mins]

Up in the HOH room:

They're talking about the food comp today and how they had to eat pigs feet, crickets, and a ton of slop.

Conversation turns to the fish tank in the room and how BB is always taking out the injured/dead fishes and just replacing them, and the new ones get killed. As they're talking, one fish is being attacked and Renny says she can't watch.

Memphis: "Why doesn't [Big Brother] just put two fuckin' fish in the tank and call it a day?!"

Keesha gets upset at Big Brother:

Keesha: "These people [that put the fish in the tank] piss me off!! They're letting these fish die!! Look, it's being attacked!"

(Feeds cut immediatley to the fishes and we see the new coy fish being bullied by the fish.)

In the kitchen, April & Keesha talk:

Keesha: "They said that we're having the POV Comp tonight!"
April: "We are?? Really?? Why I didn't hear about this?"
Keesha: "While you were in the Diary Room. They wanted to give us a heads-up."

Ladies & Gents, we have a POV Comp going on tonight!!!! :-D

Michelle walks through the kitchen..
Michelle: "Ya, 'they' said that we might not wanna drink any more wine tonight."

Moments later, Keesha & Memphis are in the 60's room talking about the late-night surprise POV Comp:

Memphis talks about how quick this season is going to go by and that he welcomes this twist (the late night POV comp), it makes the game more interesting. Keesha & Memphis are both tired of the same old routines and want the game to get more interesting at this point.

Stay tuned...

Nomination Ceremony was held!! (spoiler)

At 5:16pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, and that means we have the Nomination Ceremony going on!!

Who will Renny nominate for eviction? My guess (and Keesha's as well) is that it will be Jerry & April.

Nominated for Eviction:

Jerry & April

(Sorry for the 20 min delay, had internet issues!)

Stay tuned...

Before the Nominations:

After Ollie was done campaigning to Renny, Keesha went and talked to Renny to see where her head was at. Renny said that she likes Ollie and doesn't wanna put him up. Keesha reminds her that if she doesn't, and nominates April, Ollie could win the POV and save her and then both of them would be safe this week.

Shortly after, April went upstairs to the HOH room to do her own campaigning:

Renny: "You're a tough competitor, I'm not gonna lie!"
April: "I think we all are!"
Renny: "If you go up, that would be the reason."
April: "And I would respect that!"

Renny goes on & on about how it's NOT personal (she's VERY worried about making enemies and she's trying to not making anything personal.)

April & Renny hug and April leaves.

Switching cameras to:
Backyard Couch

Jerry points out that the weights have been removed.

Jerry: "Something's coming! [Big Brother] is going to do something."

Jerry then says it was cool that America "put them on lollipops".

Ollie goes back up to the HOH room to talk to Renny:

Ollie: "I just want to run this past you..April is a target and I don't think I should pay for it. If you don't put me up, you're safe for the next 2 weeks if I get HOH any of those weeks."
Renny: "I'll remember that."
Ollie: "You can still put HER up, just not against me!"
Renny: "I've already made my decision & remember after the nominations what you said..because I'm going to hold you to it."

Ollie tells her that he loves her, she says "I know". (lol)

Ollie goes straight to April and tells her everything.

Ollie: "I'm thinking about doing whatever I can to keep you in this game."

(By the sounds of it, Renny is going to nominate Jerry & April. Nominations should be in a couple hours and we'll find out then!)

Ollie: (to April) "If [Renny] doesn't put me up against you, then she's stupid."

Keesha is worried about Renny not putting April & Ollie up together.

Keesha: "The things that have been coming out of [Renny's] mouth lately..ever since she won HOH..I don't understand."

Memphis & Dan both hope they can play in the POV comp.
Memphis: "If I don't get picked to play in the POV comp, I'm gonna be PISSED!"

Stay tuned...

Waiting on the Food Comp:

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post what the HG's are saying the comp was all about and of course pics of what's going on in the house!

While we wait...


Leave a caption for this pic in a comment!

Updated @ 12:47pm BBT:
Feeds still on standby mode (bubbles)...

Okay, here is what happened:

They all ate gross foods but got a ton of lollipops when the feeds came back.

Renny told Dan that she wants Jerry out this week, but also wants April gone.
Renny thinks about using one of her own alliance members to be a pawn this week, they all STRONGLY urged her to NOT be put up because "the pawn always goes home."

Ollie campaigned to Renny about not going on the block, though he doesn't really care if April is nominated.

April is currently campaigning to Renny up in the HOH room. (I'll make a new post.)

Stay tuned...

"Houseguests, time to wake up!" (pics)

The HG's have been woken up by Big Brother just a little bit ago. The song BB woke them up to was "Eat It" by Weird Al, and with it being Food Comp day, they think they're gonna have to eat gross food for the comp.

Speaking of the Food Comp, BB told them it will start around 10:30am BBT.

Spa Room:

Keesha is telling Memphis that she woke up in the middle of the night because her bed was shaking. She wonders if there was a small earthquake last night or if it was just production behind the walls. Ollie walks by and tells her that it has happened to him before as well, but it's been awhile.

Ms. HOH is up & about:

...and everyone else is floating around the house doing their morning routines.

Updated @ 10:24am BBT:
Nothing much is happening, just general chatter & such. The Food Comp should be starting any minute now (around 10:30am BBT) and I'll be back when it's over to report what happened!! :-D

Michelle: "Whatever we're doing [for the food comp] is gonna be INTERESTINNNNGGG!! I'm not eating no cow balls!"

Dan: "It's 10:30am!! Where you at, Big Brother?!"

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report (pics)

Goooooooood morning!!! :-D I got my coffee ready & I have the Overnight Report ready, so here we go!!

Your Overnight Report:

Last night, April finally got her 5 designer dresses:

I don't think any of the houseguests wanted to be there as she was unwrapping all the boxes, but they all put on their fake smiles and got through it. A couple hours later, April ended up going into Keesha's bedroom and said that it was Renny's night and didn't like that Big Brother had her open up her gifts so soon after Renny won HOH.

Memphis immediately goes into the Spa Room and into the sauna looking both frustrated and sad at the same time. Keesha walked in and sat down in the massage chair next to the sauna with a bowl of food.

Memphis: "A girl [April] who wears Hollister jeans all day long..gets designer clothes." (looks disgusted)

Memphis is a big designer buff and said that his girlfriend wears the same designer clothes all the time.

Keesha: "They're VERY Hollywood! They're nice!"
Memphis: "That's what my girlfriend wears. Could you imagine if I won? I'd get designer suits! ARGHH!!!"
Keesha: "I know! It's hard [to not be sad]."
Memphis: "She can wear those designer dresses as she walks out the door this week. Bye Bye, April!!"

Switch cameras to:
HOH Room

Renny wants to put up April, but is scared to make enemies.

Michelle: "At this point in the game, you're going to make enemies no matter what."

Renny says that her target is April this week!!

Renny: "She's unstoppable!"

Plus April never liked Renny, and vice versa.

She wants to put up Jerry because he put her up the 1st week for no reason. She wants to return the favor. lol

Renny then asks Michelle who she personally wants to see gone this week..

Michelle: "Mmmmmm, April."

Michelle then gives Renny some good advice:

Michelle: "Put up 2 HG's that you know the house will want to vote out so that you don't have to get the votes or have to count on people to vote them out."

Renny, a little drunk at this point, kept saying how much she loves Michelle and that she wants to be in the Final 2 with her (HUH??) and that she really respects her. Michelle returns the compliments and adds that she loves that Renny isn't a "bullshitter." just like she is.

They leave the room and join the others downstairs.

60's Room:

Renny is still drinking...

..and Keesha notices she has a buzz going.

Keesha: "You have a buzz, don't you? I'm jealous!! No I'm not, I'm happy for you, actually."

Renny leaves, Memphis enters.

They talked for awhile about how quiet, calm, and peaceful the house is now that Libra is gone & there's only 8 of them in the house now.

Renny re-enters.

Renny: "So what do ya'll think?" (about who to nominate)
*Renny, drunk, starts dancing. lol*

Michelle comes in and asks Renny for the recipe for her homemade chicken nuggets:

*Half olive oil, Half Veg. oil in a pan on the stove.
*Cut up the chicken & dip them in a mixture of 2 eggs & a splash of milk.
*Roll the nuggets in flour (with a dash of salt & pepper) .
*Fry'em up!

Nobody gives Renny their opinions and shortly after, they all go their seperate ways.

Switch to Backyard:

They talk about how April needs to go this week, and Jerry after that. They're not really worried about Ollie at this point.

Memphis: "Once April is gone, Ollie is gonna be soooo freakin' lost in this game."

They recap the HOH comp and Keesha is very happy that Renny got it.

Memphis tells Keesha that he wants to take her to the end and wants to have an alliance with her. Memphis then says that he can't fully trust Dan.

Memphis: "He does some weird shit!"

Keesha tells Memphis that her & Renny, as close as they are, never sat down and made an alliance. She then asks Memphis if he has an alliance with Dan, and Memphis lies to her and says no.

Dan comes outside and tells them it is time to eat and they both fly off the couch and went into the kitchen to get some real food. They are no officially off of slop, but today they have a Food Comp, so that could change. lol

Well after the feast, April tried to butter up Michelle for a vote this week by giving her a pair of earrings that she recieved during with the 4 designer dresses. There was one pair of earrings that April wasn't too crazy about but Michelle like them, so I'm guessing it was that pair. lol Michelle accepted the earrings, cried happy tears (with the help from some wine she was drinking), and April told her to not tell anyone that she gave them to her.

And this concludes your overnight report. ;-)

Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Renny got her HOH room!! (pics)

Let me start by saying that I'm not one to cry (just not me), but when Renny got her HOH room, she cried so hard that I started to cry to! She went from happy to pure sadness (but happy to see her family!) in about 1 second flat. I'm positive they will show that on tv, and it'll bring a tear to your eyes as well, I'm sure.

She got a letter from home, a bottle of wine, some food, and some pictures of her husband and family!

..and this is possibly my favorite picture of the whole season:

Currently, it is 10:04pm BBT and the HG's are on outside lockdown. They're thinking (and so am I) that BB is giving them a smaller table. We shall see!!

Updated @ 10:06pm BBT:
The "surprise" wasn't a smaller table, April got her 5 designer dresses. Oh gawd, April is gonna be prancing around in the them and eating up all the attention again. *sigh*

Stay tuned...

Steven is selling his cowboy hat on ebay!!

Just a quick post to let ya'll know that Steven is selling his cowboy hat that he often wore on BB this season! He sent me an email yesterday asking if I could post this for him here on the blog and since ya'll know he was my favorite HG this season, I just had to help him out! ;-)

To get in on the bidding action, click here! Or just type "Steven Big Brother" on!

His truck broke down while getting to Big Brother and he's selling off his personal things to get it fixed. Help that boy out by placing a bid on his hat today!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Early Evening in the BB House:

April & Ollie are snuggling & talking about how they both "already won" their prize (each other). Ollie said that he's going to fight for the POV to pull April off. Wonder what he'll do if he's on the block with her though? Hmm.

April just got called into the Diary Room.

Upstairs by the HOH room, Memphis & Dan are playing chess.

Switching cameras to the KitchenL
Michelle/Keesha (Jerry enters shortly after)

They're talking about Libra and Michelle says that there is no way that Libra will vote for Michelle.

Stay tuned...

After the show:

Wow! Wow! WOW!!! So Renny is the new HOH and if I was a betting a woman, I'd bet that April will be put on the block this week!! :-D

If you don't have the feeds yet, you might wanna get them this week, it's going to be INSANE!!!!

Get your free 2 weeks of the feeds here!!

Memphis is happier than horseshit right now and so is Keesha!

Dan is playing it cool and calm in front of everyone, but with Keesha & Memphis in the Spa Room, he was CLEARLY happy!!

Jerry looks scared.

April is already putting on her fake act.

Keesha & Memphis talked privately about April & Ollie. Memphis said that the game is about change..big time!! (Yes it is, indeed!)

Off the topic of nominations, Memphis said that he's going to switch beds. He's going to take the waterbed next to Keesha (Libra's old bed) because the cowboy bed he's been sleeping in has been very uncomfortable. Keesha & Memphis will be the only ones in the bedroom for the week (Renny of course will move to the HOH room tonight.) I wonder if this will help Keesha & Memphis' alliance. They are the two brains of the house. Together, they can do alot of damage! :)

In the Spa Room:

Memphis: "I looked over and winked at you."
Keesha: "Ya, we looked right at each other. It couldn't have gone any better!"

Michelle walks in and they make fun of her shirt because she matches the wall in the Spa Room. lol

Keesha & Dan are alone and talking about how Renny will put up April, no doubt about it!!!

On a side note: Am I the only one who totally sees chemistry between Keesha & Memphis??? I can't be the only one!! The way they're always looking at each other..they way they hang out...the things they tell each other..I don't know but I would totally love to see Memphis crawl on Keesha in the middle of the night for a "I can't pretend to not be attracted to you anymore" kiss!!

But..they both have a significant other and they both speak very highly of them. So I doubt that will happen. A girl can dream, can't she? ;-)

In the kitchen @ 6:49pm BBT:

They're all talking/wondering about the Food Comp tomorrow. They can't wait to get off of slop tonight at midnight BBT. Memphis interrupts and says "I want a boat." and he hopes for a luxury comp this week. Keesha & Michelle hope that they will have a clothing luxury comp.

Dan joins them in the kitchen and says that they've all worn their outfits over & over again by now.

Stay tuned...