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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Big Brother 10 Houseguests Rumors!!

Oh boy. Where to start?!

Okay, so there is a rumored houseguest list floating around (this happens every season so I didn't report it right away because it's always been wrong lol) However, this supposed list of the houseguests just MIGHT be true!! Could it be???!

Here's the list (not confirmed yet!):
Jesse or Jessie, 22
Jerry, 75, is the self professed biggest Big Brother fan in the world. Everyone will love Jerry!
Keesha, 29, blond bombshell who works at Hooters. Reminds us of Danielle D.

And here is a pic of houseguest Keesha:

Apparently, friends of Keesha have been in touch with various BB sources/websites claiming that she did try out for a reality show and has been unreachable for a week now (and this is not normal behavior). Could it be that the BB crew has kidnapped her and threw her into sequester??

Well, on TUESDAY, JULY 8TH, all the houseguests will be revealed on The Early Show on CBS!!! Make sure to tune in! If you can't, don't worry, I'll be posting videos and all the details for ya! ;-)

That's it for now! But as always...

Stay tuned...

"America's Player" to return to Big Brother 10?

Remember the interview of Allison Grodner that was posted a couple days ago? Well, she stated that the "game starts before the houseguests even enter the house" and that this cast absoutley does NOT know each other. So my brain got to thinking; is Big Brother bringing back "America's Player"? Hmm!!!

Also, it was released by TV Guide that on July 11th, Julie Chen will show a tour of the Big Brother 10 house! Allison Grodner already confirmed for us BB fans that the house "theme" this season will be different era's (60', 70's, etc) that reflect the BB10 houseguests.

Okay, that's it for now!! Plenty more juicy info coming as it all unfolds!

Stay tuned...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July, BB fans!!

Hey everyone, HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!! :-D

Hope that ya'll eat some great BBQ food, see some awesome fireworks, and that every single one of you are SAFE today!!

And please remember; DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE!!!!!!!! Don't put yourself & others at risk. Grab a designated driver, take a taxi, take a bus, spend the night over at a friends your part to help save lives this 4th!

With that being said...

HAVE A KICK-ASS 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

House Decor CONFIRMED!!! (video)

Okay, so I just got word that the house decor rumor for the BB10 house has been CONFIRMED!!!!

Here's the proof:

Hmmm!! The game starts before they even enter the house?? Ohhh I'm getting excited for this season! I can't wait! I can't wait! I CAN NOT WAIT until BB10 starts!!!!!!!!

Okay, so here's a little more info for ya....

Here is the PROJECTED schedule for BB10 so far:
*July 3rd-Houseguests get sequestered in hotel rooms
*July 9th-Houseguests move into the BB house!!
*July 13th-Episode #1 airs on CBS
*July 13th-Live Feeds go LIVE right after Episode #1!!!

If all of THAT info doesn't get you pumped up for this season, then I don't know what will!!!!

More juicy rumors/gossip/facts will posted as I get them in my little hands!! Until then...

Stay tuned...

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds SPECIAL!! (coupon code)

Great news, guys & gals!! The Big Brother Live Feeds are on SALE!! Yes, on Sale! lol

So if you are planning on getting the live feeds anyways, here is your chance to save yourself some money!!

Go to the signup page:
Early Bird Special

and enter in code:


BB lovers, rejoice! :-D

So instead of $14.99/month, the live feeds are just $12.99 per month! You can't beat that price!! So whats the catch?

(which is when BB starts)

In yesterdays post, I told ya'll about how it's a good idea to order them a few days before the show starts, and now here's a nice BONUS for actually getting them early!

So mark your calendars to get the live feeds on/around July 10th!!! If you're as forgetful as I am, then don't sweat it; I'll post a reminder post for ya...unless I forget! ;-) lol

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

House Decor!!! + Other CONFIMED rumors!

Hey everybody!!! It's been a little while since my previous post because I just got married!!! :-D So as you can imagine, I've been a busy little bee.

BUT I'M BACK and in total Big Brother 10 mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so let's start off with yet another rumor. This one is about the house decor. A couple of websites are reporting (but has not been confirmed yet!) that the house decor for this season of Big Brother will be a mix of 60's, 70's, and 80's for the house "theme". Julie Chen will give a tour of the house (as she does every season) very soon and when she does, the video will be posted right here so keep checking back!

Rumors aside, there will be 13 houseguests this season..and I am VERY happy about that! Having 16 houseguests last season was INSANE! It took a long time to truly learn everyones name, get a feel for everyones personality, chemistry (love/hate) between people, and it was really hard to keep up with conversations the first few weeks on the live feeds.

Wanna know whats *NEW* this season?? Every LIVE EVICTION on CBS will have a LIVE AUDIENCE!! Normally, there's no audience, only during the live finale. So that will be interesting! I kinda liked not having an audience there because you could hear all the little whispers and comments from the evicted as long as the audience isn't going "Boo!" or "woo hoo!!", then I'll be a happy camper. :) lol

Another new thing this year is that Evel Dick will be doing a little show on the feeds on Wednesdays during "dead air" time on the live eviction days! I couldn't be happier about this!! :D If you've never got the live feeds..oh hell, even if you have!, this season is *the* year to get them!! Alot of cool and new shit this season.

And last, but not least: as I reported MONTHS ago on the BB9 blog, this season will have a very age-diverse cast!! THANK YOU BB GODS!! Last season I felt like I was watching 'The Real World', not Big Brother. lol

Alright, so today is July 1st, the houseguests move into the house in a couple weeks, and then on July 13th is when the 1st CBS episode airs, and immediately after that first episode airs is when the LIVE FEEDS go live!!!

What are the live feeds, you ask? Well, there's tons of cameras all over the Big Brother house and you can watch their every move from the comfort of your home (or office hehe ;-) ) They are $15/month OR you can buy all 3 months for $40 bucks and save yourself $5. Not sure you would want the feeds? No problem! No matter which one you signup for, you get an automatic *2 WEEKS FREE*, no strings attached!! Don't like the feeds after you get'em? Then cancel! Simple as that. :)

I always recommend getting the feeds a few days prior to them going live (that's when I get them) to make sure that the software you have to download is running fine and so that you can get used to changing cameras and the live chat option, etc etc.

So, for future reference, here's the Live Feeds signup links:

1 Month Pass

3 Month Full Season Pass

(Each option comes with an automatic 2 Weeks Free Trial!!)

This season is already looking like it's gonna be a kick ass season! And let's face it, Big Brother 9 was by far the worst season every in BB history, so we NEED this season to be kick ass!!!

Alright kids, I'm off for the night! I will keep ya'll updated on everything and anything BB related!

Stay tuned...