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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The POV winner is...(spoiler)

I stayed up until 3am last night waiting for the POV Comp to start and it started literally minutes after I went to bed. lol Go figure! :-P

Okay, let's get to it!!

The Winner of the POV is:


2:11am BBT:
60's Room
Keesha stares at the ceiling. Dan comes in.
Keesha: "Do you think he will evict me?"
Dan shakes his head no.
Keesha: "I'm usually good at stuff like that. it's usually my strong point."
Dan thought Keesha would have the advantage.
Keesha: "I did my best."
Dan: "Jerry had a chance."
Keesha: "Wow, [Memphis] was fast!"
Dan: "Ya, I was ahead of him for a bit."

Dan: "He's been waiting to get rid of [Jerry]."
Keesha: "He's my only chance. It's either me or Jerry now."
Dan: "I'd rather be in your position than Jerry's."
Keesha: "Me too, but I'm going to be so nervous."
Dan: "You can trust memphis."
Keesha: "I have no choice. But it's who I have trusted the whole time... both you guys. Memphis was saying earlier today that Jerry's driving him craaaazy!"

They both talk about Jerry's behavior before the competiton and after nominations.

2:29am BBT:
HOH Room

Memphis: "I messed up a bunch [in the comp]."
Dan: "Jerry wasn't even close and that he had a weird strategy."
Memphis: "We need to weigh the decision tomorrow. There are pros and cons for keeping Jerry or Keesha. The thing is, Keesha has been falling apart. Damn, you should have taken me on that trip you asshole." (laughs)

Talk continues.

Dan: "One more competition and this is done. We can't have done a better script!"
Memphis: "Ya, we're gonna have to come back for all stars and shit."
Memphis: "We know it's gonna be a more physical competition."
Dan: "The 2nd part will be nothing like this one. It will be more physical."

Keesha joins the boys in the HOH room.

Keesha: "Arggh... he's gonna talk shit about me!"
Memphis: "Be prepared."
Dan: "Now he's all sunshine and daisies with me again."
Memphis: "Crazy old man."
Dan: "Well, I won't be here for one day to hear it. Sorry Keesha." Keesha: at least Jerry didn't win it.
Memphis laughs.
Memphis: "I was freaked out when we walked out there. He knows his shit."
Dan: "He wasted time, going up the side."

Keesha walks into the shower.

Memphis: "Ok, now take off all your clothes." (laughs)
Memphis goes into the shower and Keesha looks at him.

Memphis: "See, you can see my junk through there." (the shower door)
Keesha: "Oh my god! That's so embarrassing! I'm finding this out now at the end of the game!?"

Keesha: "It won't be on film will it?
Dan: "It will be on the Internet."
Memphis: "You'll know. Google Keesha Big Brother 10 nude and you'll find out."
Keesha: "You're kidding me right?" (freaking out)


Stay tuned...


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