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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Winner of the POV is:

The feeds came back at 3:10am BBT (which is 6:10 EST). They POV Comp took over 3 hours (boy am I glad I didn't stay up all night! lol)

It's 6:00am my time here in the Midwest, and I just got up to see who won the POV so that I could post it here.

Problem is...Nobody knows who won yet and all the HG's are sleeping! lol Nobody said ANYTHINGGGGG after the POV comp. Notta. Zilch. But do note that Keesha/Memphis/Dan/Renny did NOT seem happy at all. It took a long time before the cameras focused on Jerry and by the time they did, he was pretty much sleeping.

So nobody in BB land for sure knows who won the POV, but I'm sure that will change once the HG's wake up (which will be in a while since they all just went to bed, Dan is actually still awake in his bed as I'm typing this.)

I'm going back to bed. Just wanted to wake up to break the news that...well..there's no news yet to break. lol :-P

Overnight Report:
Since I was up all night and up until the time the feeds switched to trivia, I'm not going to be doing an Overnight Report this morning. I will, however, be updating this post when I find out who won the POV. :)

Updated @ 10:02am BBT:
HG's still sleeping...

10:44am BBT:
The HG's are up for the day!

So far, there's not much talk...but it SOUNDS like it wasn't Keesha or Renny. Still waiting for confirmation on the POV winner.

Winner of the POV is:


Memphis: (to Dan) "If I take you off the block, you gotta stop with your antics."

Memphis says that he will take him [Dan] off the block BUT he has to vote out Renny because she's a "loose cannon". Dan says okay! They wanna take Keesha to the Final 3 and then get rid of her.

So that Dan/Memphis don't expose their Final 2 alliance, Memphis says he's gonna say that he has no chance of winning the money as long as Renny is in the game.

Okay, now I REALLY gotta get offline! lol Been trying to do that since 9am (damn late night POV! haha!) I'll be back in a few hours, which will be around 3pm BBT!!

Need to know what's going on? Peek in on the HG's on the live feeds!!!

See you guys & gals in a little bit! :-D

Stay tuned...