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Friday, August 15, 2008

Evening in the BB house: (pics)

Well, the POV Comp players have been chosen for tonights surprise late-night POV Comp. Here is what I gathered from all the convos around the house:

POV Players:
Renny (HOH)
Jerry (Nom)
April (Nom)
Ollie (Uh oh!)
Keesha (picked by April)

And the host is: Michelle

This could get interesting tonight.

Ollie is in high spirits and of course, so is April:

Memphis on the other hand, is worried that Ollie got picked to play:

Memphis is PISSED at Renny because essentially, she is throwing Dan/Keesha/Memphis "under the bus" by not nom'ing Ollie in the first place and putting them all at risk this week.

Memphis: "It doesn't make sense to me [that should wouldn't nominate Ollie]."

In the 60's Room:

They're talking back & forth about how Renny was someone they would never question in the game and now, they totally question her. Renny not nominating Ollie & April at the same time, really caught Dan/Memphis/Keesha off guard. Keesha, who once felt safe with Renny, is now saying she doesn't feel safe.

Dan/Keesha/Memphis continue to talk about tonights POV Comp. Memphis seems to be a little bit more calm ever since he got a lollipop to suck on. lol

They keep talking about the songs "Monster Mash" & "Thriller" (I think they were played this morning in the house by BB).

Keesha: "I bet it's going to have something to do with a cemetery...we're doing it at night and a cemetery is scary at night...then you have "Monster Mash"...I bet it's going to be something scary!"

Updated @ 11:42pm BBT:
The POV Comp hasn't started as of yet and probably won't start until after BB: After Dark on Showtime is over (at 12am BBT). As soon as the Comp starts, I'm going to bed (it'll take a couple of hours to film the POV Comp, I'm sure.)

Updated @ 12:21am BBT:
Dan/Keesha/Memphis are still in the 60's room (been there all night telling stories and such), and Dan said what I've been saying the past couple weeks: that us fans don't want to see anymore question/answer physical & endurance comps. Hopefully the production crew heard that and wrote that down. lol :-P It is nearly 3:30am EST and I am beyond tired.

Jerry/Ollie/April have been in chill-mode for hours, meanwhile Keesha/Memphis/Michelle are FULL of energy (probably due to the lolipops lol)

As of 12:32am BBT (which is 3:32am EST), the comp hasn't started yet. I'll be back in the morning with a report of the POV Comp!! See ya then! :-D

Updated @ 12:41am BBT:
Trivia on all feeds!!

Stay tuned...