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Friday, August 29, 2008

Evening in the BB house: (POV is TONIGHT!!)

Since my last post, there's only been 1 thing that happened worth noting:

Dan & Renny had a bit of a fight, nothing too bad but worth mentioning. Renny was in a bad mood to begin with, but then Dan was/is pushing her buttons pretty hardcore tonight (on purpose). Renny slapped him on the ass and that was that. lol

Renny since then, went and put on her burgandy wig and has been acting crazy ever since! It's been funny but weird at the same time (is she off her rocker or just having a blast...can't tell. lol)

The HG's are drinking wine...

and then.....

BB: "The Veto competition will begin in 90 mins!"

Uh oh!! lol They're already half-lit & they have the POV to play soon..this should be interesting! LOL ;-)

The camera guys (or gals!!) keep zooming in on the wine glasses & wine bottles when they talk about the comp tonight. Wonder if they're trying to send us feed watchers a clue that it has something to do with wine.

Okay, so the POV will start right after Showtime's After Dark show is over (naturally.) and I'm sure the feeds will go to trivia for a few hours. I'll probably go to bed and wake up super early to see who won the POV, I'll be just as anxious to see as all of you are I'm sure!!

11:01pm BBT:
Keesha & Renny (alone in the kitchen) just had the most heart-to-heart convo I've ever seen on BB. Renny told Keesha that she will be a GREAT mother and she made her promise Renny to have kids someday. Keesha said that she would love to have kids with JJ (her boyfriend). Keesha cried & Renny was on the verge of tears. Truly one of the best moments I've ever witnessed on the show!

Okay, enough with the sappy shit. lol Back to game-mode! :-P

Dan is focused, focused, FOCUSED!!!!

He is the only HG who didn't drink any wine tonight and I believe this will give him an edge over the others. Jerry didn't drink that much and he has stopped. Keesha drank enough, Memphis a little bit, and Renny..2 glasses of wine. It looks like they've all stopped drinking now. They have less than an hour to get sober!

11:12pm BBT:

Renny: "Keesha is F**KED UP!!!"
Dan: "Mentally? Or.."
Renny: "No, not mentally!" (laughing)

They're all joking around and laughing their butts off. Memphis grabbed Keesha's face (playing around) and was like "Look at me!" and they both started cracking up. lol He wanted to see her eyes to see how drunk she is.

It appears that Keesha/Renny are now both drinking coffee. lol

11:55pm BBT:

I have nooo clue how long it will take for the POV, my guess is that it'll take at least 2 hours and since it's 2am here in the midwest, I'm going to bed! Be back in the morning! :-D

Stay tuned...