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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Gooood evening, ya'll! :-D

I'm back and ready to post tonight's happenings in the BB house.

Here's the cliffnotes on this afternoon while I was out:

  • Memphis is (honestly) going to save Dan from the block and told Dan this. They are still good with their Final 2 deal.

  • Keesha straight-up asked Memphis what he plans on doing with the veto, Memphis told her that he's going to use to save Dan and that she [Keesha] is safe this week and that she's still part of the Final 3 plan. Keesha cried instead of being happy (knowing that Renny will be going home at this point.)

  • Keesha told Memphis she doesn't trust Dan, Memphis told her to trust in him then, and not Dan.

  • Renny asked Keesha if she talked with Memphis and what his plans are on using the veto or not...Keesha lied and said that she doesn't know what Memphis plans on doing.

  • Renny wants to throw Dan "under the bus" big time in order to ensure that her & Keesha remain in the game together. She has already thrown Keesha "under the bus" last night with Jerry up in the HOH room (Keesha is still unaware of this.)

    **I want to thank the fans of the blog that were keeping me updated while I was out today!! It's a VERY rare thing for me to be offline, but today I had to. So thanks, guys & gals!! :-D The fans of this blog freakin' ROCK!!!!

    Okay, let me fire up the feeds and get this evening report rockin'! :-D

    7:39pm BBT:
    Dan (alone)

    Dan is busy doing some crafts. He's painting a frog:

    7:44pm BBT:

    They're doing with their outside crafts and finishing up the rest of the wine that BB gave them.

    Jerry & Keesha are on the couch talking about non-game related stuff.

    8:33pm BBT:

    Keesha: "So, Jerry asked me what I thought you were gonna do.." (giggles)
    Memphis: "Oh ya? What'd you say, that ya didnt know?"
    Keesha: "Ya."
    Memphis: "He just really wants Dan to leave."
    Keesha: "He just don't trust him. It just scares me, but thats normal."
    Memphis: "Ya, but I think [Dan's] proven it, even though he is kinda crazy."
    Keesha "I hope [Dan] doesn't do something crazy after [Jerry & Renny] find out whats going on."
    Memphis: "There's no other scenario that would benefit him though."
    Keesha: "I need to put it out there. It's what is in my head. I have to be honest. I trust [Dan] much as you can trust Dan.

    *Memphis & Keesha both laugh.*

    Memphis goes in to take a shower, Renny comes out from her 2+ hour Diary Room session.

    8:48pm BBT

    Renny: "I know that Memphis already knows what he's doing with the Veto. I mean, really, can you see me trying to talk to his man?"
    Keesha: "You need to do what's best for you, Renny."

    Clearly Keesha feels sorry for ditching Renny (or about to, at least) and is telling her to work for herself in the game.

    Keesha & Renny then start talking about Dan & Jerry.

    Keesha: "You think I'm going to go to people and bad mouth you? Ask anyone!"
    Renny: "Dan was up there throwing both of us under the bus."
    Keesha: "Jerry wants to split all of us up. That's how he's doing saying this & that stuff and trying to split us up."
    Keesha: "Thats why I don't believe anything he says."
    Renny: "That man f'ing lies! I did ask him what he thought about you, though."
    Keesha: "What'd he say?"
    Renny: "I dont even wanna tell you."
    Keesha: "No tell me."
    Renny: "Keesha is...well, you know .. she's cut throat."
    Keesha: "I knew when you came downstairs. I could tell by the look on your face."
    Keesha "I didnt say anything about ANY of you up there! I like everybody in this house right now. I dont believe that Dan is going to throw us under the bus. jerry's a f'ing liar, I can tell you that right now! But I don't believe that about Dan."
    Renny: "He's an ass."
    Keesha: "The thing is, [Jerry's] the odd man out and he's trying to work us. He knows he's on his way out the door next, just as soon as anyone gets the chance."

    8:54pm BBT:
    (Still in the backyard)

    Renny is starting to think that she'll be the one going home and that Keesha is safe this week.

    Renny: "Well, its anybody game!"
    Keesha: "I can tell you one thing: one of us is going home."
    Renny: "It's not gonna be you!"
    Keesha: "Neither one of us is safe."
    Renny: "Why do you keep saying its you?"
    Keesha "I will be packing my bags for real this time. I will be prepared for walking out that door."

    Renny is now trying to convince Keesha to talk Memphis into not using the POV and making points about why Memphis should keep her in the game. Keesha tells Renny that she doesn't think there's anything she could do/say that would make Memphis do *anything* at this point in the game.

    They then start talking about the POV Comp last night. Apparently it was a game that was mix & matching the HG's baby pictures.

    Renny: "The ugliest baby pictures were Memphis and Michelle." (laughs)
    Keesha: "Mine & Stevens was pretty homely." (laughs)

    The girls continue to talk about how Jerry never wanted a girl to win the game and that he wants the Final 3 to be "the guys". Keesha & Renny start ranting about how Jerry is always talking about stupid stories and they don't f'ing care and wish he'd shut up. They then start talking about Dan has been "up Jerry's ass" ever since he won HOH.

    Keesha: "I dont care anymore. I don't give two shits about it anymore."
    Renny: "Dan's playing the game like...he's so lie, lie, lie..sneak, sneak, sneak."

    9:56pm BBT:
    Dan & Jerry join Keesha/Renny outside.

    Chatter isn't game related. Keesha & Renny go inside. Keesha heads to the 60's room. Dan goes back inside and heads for the 60's room where Keesha & Memphis are.

    Renny joins and they all laugh because Jerry is outside by himself.

    Keesha is complaining about how Jerry cut Renny off to tell another boring "all about me" story and they all had enough and went inside. lol

    10:04pm BBT:

    BB: "Dan, please go to the Diary Room."

    Memphis says he wants a beer but doesn't wanna run into Jerry (they're all really tired of him & his non-stop stories.) Renny goes and gets a beer for Memphis and brings it back into the bedroom.

    10:10pm BBT:
    All 3 of them do some Jerry bashing. Dan is still in the D.R. and Jerry is still outside by himself.

    Jerry is now in the 60's room with everyone. He was wondering where the wine/beer was. lol They're all tolerating Jerry pretty well.

    Okay ya'll, I'll be back in the morning with a full Overnight Report! ;-)

    Stay tuned...

    Winner of the POV is:

    The feeds came back at 3:10am BBT (which is 6:10 EST). They POV Comp took over 3 hours (boy am I glad I didn't stay up all night! lol)

    It's 6:00am my time here in the Midwest, and I just got up to see who won the POV so that I could post it here.

    Problem is...Nobody knows who won yet and all the HG's are sleeping! lol Nobody said ANYTHINGGGGG after the POV comp. Notta. Zilch. But do note that Keesha/Memphis/Dan/Renny did NOT seem happy at all. It took a long time before the cameras focused on Jerry and by the time they did, he was pretty much sleeping.

    So nobody in BB land for sure knows who won the POV, but I'm sure that will change once the HG's wake up (which will be in a while since they all just went to bed, Dan is actually still awake in his bed as I'm typing this.)

    I'm going back to bed. Just wanted to wake up to break the news that...well..there's no news yet to break. lol :-P

    Overnight Report:
    Since I was up all night and up until the time the feeds switched to trivia, I'm not going to be doing an Overnight Report this morning. I will, however, be updating this post when I find out who won the POV. :)

    Updated @ 10:02am BBT:
    HG's still sleeping...

    10:44am BBT:
    The HG's are up for the day!

    So far, there's not much talk...but it SOUNDS like it wasn't Keesha or Renny. Still waiting for confirmation on the POV winner.

    Winner of the POV is:


    Memphis: (to Dan) "If I take you off the block, you gotta stop with your antics."

    Memphis says that he will take him [Dan] off the block BUT he has to vote out Renny because she's a "loose cannon". Dan says okay! They wanna take Keesha to the Final 3 and then get rid of her.

    So that Dan/Memphis don't expose their Final 2 alliance, Memphis says he's gonna say that he has no chance of winning the money as long as Renny is in the game.

    Okay, now I REALLY gotta get offline! lol Been trying to do that since 9am (damn late night POV! haha!) I'll be back in a few hours, which will be around 3pm BBT!!

    Need to know what's going on? Peek in on the HG's on the live feeds!!!

    See you guys & gals in a little bit! :-D

    Stay tuned...

    Friday, August 29, 2008

    Evening in the BB house: (POV is TONIGHT!!)

    Since my last post, there's only been 1 thing that happened worth noting:

    Dan & Renny had a bit of a fight, nothing too bad but worth mentioning. Renny was in a bad mood to begin with, but then Dan was/is pushing her buttons pretty hardcore tonight (on purpose). Renny slapped him on the ass and that was that. lol

    Renny since then, went and put on her burgandy wig and has been acting crazy ever since! It's been funny but weird at the same time (is she off her rocker or just having a blast...can't tell. lol)

    The HG's are drinking wine...

    and then.....

    BB: "The Veto competition will begin in 90 mins!"

    Uh oh!! lol They're already half-lit & they have the POV to play soon..this should be interesting! LOL ;-)

    The camera guys (or gals!!) keep zooming in on the wine glasses & wine bottles when they talk about the comp tonight. Wonder if they're trying to send us feed watchers a clue that it has something to do with wine.

    Okay, so the POV will start right after Showtime's After Dark show is over (naturally.) and I'm sure the feeds will go to trivia for a few hours. I'll probably go to bed and wake up super early to see who won the POV, I'll be just as anxious to see as all of you are I'm sure!!

    11:01pm BBT:
    Keesha & Renny (alone in the kitchen) just had the most heart-to-heart convo I've ever seen on BB. Renny told Keesha that she will be a GREAT mother and she made her promise Renny to have kids someday. Keesha said that she would love to have kids with JJ (her boyfriend). Keesha cried & Renny was on the verge of tears. Truly one of the best moments I've ever witnessed on the show!

    Okay, enough with the sappy shit. lol Back to game-mode! :-P

    Dan is focused, focused, FOCUSED!!!!

    He is the only HG who didn't drink any wine tonight and I believe this will give him an edge over the others. Jerry didn't drink that much and he has stopped. Keesha drank enough, Memphis a little bit, and Renny..2 glasses of wine. It looks like they've all stopped drinking now. They have less than an hour to get sober!

    11:12pm BBT:

    Renny: "Keesha is F**KED UP!!!"
    Dan: "Mentally? Or.."
    Renny: "No, not mentally!" (laughing)

    They're all joking around and laughing their butts off. Memphis grabbed Keesha's face (playing around) and was like "Look at me!" and they both started cracking up. lol He wanted to see her eyes to see how drunk she is.

    It appears that Keesha/Renny are now both drinking coffee. lol

    11:55pm BBT:

    I have nooo clue how long it will take for the POV, my guess is that it'll take at least 2 hours and since it's 2am here in the midwest, I'm going to bed! Be back in the morning! :-D

    Stay tuned...

    Nomination Ceremony:

    Okay kids, here we go!!

    At 4:14pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means that we have a Nomination Ceremony underway! :-D

    Who will Jerry nominate for eviction this week?

    Well, we all now know that Dan is Jerry's target this week, so let's see what happens!

    Updated @ 5:17pm BBT:

    Nominated for Eviction:

    Dan & Keesha

    This is Jerry's way of testing Memphis & Renny this week to see where their loyalties are and with who.

    This puts Memphis in a really messed up position because if he wins the POV, then he needs to choose who to save and he has Final 2 alliances with both of them (and all 3 of them have a Final 3 deal together.)

    This week is gonna be VERY interesting!!!!

    The HG's are on interior lockdown.

    Memphis: "They're doing something out there..."

    I believe that BB might be setting up for the POV Comp.

    Memphis: "I think we'll be playing the POV tonight. Maybe, maybe not."

    I HOPE the POV is tonight because there is no more game talk to really be had. Everyone has made deals already, the noms are who everyone expected, and it REALLY comes down to who wins the POV. There's NOTHING the HG's can do until then. Nothing.

    All the HG's don't even know what to talk to's at a point of "now what?" but there's no answers to be had until after the POV (which is HOPEFULLY tonight!!!)

    Stay tuned...

    Afternooon in the BB house:

    **As of 3:53pm BBT, the Nominations Ceremony has not yet been held!

    Earlier today, Memphis & Jerry finally made the Final 2 deal.

    12:01pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Jerry: "We're at the stage in the game where everyone is in the same boat. I have to do
    whatever I can to make sure I stay next week. I'm in here with 4 people that aren't on my team."

    Dan pitches to Jerry about how [Dan] pissed off so many people in the house that it would benefit
    for him to stay in the game with Jerry.

    Dan leaves. Renny enters.

    Renny wants to know what Jerry wants, in return for keeping her off the block (if that is what
    he decides to do.)

    Jerry: "I want to control your vote. I want Dan gone this week."
    Renny: "I want him to go, too!"

    Renny goes on to throw Keesha "under the bus" and says that she will "play them all" to
    get information.

    1:00pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Jerry tells Keesha that he wants her on the block, but that his target this week is Dan.

    Keesha doesn't like it, but understands that there's not alot of people to choose from.

    1:19pm BBT:
    60's Room

    They both compare notes about what Jerry said and both know that Dan is his target this week.

    Keesha questions what would Memphis do if he won the POV: would he save Dan or Keesha.

    Renny tells Keesha that she wants to be Final 2 with her.

    (It's sooo hard to tell where ANYBODY'S head is at this week!!! Who's lying to who, etc.)

    Okay guys & dolls, I have to be offline until later on tonight to take care of some offline stuff.

    See ya'll in a few hours! :-D

    Stay tuned...

    Overnight Report

    Goooooooood morning, everyone!! :-D Hopefully your morning is going well!! Man oh man, what a show yesterday! I think it's still sinking in that there's only 5 people left in the house. This season has really gone by fast. :-(

    Okay, so let me get this Overnight Report banged out for ya'll:

    Jerry got his HOH room around 12:40am BBT. He got a letter from his granddaughter and some pics, of course.

    Keesha & Memphis were talking about the Jury House and how Jerry would have the most votes at this point and it's one of the reasons why he needs to go next week (and if he doesn't win the POV, he probably will. But we'll wait until next week and see what happens.)

    1:19am BBT:
    HOH Room

    Jerry was telling Dan that he needs to align with someone in the house that is strong that will take him to the Final 3 and that Renny is not a strong player (I believe this is him saying that Renny will one of the nominations today.)

    Meanwhile, outside in the backyard:

    They start talking about what needs to happen this week and other game related talk.

    Memphis: "Keesha..I don't know what we're gonna do, girl!"

    Keesha: "We have to fight like hell, thats all we can do. It's down to only 5 of us now, we're all on our own."

    Memphis: "Well this is the thing..I'm not going to feed anyone bullshit. I'm not going to throw anyone "under the bus", and to be honest with you, I need you to be in this house, period! I would like Dan to be in this house..not saying I don't like Renny, but..."

    Keesha: "No, I understand. You & Dan were getting a little shaky about Renny the other night. I like Renny, but I understand. I like everybody in this house still. You have to have people on your side still."

    Memphis: "As long as me and you are on the same page...we all need to go to him seperately to keep your ass off the block."

    Keesha: "That's' the thing Memphis..I have no idea what to say to him!"

    Memphis: "You're like me, I dont know what to say to him..we should all just be honest with him and just tell [Jerry] that he's going up next week."

    Keesha: "Well, what is next week..4 people?

    Memphis: "Yeah, you put up 2."

    Keesha: "Next week could change the whole thing...this time could change the whole game with the POV."

    Memphis: "No matter who goes up, the POV is the most important thing this week."

    Keesha: "Honestly, his nominations, yeah they suck...but the most important thing is POV."

    Memphis: "But you have to trust the person who is going's a scenario: say me and...

    Keesha: "...but what if Renny never even goes?"

    Memphis: "..Okay, say if you and Renny are on the block, and I win POV...what do I do?? Do I trust Dan to vote the way I want? Or.."

    [Dan joins them outside]

    They tell him they're going through scenarios for this week.

    Keesha goes on to say that she doesn't think theres much she can say to Jerry to keep her safe this week, she thinks Jerry has his mind made up already or that he at least has an idea of who he wants to put up.

    Keesha: "He says every man for himself, but NO, you can't get through this game by yourself...I let him say that cause he is."

    Dan: "If its a tie, Jerry breaks it."

    Keesha: "They've run out of people!"

    Memphis: "The POV is the biggest thing this week!"

    Dan: "Yep! Whoever is saved by the person that wins the POV, is gonna be in huge debt to the person."

    Keesha: "It might not be so bad if we get to go home, but we have to go [to the jury house]...

    Memphis: " hell!"

    Keesha: "Whoever wins POV this week, is good to go, man!"

    1:40am BBT:
    HOH Room

    Renny totally threw Memphis & Dan "under the bus" by telling Jerry she would like to see "the two boys" get nominated and then told Jerry about Dan & Memphis' alliance.

    1:50am BBT:
    The HG's saw that there was 6 beers & 1 bottle of wine in the storage room and a Happy Birthday cake for Dan. They all head into the kitchen, drink up, and then Jerry went on & on with a bunch of boring stories. lol

    2:26am BBT:

    Memphis says he's going to play the honesty card, with the exception of ratting out their alliance together (Dan/Memphis).

    Memphis said that he will tell Jerry "Dan put me up on the block and I wont forget about it." and that he's not gunning for him [Jerry] next week.

    Memphis then told Dan about how Keesha is game for all of them to be Final 3 (Keesha/Dan/Memphis). Dan told Memphis that he thinks it will be one of them 3 that will go home this week. Memphis & Dan discuss how important it is to make sure that Renny is on the block this week.

    Memphis: "If me, you or Keesha are off the block, then we can vote to evict her!"

    Dan: "Something has to be done to ensure that [Renny] goes up..we can't just hope that she goes up. We gotta make some kind of deal with Jerry."

    Memphis thinks they should make a deal with Jerry and tell Keesha what they're doing.

    2:43pm BBT:
    Dan gets called into the Diary Room and it was LEAKED ON THE FEEDS!!!

    Dan was saying that he wants to make a Dan/Jerry/Memphis alliance, get Renny out this week, and then evict Keesha next week so that[Dan] and Memphis can easily beat Jerry in the 3-part HOH and have a "Renegade" Final 2.

    (That's actually a pretty good plan!)

    3:46am BBT:

    They had a looonggg and detailed convo, but the jist of it was that Memphis/Jerry made a Final 3 deal (they want to bring in Keesha as the 3rd person) but they wanna test Keesha's "trust" first. Jerry wants to talk to Keesha first to see if she's "the right choice" for the Final 3.

    (I'm sure Memphis will tell Keesha to stick with him & Jerry to make sure she's in the Final 3.)

    And this concludes your Overnight Report. ;-)

    Stay tuned...

    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    Evening in the BB house:

    All the HG's are still in shock and getting used to the idea of only 5 of them being in the house now.

    Keesha, Renny, Jerry & Dan helped pack up all of Ollie's things for him since he obviously didn't have a chance to do so himself. Renny expressed to Keesha that she thinks Jerry is gonna target her and try like hell to get her out of the house (if he wins HOH).

    Dan told Memphis that "paranoia is going to run rampant in the house now that they are down to only 5 people" (and I think he is 100% right!) Hell, paranoia was ALREADY running rampant in the house before it got down to 5 people! lol :-P

    7:50pm BBT:
    The live feeds just went to bubbles!!!

    8:39pm BBT:
    STILL BUBBLES!!! Hmm..HOH Comp, perhaps???! :-D

    9:03pm BBT:

    The New HOH Is:


    The live feeds are still on bubbles, but Showtime's After Dark show is on and showing all HG's. The 4-alliance (aka Renegades) are freaking out over Jerry being the new HOH.

    Memphis: "That was Jerry type of challenge." (wonder what it was!)

    FINALLY the feeds are back!!!!

    The Renegades are NOT happy campers tonight.

    Renny: (to Dan/Keesha) "See how fast this game can change on a dime??"

    9:23pm BBT:
    60's Room

    Keesha thinks her & Renny will be nominated, Renny doesn't think Keesha will be..but does think herself will be nom'ed.

    Keesha leaves the room to get something to drink, leaving Renny all alone and to her thoughts.

    9:29pm BBT:
    All 5 HG's

    Memphis isn't looking to happy either.

    Renny is being extra nice to Jerry.

    Dan: "Whatta game, whatta game." (sighs)

    They are all talking about how CRAZY today was and that it feels all surreal.

    And here is your new HOH.......and Dan. lol

    Dan: "Look at the wall!!'s crazy."

    9:37pm BBT:
    60's Room

    Memphis: "Keesha..I need you here!"
    Keesha: "Same here."

    Memphis talks about doing ANYTHING & EVERYTHING to stick together (almost saying in so many words to let Renny go and to stick with him.) They then say that they'll have to see who Jerry puts up and then see what to do.

    Memphis: "I will never see any of these people ever again in my life. Except you. I want you to know this."

    Keesha: "WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!" (laughs)

    Keesha leaves and a minute later, so does Memphis.

    9:48pm BBT:
    Keesha goes into the Diary Room..

    Jerry walks to the storage room and BB won't let him in.

    Jerry: "They won't let me in the storage room..maybe they'll give us something."

    Renny is in the kitchen making coffee.

    Keesha comes out of the Diary Room screaming...

    Keesha: "WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH STORAGE ROOM?!!!!!" (and laughs)

    Big Brother gave her everything she would have got for her HOH room. (That's pretty awesome of you, BB! :) )

    The letter she got from her boyfriend JJ was the SWEETEST letter EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! It was very sincere and very loving & Keesha just adored it!

    JJ even gave Keesha a small & BEAUTIFUL diamond bracelet!!

    Keesha is BEYOND happy!! :-D

    Okay everyone, I'm gonna hit the hay. Been a looooong day!! lol I'll be back in the morning with a full Overnight Report!! :-D Hopefully nominations will be tomorrow as usual (Friday) and then we can see what Jerry's plans are for the week and start to hear some game talk.

    See ya'll in the morning!! :-D

    Stay tuned....

    After the show:

    Hey, did anyone catch when the next HOH will be? I didn't! :-(

    EDIT:A BB fan just left a comment that it will be Sunday, but Julie didn't say it was going to be live. (THANK YOU!)

    Right after the feeds came back on, the Fab-4 (Keesha/Memphis/Dan/Renny) were VERY happy and celebrating.

    They ended up chilling out in the living room, almost as if they were still in shock of what just happened. Memphis said he actually welcomed the double eviction because he's been itching for something different in the house..shake things up a bit (and I think we can all agree with that! lol)

    I would think at this point that the Fab 4 will go after Jerry to finalize them as the Final 4..HOWEVER, alloootttt of stuff can happen and new teams could start to form!!

    6:49pm BBT:
    Living Room
    Keesha/Memphis/Jerry/Dan (Renny's whereabouts are unknown..DR??)

    They're all just sitting around talking about family & such. It's SOOOO WEIRD to know that this is the final 5!!! From 7 to 5 in an hour. Wow! :-D

    Stay tuned...

    Tonight's Live Show:


    "Two HG's will leave the house tonight!"-Julie Chen

    Votes for Eviction #1:
    Keesha votes to evict...Michelle
    Memphis votes to evict...Michelle
    Ollie votes to evict...Jerry
    Renny votes to evict...Michelle

    1st HG to be Evicted:


    Winner of HOH is:


    Winner of the POV:


    (Either Jerry or Ollie will be leaving!)

    By a vote of 3-0...

    2nd HG to be Evicted is:


    [Hope ya'll enjoyed viewing the live show right here on the blog tonight!! :)]

    If ya wanna go grab your 2 weeks (totally free, honest!!) of the live feeds so that you have them all set up for after the live show tonight, you can Get Them Here!! The feeds are gonna be INSANE after the Double Eviction tonight and I can't wait! ;-)

    Stay tuned...

    Morning in the BB house:

    The HG's woke up around 9am BBT.

    9:34am BBT:
    Dan is packing up his stuff up in the HOH room, and Keesha/Renny were just at the kitchen table but have since moved to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

    Edit: Keesha left the bathroom, Renny still getting ready.

    So what's on the agenda for them today? A typical Live Show Day schedule of getting ready (showered/dressed), cleaning, HOH lockdown for an hour or two, more cleaning, and more getting ready for the live show. Thursday's are VERY boring days on the feeds until AFTER the live show..then the feeds usually are insane. ;-)

    9:39am BBT:
    Keesha & Michelle are in the Spa Room. Keesha asked Michelle if she knows what her speech is gonna be tonight and Michelle said ya, but she doesn't know if it's good enough or not.

    Jerry is eating breakfast in the kitchen area.

    9:47am BBT:
    All HG's on HOH lockdown (and will be for 1-2 hours.)

    Updated @ 12:05pm BBT:
    Literally NOTHING has happened since my last post. All the HG's fell asleep in the HOH room and the feeds have been on standby mode for nearly an hour now.

    I'm going to get offline and take care of some offline stuff while I have a few hours to spare (which is rare theses days! lol)

    I'll be back on here about an hour before the live show that starts at 8pm EST!!

    SEE YA THEN!! :-D

    Stay tuned...

    Overnight Report

    Goooooood morning, everyone!! :-D How are ya'll doing this morning?

    I'm going through last nights happenings in the house and I'll be posting the Overnight Report right here, so keep checking back!

    9:17pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    They both spent alot of time talking about how they're scared of Renny flipping to the "other side" and if she were to win HOH today, that she'd put up a member of their 4-alliance. They wanted to get Keesha up to the HOH to get her take on Renny.

    Keesha enters the HOH room.

    They expressed their concern about Renny not being solid with their final 4 alliance and Keesha said she was a bit "nervous" about Renny as well. Keesha said that she'll talk to Renny later to see where her head is at and see how she truly feels about Ollie.

    9:31pm BBT:
    60's Room

    Keesha asked Renny if she was "okay" and she said she's worried that Ollie or Jerry will win HOH because they'll go after Dan/Memphis. (Renny then got called into the D.R. so their convo was short lived.)

    10:53pm BBT:
    Backyard Couch

    Ollie tried his best to get Renny to "flip" to their side and keep Michelle this week, but it never worked. Renny asked Ollie what would happen (in his opinion) if Michelle gets evicted and he basically said that he'd still go after "his" targets (Dan/Memphis).

    Shortly after 11pm BBT:
    60's Room

    They are both being paranoid, but with good reason. They wondered if Michelle was successfully talking to Renny/Keesha to get the votes and change the game up or not.

    Keesha enters & all 3 of them go to the HOH room together.

    Keesha/Memphis/Dan are all worried about Renny winning HOH, so Keesha/Memphis said they're gonna try their hardest to win it so that she doesn't.

    Keesha leaves.

    Dan/Memphis continue talking, this time it's about how little they trust people in the house. Without officially saying it, their 2-person alliance together got alot stronger and I believe these two will be fighting together until the end.

    They talk about cutting Renny out first and taking Keesha to the Final 3 (if all of them were to make the Final 4). They simply don't trust Renny and feel that her being close with Ollie is a big threat to them & their game.

    Of course, this could all change if Ollie ends up leaving tonight during the Double Eviction. So many options, so many chances for this game to change..and it will all happen tonight!! ;-)

    So, in a nutshell...

    *Michelle & Ollie tried their best to get the votes & failed.
    *Michelle will be going home tonight.
    *Dan & Memphis are nervous & EVERYONE in the house is noticing.
    *Renny could be the 1st one of the 4-Alliance to be cut.
    *Dan/Memphis have a solid to-the-end alliance.
    *Keesha seems to be going back & forth between being solid with Renny, and with Dan/Memphis (hard to tell where exactly her head is at this point..playing too good of a game to tell!)

    And this concludes your Overnight Report. ;-)

    Stay tuned...

    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    Evening in the BB house: (pics)

    6:30pm BBT
    Dan was thinking about his students that are playing a game tomorrow and he wants them all to get some sleep. Dan starts going off (in a silly way) that the team they're playing against, robbed them of the championship last year.

    Renny started yelling into the camera at his students to go to bed & get some sleep. LOL

    Renny: "So get your frickin' asses to bed!!!"

    6:51pm BBT
    Dinner Table:

    All the HG's (except Ollie) are now eating dinner:

    Lite chatter about how good the potatoes are that Dan cooked up.

    So far, the HG's have had a laazzyyy dayyy. Alot of naps and mindless chatter. Hopefully the dinner will give'em all a little bit of energy to get the house alive. ;-)

    Since tonight is Michelle's last night in the house, I wonder if she will try to get the votes one last time or if she will accept she's going home and stir some shit up before she walks out the door. We shall see!

    7:09pm BBT:
    Dinner is now over and clean has begun in the kitchen thanks to Renny & Jerry.

    On the backyard couch, Keesha & Michelle are making small talk...

    ..I'm waiting for the "foreplay" to stop and Michelle to start campaigning to stay again.

    7:14pm BBT:
    Michelle has now moved to the bathroom's lounger. She's alone and looks sad/defeated.

    7:19pm BBT:
    Jerry joins Michelle. He asked her if she's okay and she says yes, she's just laying down because there's "nothing else to do." Jerry complains about his neck being sore & Michelle tells him to go into the jacuzzi. Jerry tells her that if she needs to talk, to let him know (he's being supportive of her) and he leaves the bathroom.

    7:23pm BBT:
    Michelle is now in the HOH room feeding the fish.
    Ollie is laying down but awake.
    Dan & Memphis are playing a game of chess.
    Not sure where Jerry is (laying down, perhaps.)

    Keesha & Renny are outside on the couch.

    Renny: "There's something about Dan that doesn't ring right with me."
    Keesha: [passive] "ya..."

    Michelle is outside now as well. All 3 of them are asking each other if they actually heard what Dan & Ollie said (when they were making "the deal") during the HOH Endurance Comp last week.

    Keesha: "I could hear Dan, but I couldn't hear Ollie or even see his face."
    Renny: (to Michelle) " you never heard Ollie say he wanted Memphis up, then."
    Michelle: "Nope."

    Michelle is now telling them that she thinks Dan is a "plant" and going through her theories and how she asked Dan why he didn't put up Ollie instead of her.

    Ollie comes out..

    ..and screams "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!". He's talking about how Jerry follows him around and it's driving him crazy, he has no alone time and never has.

    7:34pm BBT:
    Renny & Ollie start talking.

    Renny asked Ollie what exactly was said between him & Dan during the HOH comp last week. She's trying to figure out Dan's motive for nominating Memphis. Ollie tells Renny he felt like he had no other choice but to pick Memphis based on conversation with Dan. Ollie said his hands were tied because he couldn't tell anyone their deal and that he did not offer Dan a deal, it was Dan offering him the deal.

    Ollie then starts to tell Renny his theories on Dan being a "plant" in the house.

    Ollie: "Do you trust Dan after what he did during the POV ceremony?"
    Renny: "I don't trust ANYBODY in this game."

    Jerry comes outside. lol He sat on a lounger on the other side of the yard.

    7:54pm BBT:
    No convo's going on currently:

    The washer broke when Renny was trying to wash her clothes. Both Ollie & Jerry are trying to fix it (with no luck.) Keesha is splashing her legs around in the hot tub.

    7:56pm BBT:
    HOH Room
    Dan & Memphis

    Memphis said that he's going to talk to Keesha and tell her that he's scared about Renny. Renny keeps questioning Dan's move this week and about why Dan put up Michelle instead of Ollie.

    Dan: "I did that for us 4, not MY game..OUR game."
    Memphis: "I'm afraid that if Renny wins HOH this week, that she's not gonna put up Ollie and I will FLIP MY SHIT if she doesn't!"
    Dan: "It's ALMOST like you [Memphis] has to win HOH this week. They're convinced to get Jerry out next week.."
    Memphis: "..but I'm NOT!" (he wants Ollie out before Jerry)

    They end the convo and Dan says he's gotta try to get some sleep tonight (he hasn't been sleeping too well lately.)

    8:04pm BBT:
    Memphis goes outside, Renny goes inside the house. Jerry goes inside and heads to his bedroom. He tells Michelle (who is re-reading her letter from home in her bed) that the washer is now fixed.

    8:07pm BBT:
    Ollie & Keesha are having a convo about religion.

    They both believe in heaven & hell but both agree that nobody knows 100% for sure and that they'll never argue if there is or not because nobody has proof.

    8:30pm BBT:
    Keesha & Ollie still talking, but now are on the topic of relationships. Keesha says she met her boyfriend (JJ) at an audition.

    Memphis is taking a shower.

    Okay ya'll, I'm off for the night! Been since 6am. I'll be back in the morning with a full Overnight Report!! ;-)

    Tomorrow is Double Eviction day which means that no matter WHAT happens, the feeds are gonna be alive & full of game-changing conversations!! If you don't already have them, tonight might be a great time to get'em so that you're able to watch them as soon as the live show is over tomorrow night!!

    Grab your 2 week trial of the feeds here!! :-D

    G'dnight, ladies & gents. :)

    Stay tuned...

    Afternoon in the BB House:

    12:45pm BBT
    Backyard Couch

    Keesha: "You know Renny, take this for what its worth, I would love to see you and I make it to the end. At least to the final 4. Or the next week. You have to take it week by week."

    Renny: "If the Colonel wins, I think he's going to put up Memphis and Dan. Its the numbers ...One of us would go up because he wouldn't put up Ollie. If Ollie wins, I think he'd put them up too."

    Memphis joins.

    Keesha: "This game is gonna drive me CRAZY!"
    Memphis: "Don't let it, Keesha. Don't let it."

    Spa Room
    Ollie & Michelle

    Michelle is telling Ollie that she wants to "call out" Dan in front of everyone in the HOH room for being a plant and his gf Monica being in the cafeteria during sequester. Ollie tells her she should.

    Ollie joins the couch-crew outside (Michelle said she'd be out in 2 mins.)

    Renny: "How you doing, Ollie?"
    Ollie: "Im livin'."

    1:15pm BBT:

    Michelle tried to convince Keesha of the whole 'Me & Ollie won't put you/Renny up." deal. Michelle then uses the "Us girls gotta stick together, the guys are gonna take us out" approach.

    Updated @ 1:48pm BBT:
    There's been nothing but general chatter here & there (pointless stuff, non-game related stuff.)

    Rumor Control:

    Just to splash some water on this fire of a rumor about Ollie being "punished" for his actions the other day; nobody knows what, *IF ANYTHING*, happened with Ollie as far as a punishment goes. Let's all just wait until the live show tomorrow's epiosde and see what happens.

    2:52pm BBT:
    I'm going to take a break. I'll be back later on! :)

    Stay tuned...

    HOH Pics:

    At 12:01pm, Dan is going around taking pictures with the HOH camera.

    Stay tuned...