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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Evening in the BB House:

The afternoon was very slow in the BB house, until about 4:45pm BBT.

4:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

The boys were talking about what the Final 3 Comps will be like (endurance/physical/mental). Dan said that they will have to work some deals with Jerry, swindle him out of the Final 2. No talk of Keesha at all.

Dan: "If we decide to keep Jerry, can we at least get his $4,000 from him?"

They then start talking about the different comps & who won which comps between Jerry and Keesha, who did well in which comps. They seemed to be weighing out the options.

Dan: "We need to make sure this is the right decision."
Memphis: "Keesha is a faster thinker than Jerry, it takes Jerry alot longer to do things."
Dan: "It's scary, it's a huge decision. It doesn't seem like it would make a difference, but it might make big difference, you never know. This is the one time in the game that Jerry doesn't feel safe in the house."
Memphis: "That's because there's alot more riding on this one."

Memphis sees Jerry as being the easiest to beat. Dan says he doesn't know, that might not be the case, things don't always work out the way you think.

Memphis: "Anything half physical, Jerry will go out first."


Memphis: "The odds are in our favor."
Dan: "It's up to us to screw it up. If you had Keesha and Jerry going head to head, who would you put your money on to win?"
Memphis: "Keesha."
Dan: "That's it man."

They leave the HOH room and head down to eat dinner that Jerry cooked.

6:29pm BBT:
The HG's are now off of lockdown and are enjoying the backyard. Memphis & Dan are in the pool chilling out, and Keesha is nearby on a lounger watching & chatting with the boys about various (non-game related) topics. Jerry is sitting on the weight bench also joining the conversations.

6:50pm BBT:
Dan & Memphis are done swimming...

..and head inside. Dan & Keesha go into the 60's room to lay down. Jerry remained outside alone.

BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass door."

Fishies on all 4 feeds.

6:55pm BBT:
Lockdown is over.
Dan goes to the hot tub and starts to fill it up with water with the garden hose.

Memphis stayed in the kitchen for a couple mintues after Dan left and just now joined Dan outside. Memphis looks like he has alot on his mind but is trying to play it off so it's not obvious.

8:20pm BBT:
Living Room

Dan & Jerry have been in the living room for a while now, not really talking, just chilling out, when all of a sudden...

BB: "Did you know that 7inch records were typically played at 45 revolutions per minute"

Dan: "We haven't had one of those in a while."

BB has been saying trivia stuff like that all season long, but it's been a few weeks or so since the last time that I heard them on the feeds.

Keesha just woke up from her daily nap. She's complaining how bored she is.

Dan: "You can shave my neck in a little bit! That's not boring. Or you can listen to my CD if you want.."

Keesha: (giggles) "No thanks."
Dan: "There's only so many options, Keesha." (laughs)
Keesha: "I know there is, Dan."

Stay tuned...


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Afternoon in the BB house:

The HG's were woken up at 11am BBT.

There was some chatter this morning about misc. topics. Jerry was telling Dan how he put up an electric fence to keep deer out of his garden.

Dan: "Doesn't that hurt'em?"
Jerry: "Not much. Just a little zap. Doesn't hurt them."

11:58am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Keesha and Memphis were talking about dogs & cats. Memphis doesn't like cats and said that they're boring. Keesha disagreed and said they're "soooo funny and cute!" Keesha went on to say that she'd love to open an Animal Shelter.

Memphis: "You're gonna be one of those ladies that has like 50 cats and dogs." (laughs)

A few minutes later, Memphis went swimming in the pool:

Dan soon joined him.

12:46pm BBT:

BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass door."

Memphis makes himself something to eat, as Dan & Keesha watch him.

Dan just realized that he left his HOH key outside. lol

Jerry is laying down.

Keesha just got called into the Diary Room.

1:12pm BBT:

They're both talking about how weird it's going to be to get back out into the world again and get back to their normal lives and daily routines. They also talked about how weird it was to see people in the house..they haven't been around other people in such a long time (ex: the sumo wrestler).

Dan: "This is probably gonna be the last time, ever in our lives, that we have zero responsibility."

2:01pm BBT:
Keesha just got out of the Diary Room (she was in there for over an hour.)

Dan: (on living room couch) "Damn Keesha, that was a long one!"
Keesha: "Ya, I know!"

Dan is anxious to get his HOH room key back.

Everybody leaves the living room, leaving Jerry by himself (again.)

2:03pm BBT:
Dan gets called into the Diary Room. He's hoping they have his HOH key in there.

2:06pm BBT:
Current look at the feeds:

2:33pm BBT:
Dan & Memphis are playing a game of chess.

Stay tuned...


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After the POV: (Memphis & Dan to evict Keesha?)

Dan & Memphis talked about who they should keep this week: Jerry or Keesha. I'm surprised that they're even thinking about it, but it is part of playing the game. Who do you take to the end? Who will benefit you in the long run?

Here's Dan & Memphis' convo:

3:31am BBT:
HOH Room

Memphis: we are going to have to tell her before. I'm not going to wait til the last minute to tell her if we decide to, you know. I can't do that to her. We need to think through this."
Dan: "We have to sleep on it."
Memphis: "Jerry knows his shit, that's what worries me about him."
Dan: "This decision could cost us...this could be it. If we keep Jerry and he wins, we'll be upset with ourselves."
Memphis: "I am confident against either."
Dan: "The thing is, who would we be better against? Especially for endurance."
Memphis: "For anything physical, it would definitely be Jerry."
Dan: "But he'd be good in the 3rd round with the questions."
Memphis: "But he'd need to get there. Right now, it's looking good for Jerry. It's looking in Jerry's favor, obviously."
Dan: "If he gets to the final 2, I won't be able to forgive myself. Whatever we do, we have to confident with it."
Memphis: "There's good & bad to both. I think she's definitely ruffled, on her last end. You saw her on that astronaut thing."
Dan: "You should have seen her, she got it like that (snaps fingers). On the final heat, she pulled back."
Memphis: "But she can still win. She did well tonight."
Dan: "Ya, she did, but she was still were faster than her."
Memphis: "That's scary about her. For endurance, we'd be a shoe-in against Jerry. At this point we both know what we have to do. It's going to be Jerry. But if we end up losing to a 75 year old man, we wouldn't forgive ourselves."
Dan: "I know."
Memphis: "We need to sleep on this."
Dan: "It's a big decision!"
Memphis: "But Keesha's quick. Her mind is quick. Even though Jerry might know the answers, I still think it's like..."
Dan: "When you see Jerry, look at his eye. He has a cataract problem. He has a hearing problem."
Memphis: "He might be our safest bet."
Dan: "There's no such thing as a 'sure thing'. If there's a way you can, work a deal with him so he can throw the second heat." (the physical comp)
Memphis: "I'm all about that. I'd throw him under the bus so fast."
Dan: "We need to stage a fight. I'm telling you. We have to. With his conspiracy theories..."

Talk Continues:

Memphis: "We can do it (stage a fight) if we evict Keesha."
Dan: "Ya, but it might not matter (since they'll win the 1st part). We need him out of the 2nd part."
Memphis: "But if you win, you better not go crazy!"
Dan: "Dude, are you kidding me? Neither of us could beat Jerry."
Memphis: "Because I won't be your friend anymore (Memphis smiled and shook his head lol)
Dan: "I've been waiting for that. "To pull out the renegade headband." (the red bandanna)

They talk about the speech they're going to use to evict Jerry in the final eviction.

Dan: "It will be like "Dan, you've put me up on the block twice..."
Memphis: "Ya, this is the toughest decision. I used to look at you as a brother...but I have renegade blood running through my veins."
Memphis: "Whether it comes from your mouth or my mouth, it's gonna be the funniest speech...ever! Period. Dude, this is it."

They do their renegade handshake & point their fingers in the air (in the shape of guns) and make a shooting sound.

Memphis: "The least amount of money you're gonna go home with is $59k."
Dan: "It's $8k more than 2 years of my salary."
Memphis: "It's enough to start a clothing company. We set ourselves up pretty well. We have a potential to win this, a lot of money. "
Memphis: "Imagine $59k in your bank account. I've never seen anything like that."
Memphis: "I'm not gonna really talk to Jerry. I don't want him to think he's safe, you know."

They both say goodnight. Memphis leaves, and Dan jumps into the shower.

Could Dan & Memphis be evicting Keesha??? Hmm!!!

Stay tuned...


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The POV winner is...(spoiler)

I stayed up until 3am last night waiting for the POV Comp to start and it started literally minutes after I went to bed. lol Go figure! :-P

Okay, let's get to it!!

The Winner of the POV is:


2:11am BBT:
60's Room
Keesha stares at the ceiling. Dan comes in.
Keesha: "Do you think he will evict me?"
Dan shakes his head no.
Keesha: "I'm usually good at stuff like that. it's usually my strong point."
Dan thought Keesha would have the advantage.
Keesha: "I did my best."
Dan: "Jerry had a chance."
Keesha: "Wow, [Memphis] was fast!"
Dan: "Ya, I was ahead of him for a bit."

Dan: "He's been waiting to get rid of [Jerry]."
Keesha: "He's my only chance. It's either me or Jerry now."
Dan: "I'd rather be in your position than Jerry's."
Keesha: "Me too, but I'm going to be so nervous."
Dan: "You can trust memphis."
Keesha: "I have no choice. But it's who I have trusted the whole time... both you guys. Memphis was saying earlier today that Jerry's driving him craaaazy!"

They both talk about Jerry's behavior before the competiton and after nominations.

2:29am BBT:
HOH Room

Memphis: "I messed up a bunch [in the comp]."
Dan: "Jerry wasn't even close and that he had a weird strategy."
Memphis: "We need to weigh the decision tomorrow. There are pros and cons for keeping Jerry or Keesha. The thing is, Keesha has been falling apart. Damn, you should have taken me on that trip you asshole." (laughs)

Talk continues.

Dan: "One more competition and this is done. We can't have done a better script!"
Memphis: "Ya, we're gonna have to come back for all stars and shit."
Memphis: "We know it's gonna be a more physical competition."
Dan: "The 2nd part will be nothing like this one. It will be more physical."

Keesha joins the boys in the HOH room.

Keesha: "Arggh... he's gonna talk shit about me!"
Memphis: "Be prepared."
Dan: "Now he's all sunshine and daisies with me again."
Memphis: "Crazy old man."
Dan: "Well, I won't be here for one day to hear it. Sorry Keesha." Keesha: at least Jerry didn't win it.
Memphis laughs.
Memphis: "I was freaked out when we walked out there. He knows his shit."
Dan: "He wasted time, going up the side."

Keesha walks into the shower.

Memphis: "Ok, now take off all your clothes." (laughs)
Memphis goes into the shower and Keesha looks at him.

Memphis: "See, you can see my junk through there." (the shower door)
Keesha: "Oh my god! That's so embarrassing! I'm finding this out now at the end of the game!?"

Keesha: "It won't be on film will it?
Dan: "It will be on the Internet."
Memphis: "You'll know. Google Keesha Big Brother 10 nude and you'll find out."
Keesha: "You're kidding me right?" (freaking out)


Stay tuned...


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Friday, September 5, 2008

Nomination Ceremony was held!! (spoiler)

The feeds came back at 5:17pm BBT, the Nomination Ceremony has been held!!

Nominated for Eviction are:

Jerry & Memphis

EDIT: Sorry for the wrong info at first, something Keesha said threw me off.

The nominations don't really mean anything, it ALL comes down to who wins the POV this week. Dan's target is obviously Jerry, so as long as Jerry doesn't win the POV, Keesha should be safe.

BB showed the backyard for a split SECOND! They're setting up for POV Comp (which might be tonight!!). It looks similar to Season 4's Diamond Veto POV Comp with stairs leading up to the veto necklace! :-D

5:57pm BBT:
Current look at the feeds..

Dan/Keesha in HOH room.
Memphis/Jerry in kitchen.

6:10pm BBT:

Jerry still thinks that Memphis is on his side and is telling Memphis that they can "win this thing". Jerry even gave him a raincoat for the POV Comp just in case. Jerry told Memphis "Don't f**k me! Let's do this!" Memphis lied to Jerry saying that he's not trying f**k him over and that he's with him to the end.

6:53pm BBT:
HOH Room

Memphis: "Renegades til the end, man!"

They get a good laugh at how Jerry thinks Memphis is taking him to the end and that Jerry still has a shot in the game. Memphis then goes on to say that either way, [Memphis] is safe this week because even if Jerry wins POV, Keesha will be going home. Dan thinks it's HILARIOUS and said that he was hoping to give some false hope to Jerry but this is "better" than he expected.

Updated @ 7:56pm BBT:
I'm getting offline, my brain is fried from working too much and sleeping too little. Be back in a couple of hours! :)

Stay tuned...

Afternoon in the BB House:

Okay, so Dan won the Luxury Comp and he's going, by himself, to a private beach for 1 day.

Dan: "It sucks."
Memphis: "Why?"
Dan: "I have to make a decision."
Memphis: "At least you get to leave! Did they tell you where?"
Dan: "Ya, it's a private beach for 1 day, but I don't know if it's gonna be overnight or not. I made my decision."
Memphis: "Really?"

Dan chooses to go alone and not bring another HG along. He didnt want to create any animosity in the house so he chose no one to go with him.

They discuss how the card said How it could impact the game .. So they think there is something behind that. says production didnt tell him anything, when he's leaving, how he's leaving etc.

Dan: "Maybe there's something there that could impact the veto or something. I'll keep my eyes open while Im there."

The answer was "Burying the hatchet".

The Real Plan:
Dan said in the bathroom (by himself) "Let's see if I can get Michelle's vote.." leaving all of us to assume that he's taking Michelle to the beach with him. Of course he won't tell Memphis/Keesha/Jerry that, but that was his other option.

HGs went inside from lockdown and discovered that the dinner table has been replaced with a smaller one. (Final 4 table)

3:03pm BBT:

The boys are soaking in the pool and talking about Dan going alone to the beach. Dan says he just hopes nobody is mad at him and Memphis said that he's not mad and neither is Keesha as far as he can tell.

Dan is anxious to where he's going and hates how vague BB is being with not telling him any info just yet.

3:14pm BBT:

Talk turns to Keesha.

Memphis: "I think that Keesha is starting not to care about the game. Like she isn't trying in the competitions. She didn't even spend any time on those pictures."
Dan: "Ya, she's saying that she just wants to get out of here."

Chatter takes another turn, this time it's about Jerry & the upcoming POV comp.

Memphis: "What do you do if Jerry wins POV?"
Dan: "You will need to do a (fake) Final 2 deal with him."
Memphis: "Ya, I haven't had to do that yet. "
Dan: "It would suck for us to get this far and not have both of us make it to the Final 2."

3:42pm BBT:
Houseguests are on interior lockdown.

4:30pm BBT:
Houseguests are on exterior lockdown now.

Keesha: "Whats going on?? Gosh!"

4:33pm BBT:
We have TRIVIAAA!!! Nominations Ceremony, perhaps?

Stay tuned...

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Morning in the BB house: (Luxary Comp!!!!!)

OMG!!!! If you have the live feeds, turn'em on!!!! :-O

Shortly after 9am BBT, the HG's were woken up by a man in a gorilla suit jumping all around the house and waking them all up one by one!

They all go outside and see various items and performers:

Each HG has 3 guesses to what everything means. This is their Luxury Comp, ladies & gents!! And it's being shown on the live feeds!!!!!!

Jerry used 2 guesses so far and wants to give his 3rd, but if he's wrong, he's out of the comp.

Here's some more pics of a few clues:

My personal guess would be something dealing with Cracking the Liberty Bell. Egg has a crack in it, there's a bell, and there's someone dressed kinda like Lady Liberty. If I'm anywhere near right (and I'm probably not! lol) then the trip is to New York.

The gorilla returned!

He went away a few minutes ago, but came back to cover some more hints up. With every wrong guess, an item gets covered up.

Okay, my guess sucked. lol There's also an elephant, a wedding cake, a bathtub full of slop (it looks like), a wishing well...and I don't think any of that relates to New York! lol

Hmmmm!!!! What the heck could it be??!

The HG's are still puzzled.

11:34am BBT:
The HG's still have no clue what it is. Jerry used up all 3 of his guesses and he won't tell anyone if he got his last guess right or not.

Keesha: "I don't see what the big deal is, ya know?"
Memphis: " of us is gonna get it..just tell us if you got it or not. You know?"

11:56am BBT:
Keesha rings the bell, BB called her into the Diary Room, and this is her 3rd and last guess.

12:04pm BBT:
Memphis said he used up all of his guesses. Keesha didn't get it right, either. Jerry used up all of his guesses but won't tell anybody if he got it right or wrong.

12:06pm BBT:

Dan still has a guess left. Dan tells Memphis that if he wins the trip, he might not take him depending on how it could affect the game and Memphis agrees.

Jerry tried to make a deal with the boys saying that he knows what the answer is and will tell him if they keep him for the Final 3. They refuse. lol

Memphis: "I'd rather not go on the trip than make a deal with that old man." (laughs)

12:13pm BBT:
Dan is on the backyard couch, doesn't look too happy. I'm guessing he was wrong.

Wonder what happens if all of them guess wrong? Then what? lol

12:39pm BBT:
Feeds have been on fishies since my last update.

12:50pm BBT:
Feeds are back! Hahahaha!!! It was JESSIE who was in the gorilla costume!!!!!!!!! That's funny! lol :-D

Keesha: "To think that Jessie was in this house waking us up..."

1:05pm BBT:
The HG's are waiting to see if any of them guessed correctly. They are all talking about how weird it was that Jessie was in the costume. lol

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report (lite edition)

Goood morning!!

Nothing much happened last night.

Dan got his HOH room:

..and Keesha spent about 20 mins outside crying:

Not sure what she was crying about..maybe a little bit of everything. Renny gone, missing her family and boyfriend, that she's scared she might go home this week...who knows.

That's about all that happened last night! Now let me get to the morning report! :-D

Stay tuned...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

The HG's have been speculating (for the past 30+ mins) about the trip that they could win.

6:58pm BBT:
Living Room
Final 4

Keesha: "I just hope it's a trip that lasts a couple of days."
Jerry: "But you gotta think of how it could impact the game (like the letter says)."
Dan: "Ya, two people away from the house for two days?"

Dan, sweetie..nobody is going away for 2 days! lol ;-)

The HG's are making pizza and Jerry is shouting to BB about how bad he wants beer.

Jerry: "Us men want some BEER!!! The women got wine last night, but no beer!"
Memphis: "Jerry, you're starting to sound like Michelle."

LOL ;-)

7:06pm BBT:
Lockdown is over and everyone except Jerry heads outside. Jerry is baking the pizza for dinner.

Jerry just went to the Storage Room to see if there was beer and/or wine and BB didn't let him in. (Wonder if they're stocking the S.R. of alcohol.)

7:35pm BBT:
More talk about what tomorrows luxury comp will be and what the trip could be & where to.

Everyone is in the kitchen area eating pizza.

And the prank war continues!!!
Dan waited outside the Diary Room door for Keesha to come out so that he could scare her, and he got her pretty good! lol

Stay tuned...

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Big Brother Sumo Wrestler (pics)

Oh my goodness you guys!!!!


There's a freakin' sumo wrestler in the living room!! LOL

Dan got the letter from under the guy...

...and it said that they have a luxury comp tomorrow and a chance to get out of the house on a trip!

Dan & Memphis snuck away to do their little Renegade celebration:

As Dan left the room with Memphis, he whispered to Memphis "[Inaudible] is OUTTA here!", I'm guessing he's talking about Jerry.

Stay tuned...

Live Eviction Episode:

We are moments away from the Live Eviction episode of Big Brother.

Tonight, BB will finally show us the Jury House and all the reactions of the HG's! I, for one, cannot wait to see that! :-D

The chat room is now open (look to the right of your screen on the sidebar for the blue chat button.) Feel free to log in and start chatting with other fans of the show!

If you can't be near a tv tonight, don't worry, I got ya covered: the live show can be seen right here on the blog!!

So grab your favorite drink and some snacks, pull up a chair, and watch tonight's live eviction and see who is crowned the new HOH!!!! :-D

By a vote of 2-0

Evicted from the House:

Renny Roo :-(

Winner of the HOH is:


Stay tuned...


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Feeds are on TRIVIA!!!!

OKay boys & girls, here we gooooo!!! :-D

The feeds switched to trivia at 2:10pm BBT and they will be off until after tonight's Live Show on CBS.

The HG's spent their time looking at the Memory Walls pics that BB put up this morning. Dan studied it from a distance and up-close. Keesha looked at a few times and so did Memphis, but Dan was all over it! lol

So while we wait for the live show at 8pm EST, let's play another round of...


Leave your best caption of Keesha in a comment below! :-D Also feel free to talk about the upcoming season of BB11 this Winter, who you want to win tonight's HOH, and anything else on your mind! ;-)

Don't forget to get the feeds, guys!! The next few days are gonna be CRAZY!!!! A new HOH, the POV Comp, the POV Ceremony, and then we have the Final HOH Part 1: Endurance Comp (looove those!) on Tuesday!!

NOW is the time to get those feeds..I wouldn't lie to ya, I would never steer you wrong. Trust me on this one!!!

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PS I will be broadcasting the Live Show right here on the blog tonight! :-D

Stay tuned...

Morning in the BB house:

Welcome to Live Show Day, everybody!! Today we will go from the Final 5 to the Final 4. Renny will be the one leaving today, then the HG's (minus Jerry) will compete for the title of being the new HOH.

BB switched the pictures on the Memory Wall to different pics of various HOH comps this whole season. From "Hanging on the Edge", to the Sock Hop. Dan/Keesha/Memphis all studied the wall very closley and for a while. Jerry passed by Keesha and told her to "Study it well!" (He needs Keesha to win HOH for him to have any kind of shot at staying in the game.)

11:16am BBT:
The HG's are on HOH lockdown (typical live show day stuff). Once BB let's them out, the HG's will then go back downstairs and the clean the house.

If you don't have the live feeds yet, get'em today!!! The next few days are going to be action-packed, the boring phase of the season if over, my friends! :-D Between now & Tuesday, we will have the HOH comp, the POV Comp, and the POV Ceremony (it's going to be a fast week!) Then on Wednesday is when we'll get down to the Final 3 & that's the day of the Endurance Comp for the final HOH!!!


It's amazing that the season will be over in just 12 days. Wow! How time flies. :( Oh well. We have another BB just right around the corner though, so that's good!

I'll back updating this post!

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report

Gooood Morning, ya'll!! :-D Hope you lovely guys & gals have your coffee in your hand and are ready for a looong Overnight Report!! I am SO EXCITED that I was finally able to do a full O.R.!!! It's been about...hmm..a week now??! It's been a long time. But, that "dry spell" should be well over from this point on (read below on why that is!)

Let's get this O.R. started, shall we? :-D

9:37pm BBT:
60's Room

Keesha starts getting depressed about Renny leaving as Renny finishes packing & Keesha begins hers.

Renny: "It was a nice run, I'll tell ya. Keesha Marie."
Keesha: "Renny Roooooo. Dont make me cry.This is my last night with you either way, it's very depressing."
Renny: "You could be the winner of a half a million dollars!"
Keesha: "I could also be the person who goes insane in this house." (laughs)
Renny: "'d be worth it."
Keesha: "Not if I leave here with nothing!"

10:25pm BBT:

Renny walked into the bathroom to go pee.

What she didn't know was that Jerry was peeing at the time and she opened up
the door and saw him peeing. lol Later on, everybody (minus Jerry) was outside on the backyard couch and Renny tells them all about catching Jerry peeing & showed them:

Jerry came out shortly after, and Keesha told him that Renny was imitating him and he got pissed for a minute (it was hilarious! lol)

10:41pm BBT:
Bathroom Hallway

The girls just couldn't hold in anymore. They started crying and took comfort
in each others' arms.

(This made even me cry!!! :-( )

Ohhh Renny Roo. You will so be missed on the feeds & the show!!! :-(

10:47pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Right after their crying in the bathroom hallway, Keesha headed outside....

...and Renny followed a couple minutes later with a bottle of wine & wine glasses in her hands and sat down next to Keesha.

Renny: "Cheers, dawwlin'."
Keesha: "Cheers Renny."

Talk turns to the game for a second...

Keesha: "Jerry told me that Memphis has deals with all 3 people in the house."
Renny: "Are you surprised?"
Keesha: "No, I'm not surprised. If you stay in the house, you have to KICK ASS and be smart, same with me if I'm left...who the hell can I trust?"
Renny: "You cant trust the Colonel's mouth!"
Keesha: "No, but out of all 3 of them!! who can you trust?!"

Talk continues.

Keesha says it's down to that "cut-throat" attitude.
Renny: "There's nothing you can do but move forward in the game."
Keesha: "I'm so glad to have had you this entire time. I honestly don't know what I would have done without you."
Renny: "I know, I feel the same way, Keesha."
Keesha: "Some people never had anybody in here, they just floated here alone...I'm so glad we were never like that."
Renny: "Well these were your best let's see what they're made of!"
Keesha: "YOU were my best buddy. You still are. Now I'm alone in this house."
Renny: "Good thing Jerry can't play in the HOH."

Renny starts to help Keesha with facts in the house (number of things, etc etc).
They start going over what was taken from the deck of cards the other night (BB took some cards). Keesha tells Renny that her and Jerry went over some stats the other night. Renny doesn't trust his stats.

11:08pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The whole gang is hanging out and talking. Various topics & chatter arise throughout the night.

Renny: (To Dan) "My bark is bigger than my bite. I may come across as really opinionated, but I'm really a loving person."
Dan: "I know that. I know that really well, even after just being here 60 days. Even though I've aggravated the shit out of
you, you've really taken care of me, Renny."

12:46am BBT:
60's Room

Dan: "We have to win HOH."
Memphis: "I want to have it so bad. You're gonna have to kill me for it!" (laughs)
Dan: "You know it's gonna be a showdown between us."
Memphis: "I hope it's gonna be a fun one!"

Keesha puts her ear up against the door, then walks in.

Keesha: "If you guys vote me out, you vote me out."
Memphis: "OK."
Keesha: "No!"

(They all laughed.)

12:51am BBT:
60's Room

Memphis: "You're not going to hear my goodbye message, but it's funny!"
Keesha: "Can you tell me?"
Memphis: "No, we're not allowed to talk about our DR sessions." (laughs)
Keesha: "Mine was sad."
Keesha: "It's hard."
Memphis: "It's hard being a pimp." (laughing)
Keesha: "It sucks to lose a friend, you know?"
Dan: "I wouldn't know. I haven't had very many of those. Until now."
Keesha: "I won't lie, it's hard! Imagine if you were the only guy with all girls.."
Memphis: "Dan would be alright."
Dan: "We can be like two of the girls if you want." (laughing)
Memphis: "It will be completely different with her gone. That's one of the things I was talking about in there."
Keesha: "I'm really proud of us 4."
Memphis: "Most seasons it doesn't happen like that."
Keesha: "..and when we're leaving, we're not leaving with hard feelings."
Memphis: "..and that's rare this season."
Dan: "The only one that did leave well is Libra. I think Renny will leave well, don't you think?"

They all agree.

1:00am BBT:
60's Room

The boys talked about Jerry and about how he's gonna "pull out all the stops" to try to stay this week (since he can't play for HOH.) The boys talk about how it's gonna be funny when one of "them" wins the POV and then laugh at Jerry (that's when Jerry's fate would be sealed, is at that point.)

**Oh boys, don't go counting your chickens before the hatch!! :-/

Keesha told Memphis & Dan about her conversation with Jerry and that he said Dan & Memphis both have an alliance with him (Memphis did, but by using the veto, he kinda broke his word to Jerry.)

Keesha: "It's gonna get dirty in here this last week. REAL dirty!"

**Keesha, I couldn't agree more..dawwlin'! ;-)

Everybody, except Jerry of course, spent the night in the 60's room talking about a little bit of everything. From relationships & marriages, to how moldy Dan's swimming bottoms are. lol Dan hasn't washed his shorts yet and he wears them every day. Dan thinks that the swimming pool cleans them. (Sooo gross, Dan! haha!) Renny made a comment earlier in the backyard about how Dan stinks sometimes and she thinks it's because he never changes and/or washes his clothes.

1:15am BBT:
Keesha turned the lights off and Dan was still in the room but Renny didn't know it. She even said "I hope he's not still in here!" and then Dan jumped on her and landed in her...umm..."area". lol

Renny: "DAN!!!!!!! C'MOOOOON!!!!!!! What are you doing??!"

(Dan laughing uncontrollably.)

It was really a blast watching those 4 all night. It was like watching 4 best friends just have a good time..all while knowing that one of them has to leave very shortly. The term bitter-sweet comes to mind. I've never seen a more awesome & a more close group of 4 than Memphis/Keesha/Dan/Renny. It was a real treat watching them bond this season, and it's going to suck like hell watching it all come to end later on today when Renny walks out that door.

But it'll be nice to know that they will all be together in just a short couple of weeks! :-D Us feed viewers just won't have the pleasure of actually watching them anymore.

And this concludes your Overnight Report!! ;-)

Okay, here's the schedule for this week (just so that we're all on the same page):

Tonight: We get down to the Final 4 + a new HOH.
Tuesday: We get down to the Final 3. Part 1 of Final HOH: ENDURANCE COMP!!!!
Wednesday: Part 2 of Final HOH: Physical Comp
Thursday: (Live Show) Final HOH: Mental Comp. Winner chooses the other HG for Final 2.

Then, of course, Sept. 16th is the Finale!!!

Okay, the next 7 days are going to be complete MADNESS & CHAOS on the live doubt!!! The "boring phase" is officially over, guys!!! NOW is the time to get those feeds!!!


Stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feeds are on TRIVIA!!!! (updated)

The feeds went to fishies at 4:28pm BBT, then switched to Trivia at 5:12pm BBT!!!!

So what's going on? I have NO CLUE!! My only guess would be that BB is giving them (a much needed) Luxury Comp! :-D When the feeds switch to trivia, that's a good indicator that the feeds will be off for at least an hour but usually longer.

Soooo...while we wait for the feeds to come back, how about another round of...


Think of your best caption for this pic of Renny and leave it in a comment below!

Updated @ 5:41pm BBT:
It seems that they did another taping of the Craig Ferguson show. They haven't said his name, but they talked to a guy that has a show on that's my guess.

Renny is finishing up packing, Keesha is in her bed.

The camera men in the house have been doing Zoom-In's all day long of various things. From objects in the house, to the pictures on the Memory Wall. Wonder if they're just bored or trying to tell us feed watchers something. Hmm!!! They just zoomed in a changing-lights square thingy in the 60's room, then panned back out.

Jerry is up in the HOH room laying down.

Memphis & Dan are getting ready to play a game of chess.

5:59pm BBT:
I'm gonna hop offline as the boys play a game or two of chess and Jerry & Keesha take their naps. Renny is now laying down as well, but reading Dan's bible. See ya'll in just a little bit! :-D

8:47pm BBT:
Nothing much happening tonight.

Renny is finishing up packing her stuff & sniffing alot. :-( Poor Renny Roo!!!!

It's gonna be so weird not seeing her on the feeds.

I think it REALLY hit me tonight that BB is nearly over and it's rather depressing! Feels like this season went by super fast (unlike last season, which felt like it went on & least it did for me anyways.) *sigh*

Alrighty, I'm gonna get offline for the night. As Renny would say, "See ya in the morning, dawwling!"

Stay tuned...

Big Brother 11: This Fall/Winter??????!!

Hey BB fans!!!! I wanted to let ya'll in on a little surprise..


What can be better than that???

It's listed as a Fall/Winter show!!! :-O

Could it be that there's another BB just right around the corner?!?!?!?!!?!!!


And, YES, I will be blogging BB11!! ;-)

w00t w00t!!

Leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts & feelings!! :-D

I'm so freaking happy, I could BURST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And remember, you heard it here first! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Afternoon in the BB House:

Jerry is going around taking his HOH pics, regardless if Renny was camera-ready or not. lol

Renny put some saran wrap on her head and then a hat to hide her hair that she's in the process of coloring right now.

Jerry had the 4 line up outside for a group shot:

2:10pm BBT:
Dan was staring at the Memory Wall and kept saying "Show me the twist" over and over again.

Dan: "What is the twist? I'm going to pull this key out and you're going to show me. Show me the twist, show me the twist..Twist Me.

Dan: "Who's coming in? Maybe someone is coming in that has never been here?"

Memphis joins Dan in the kitchen area and Dan showed him what he was doing. Memphis laughed at him.

Dan: "Hey, it was worth a try."

Stay tuned...

Morning in the BB house:

The HG's are up and are slowly getting their day started.

10:48am BBT:
Around the feeds

Memphis/Keesha/Dan are in the backyard talking about tomorrow's HOH comp and what they think it will be. They don't think it will be another endurance comp (and I agree) but Dan seems to think it will be a "will power" comp.

Earlier, they all discussed the songs that were played to wake them up today. All the songs had to deal with love and missing their loved ones type of songs. They wonder if that was a clue of things to come (comp related or another phone call from a loved one, etc etc.)

Talk turns to when BB will end this season. They all originally thought it would be the 21st (and so did I because that is what was originally scheduled, it was recently switched to the 16th about 2 weeks ago.)

Dan: "The fish food only goes up to the 16th.."
Memphis: "Ya I noticed that, too."

Keesha is happy about the possibility of getting out earler than expected. They all bring up the picture in the middle of the Memory Wall and wonder why there's not a HG picture in it.

Dan: "Maybe there was supposed to be 14 houseguests this season but 1 bailed out."

Keesha: "NOTHING in this house is by accident. Everything has a purpose."

11:55am BBT:
Jerry just got his HOH camera and told the girls to "get pretty" and fast because he only has 1 hour. Renny obviously doesn't give a shit because she's in the bathroom mixing hair dye and it about to do her hair (which I'm sure will take more than an hour. lol)

Stay tuned...