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Friday, August 15, 2008

Early Evening in the BB House:

The nominations ceremony was held and as a result, we now have Jerry & April on the block. This was not a smart move on Renny's part and everybody (but Renny) knows it.

BB is out in the backyard building something (POV Comp, perhaps?) and it has the houseguests and us feed viewers wondering what's going on. Will POV be tonight? Will it be tomorrow & and it's just a big set to build? Or does BB have something else up their sleeve? We shall see!!

[keep refreshing this post every 5-10 mins]

Up in the HOH room:

They're talking about the food comp today and how they had to eat pigs feet, crickets, and a ton of slop.

Conversation turns to the fish tank in the room and how BB is always taking out the injured/dead fishes and just replacing them, and the new ones get killed. As they're talking, one fish is being attacked and Renny says she can't watch.

Memphis: "Why doesn't [Big Brother] just put two fuckin' fish in the tank and call it a day?!"

Keesha gets upset at Big Brother:

Keesha: "These people [that put the fish in the tank] piss me off!! They're letting these fish die!! Look, it's being attacked!"

(Feeds cut immediatley to the fishes and we see the new coy fish being bullied by the fish.)

In the kitchen, April & Keesha talk:

Keesha: "They said that we're having the POV Comp tonight!"
April: "We are?? Really?? Why I didn't hear about this?"
Keesha: "While you were in the Diary Room. They wanted to give us a heads-up."

Ladies & Gents, we have a POV Comp going on tonight!!!! :-D

Michelle walks through the kitchen..
Michelle: "Ya, 'they' said that we might not wanna drink any more wine tonight."

Moments later, Keesha & Memphis are in the 60's room talking about the late-night surprise POV Comp:

Memphis talks about how quick this season is going to go by and that he welcomes this twist (the late night POV comp), it makes the game more interesting. Keesha & Memphis are both tired of the same old routines and want the game to get more interesting at this point.

Stay tuned...