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Friday, August 29, 2008

Nomination Ceremony:

Okay kids, here we go!!

At 4:14pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means that we have a Nomination Ceremony underway! :-D

Who will Jerry nominate for eviction this week?

Well, we all now know that Dan is Jerry's target this week, so let's see what happens!

Updated @ 5:17pm BBT:

Nominated for Eviction:

Dan & Keesha

This is Jerry's way of testing Memphis & Renny this week to see where their loyalties are and with who.

This puts Memphis in a really messed up position because if he wins the POV, then he needs to choose who to save and he has Final 2 alliances with both of them (and all 3 of them have a Final 3 deal together.)

This week is gonna be VERY interesting!!!!

The HG's are on interior lockdown.

Memphis: "They're doing something out there..."

I believe that BB might be setting up for the POV Comp.

Memphis: "I think we'll be playing the POV tonight. Maybe, maybe not."

I HOPE the POV is tonight because there is no more game talk to really be had. Everyone has made deals already, the noms are who everyone expected, and it REALLY comes down to who wins the POV. There's NOTHING the HG's can do until then. Nothing.

All the HG's don't even know what to talk to's at a point of "now what?" but there's no answers to be had until after the POV (which is HOPEFULLY tonight!!!)

Stay tuned...