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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Gooood afternoon, ya'll! :-D

The boys just woke up a little bit ago (12:45pm BBT). Big Brother let them sleep in since they were up until after 2am this morning.

Dan & Memphis are outside on the backyard couch talking about the votes, money, and what they wanna buy. Memphis said that he's gonna buy a MAC laptop for him & Ashley. Dan says that he has a Dell laptop at home.

Talk turns to cars & etc. Guy talk. :)

Also, don't forget to cast your vote for America's Choice!! The winner will be announced on Finale night (this Tuesday) and the winner will recieve a cool $25,000! I originally wanted Renny to win it, but the more I thought about it and read comments and put myself in Keessha's shoes, the more I think that Keesha deserves it above anybody else. She's just starting out in life and she REALLY played the game hard and was not afraid to express her thoughts/feelings and switch up her game when she needed to.


I'll be online for most of the day working on 2 new "things" that I will soon announce right here on the blog before (or on) Finale night. So stick around to see what I'm up to now. ;-)

1:17pm BBT:
Dan & Memphis still on the backyard couch talking about Keesha (surprise, surprise.) Memphis is talking about how Keesha said she wanted to buy a designer purse when she got out of the house and Memphis said that might not be a smart move.

Memphis: "Those (Louis Vuitton) purses are ugly anyways. Not sure why she'd want one of those."

1:39pm BBT:
Memphis & Dan are now in the kitchen area, talking about various topics (coffee shops, magazines, etc etc).

2:04pm BBT:
BB gave the boys 2 remote control cars to play with. The only problem is that Dan's remote is sometimes interfering with Memphis' car. lol

8:38pm BBT:
The boys have been sleeping/eating off & on all day long. Enjoying their time in an empty house and finally getting some well deserved rest. :)

Stay tuned...

After the Jury House Q & A's

At 12:05am BBT, the feeds came back.

There's no sign of Memphis yet (Diary Room, perhaps?), but Dan is in the kitchen pacing back & forth like a crazy man!!!

Doesn't look like it went well for Dan at all, he's very nervous. Pacing, drinking his beer, and mumbling to himself as he walks to the Memory Wall and then walks away. He's damn near speed-walking around the dinning area/kitchen and has been since the feeds came back.

Dan: "If I don't get Renny's vote, I cannot win."

[Still pacing...]

Dan: "[Memphis] has to get either Ollie or April, he has to get one of the two and he never said a word to them."

12:17am BBT:
Memphis comes out of hte Diary Room and tells Dan there's 4 more beers in the Storage Room for them.

Dan goes to the Diary Room, Memphis (with the 4 beers) heads to the kitchen & burps. lol He doesn't seem nervous at all, kinda happy actually.

12:25am BBT:
Memphis is now eating in the kitchen area, waiting on Dan to come out of the D.R.

Memphis is now finished eating and moved to the living room couch, still waiting for Dan.

12:40am BBT:
Dan is out of the Diary Room and Dan starts to play a game with Memphis...

Dan: "If you could pick ANY female from the Memory Wall to take on a private island, who would it be?"

Memphis: "I'm not playing this game, Dan!! Ashley is probably watching."
Dan: "No she's not, she's sleeping dude. So anyways, who would you take?"
Memphis: "How about..nobody! Ok?" (blushing)

**Oh, I think we ALL know who he'd take. ;-)

Memphis starts talking about Keesha..
Memphis: (mocking her voice from tonight) "So I was a part of your business plan??"
Dan laughs.

Memphis: "What I don't get is, how did Keesha NOT know that I was going to take you to the end? I mean, come on."

Dan: "I think she'll forgive you, though."

Talk then turns to Jerry. They boys both said that he was PISSED tonight. They both agree that they have no clue who he will vote for and they think it's truly a toss-up at this point.


Dan is still teasing Memphis about Keesha. (It is VERY clear to me now that he sees how much Memphis is crushing on her and he's toying with him. lol)

Dan: "Dude, remember when me and you were in the storage room talking about how upset Keesha was at you? And you were like 'I don't care'. You really didn't!"

Memphis: "I didn't feel bad of DOING it, let's get it straight right now Dan..I didn't feel bad pullin' the trigger [on Keesha]. It's like having to fire somebody. Like firing your best friend. But I DO feel bad, you know? I feel bad that she is a friend."

Meanwhile, Dan is taking Memphis' key and putting it in Keesha's slot. This has been a game all day long where they'll place each others keys in different slots and say "Oh, you're in [name] now!" Memphis did it to Dan just a little bit ago but placing Dan's key in Jerry's slot. lol

Memphis: "STOP IT!!"
Dan: (in a Keesha voice) "OHHHH MEMPHISS!! hehehe"
Memphis: (blushing/giggling) "Dude..[giggles] you gotta f**kin' stop."
Dan: "Why? Ashley's not watching!!! We're not even live right now."
Memphis: "It doesn't matter!! [smiling] She's gonna smack the shit outta you when she sees you."

Talk the turns to Keesha's breasts.

Memphis: "I'd have to see papers [saying her boobs aren't real]."
Dan: "Dude, when she would lay down..[they looked natural]. They were nice!"
Memphis: "That they were. I agree!"
Dan: "Dude, she'll forgive you."
Memphis: "I'll have to buy her a damn goldfish or something to make it up to her."
Dan: "She still likes you, she's just mad at you. She'll forgive you!"

Either Dan is buzzed or he's drunk, not sure. lol But he's being hilarious. In between regualar convo, he'll bring up questions like "If you were single, who in the house.." LOLLLL

Memphis (obviously) now knows about Dan's trip with Michelle to the beach, and they both know that Renny owns her own Hair Salon. Dan tells Memphis that he has his own website creations website on the side that he does during his 3 months off of teaching every year.

Talk turns to about when they [Dan/Memphis] start their clothing company, Dan will make and run the website. They're going into details now about hosting, etc etc.

2:04am BBT:
The boys are getting changed for bed and they're calling it a night. I am too (it's after 4am my time.)

See ya'll in the morning..or early afternoon. lol ;-)

Stay tuned...

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Good evening everyone! Hopefully your Friday afternoon was well. :)

8:45pm BBT:
The boys are preparing for their Jury House Q&A tonight.

Memphis & Dan ironed their shirts: Dan will wear a pink button down shirt, Memphis will be wearing a teal button downed shirt.

During tonight's Q&A, the Jury House members will be able to see Dan & Memphis, but the boys won't be able to see them.

The boys talked about who they think will give them the most difficult question(s) and they both agree that it will be Keesha.

Memphis: "They're all gonna have riffles, it's just a matter of who's gonna have the bullet."

Dan: (to BB) "Big Brother, can we get some alcohol in here tonight after the questions? We're gonna need it."

8:51pm BBT:
Dan is currently laying down in the Spa Room, looking to be in deep thought.

Memphis is doing the same thing in the 60's room, also looking to be deep in thought.

8:56pm BBT:
All feeds are on TRIVIA!! :-D The Renegades are getting drilled with questions from each Jury House member.

**Note: BB: After Dark on Showtime was pre-recorded from this afternoon. It will return to being Live tomorrow night. :)

11:56pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia...

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report/Morning Update

Hello BB fans! :-D Today the boys will get questioned from the Jury House and that should be happening sometime tonight (BBT). I'll let ya'll know when that happens.

Last night, the boys spent time talking about what they could do/want to do with the money if they won the $50k or the $500k prize. They also talked about how it was hard to leave their girlfriends because they were crying as they drove away.

Memphis: "That was the hardest part for me. To see Ashley cry as I drove away."

Talk then turns to Keesha & Dan asked him if it was hard to evict her, considering they're friends.

Dan: "Do you think the hardest thing you had to do in this game was cut Keesha?"

Memphis: "For sure. (Nodding his head) Every other move I made in this house, I was very confident in. Not to say that I WASN'T confident in the move I made with [evicting] Keesha..because I do think we made a really.good.decision. for us [Renegades]. But that was the hardest. To do the things that I did to everybody else in the game, I was fine [with screwing them over]. I looked up to her as sister, man!"

Dan: "A sister??" *laughs* (hinting that he found Keesha attractive)

(Memphis blushing & smiling, looking away from Dan)

Dan: "You looked at her ALOT!"

Memphis: "Bullllshitttt." (puts his head down & grins)

Dan: "Dude..YOU checked her out more than I did!"

Memphis: "YOU are craaazzyy. Crazy."

Dan: "Dude, I saw your eyes looking at her all the time. Don't worry, it's natural."

Memphis: "How are you lookin' at MY eyes when you're checking HER out?" *laughing*

Dan: "Everytime she walked up those stairs, I knew where your eyes were."

Memphis: (still blushing) "You only ASSUMED that because that's where YOUR eyes were! Don't get it twisted."

Dan changes the subject to the Jury House and who was first to go, etc..and Memphis interrupts & continues to talk about Keesha some more.

Memphis: "No but umm, Keesha was harrddd for me to get out, man. How could she NOT know that I was gonna vote her out? We knew where Jerry's game stood with us, but her game was so unclear to me. I had to fucking do it!"

He goes on & on reassuring himself that it was the right move (obviously still feeling a little bit of hurt for kicking her out. I think it was the WAY that she was kicked out, not her actual eviction.)

Memphis: "I wish she would have just shaken my hand and said something like good luck in the game or something."

Dan: "Mmm hmm."

Memphis: "I had to do it..I had to...dude, she's never gonna talk to me again."

Dan: "After the wrap party, she will."

Memphis goes on about how he didn't wanna be friends with anybody in the house but he considers Keesha (and Dan) his friends.

11:20am BBT:

The boys are on interior lockdown and not sure why.

Memphis: (to BB) "Are you building us a MoonBounce for us out there and you're just not telling us?"

Dan goes over to the Memory Wall and starts asking Memphis who he could see on magazines and which magazines they'd be on. He says Keesha could be on the cover of Maxim.

Dan: "Who would get the cover of a gay rodeo magazine?"

They both start laughing. lol :-P

They're now both going through each HG's and figuring out their jobs and such.

I won't be online much until the late afternoon/early evening. I have to tend to offline stuff.

If you want to watch Dan & Memphis having some pretty interesting convos today, then go ahead and grab you 14 day totally free trial of the live feeds. :)

See ya'll laterrrrr!!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Final 2...The Renegades!!!! :-D

Okay, first off...go to to vote for mean, America's Choice! ;-)

And 2nd, I am happy that Memphis & Dan (aka The Renegades) are in the Final 2. I feel/think that they played the game the best, hands down!! Memphis, who never won a single HOH, is sitting pretty right now with at least $50k under his belt. Dan...the Master..the Pro...the ultimate BB player ever (in my personal opinion, of course). Dan single handily dupped each & every houseguest at one point or another, manipulated people to do his dirty work so that the "blood" was on them and not on Dan, and...well...the list really could go on & on. While I'm a Memphis fan, I really believe that Dan should win the $500, questions asked!

That is only my OPINION!!! So share yours with me and everybody else by leaving a comment below!! :-D

6:38pm BBT:
Backyard Lockdown
"The Renegades"

A message for their girlfriends:

Memphis: "Monica!! Ashley!!! Get a hold of each other on myspace and GET OFF OF WORK! Plan shit out together and take the same time off of work together."

Memphis: "Dude...can you believe this shit?"
Dan: "I know." (smiles)

The boys talked about the Jury House questions tomorrow: Dan agreed to not bring up the car thing, and they're not gonna tell them about them being in an alliance (they feel it might hurt their chances).

They're still waiting on the outside lockdown to be over. BB is giving them a celebration dinner and taking away the 3rd chair at the dinner table.

7:10pm BBT:
They are still waiting to get in the house!

Dan: "When did you know you could trust me?"
Memphis: "After the Judas thing."

7:53pm BBT:
Feeds are on trivia as the HG's get their food.

Trivia came back and they were finishing dinner. They then spent alot of time in the hot tub talking (I took screenshots and notes, I'll post them in the Overnight Report!)

Until then, goodnight! :-D

Stay tuned...


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Thursday Night Live Show:

As of 2:07pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia!!! :-D This means that when the feeds return (after the live show tonight), we will get to see the Final 2 in the house until Tuesday.

Wow, the season is just about done. I STILL can't believe that!! Went by so fast.

On the live show tonight, Dan & Memphis will battle it out in Part 3 of the Final HOH! They agreed to NOT throw the comp and just to play it out (even after Dan told Memphis to throw the comp to him so that he'd be the one to evict Jerry..this would give Memphis an extra safety cushion if he were to win HOH that he will not get evicted over Jerry.)

Whoever wins the Final HOH will then pick 1 remaining HG to bring with him to the Final 2, and the other HG will be then evicted.

[Hope ya'll enjoyed watching the show right here on the blog!!]

(Memphis is wearing his red bandanna on his wrist. lol Love it!)

Winner of the Final HOH is:


Last HG to be Evicted in Season 10 is:


Back to the live feeds I go!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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Morning/Afternoon in the BB house:

Good morning, everyone!

I would like to take a moment for all of us to reflect on the 7th anniversary of September 11th, 2001.

If you have a loved one (friend/family) that is currently serving in the war, my prayers go out to them as well as you & your family. We are all thankful and grateful for each and every soldier fighting for our country and our for our freedom!!

Last night:
Dan & Memphis are going to the Final 2 regardless of today's outcome. Dan gave Memphis his grandfathers cross necklace as "proof" (for lack of a better word) that they will take each other to the Final 2. They also agreed to NOT throw today's Mental Comp: they will fight for it.

Then they started to talk about how they're already in the Final 2 and that they each have at least $50,000, then they started figuring out how much taxes are for $50,000 and for $500,000.

Oh, and if you're a Memphis fan (or just like looking at him)...enjoy!;-)

(click on the pic to make it bigger)

Not much is going on in the BB house this morning...

...except for Jerry throwing up at 10:28am BBT:

He thinks it might be some apple juice that he drank.

Jerry & Memphis were talking about all the noise that BB is making in the HOH Room (which is now closed off to the remaining houseguests for the season). Memphis thinks they might be tearing it down, and I'm thinking the same thing. Last season (during this past Winter) they started to tear down & rebuild the HOH room for the next season which was just a few months away. So BB tearing down the HOH room before the season is even over, only makes me believe more that there will be a Winter Edition of BB again!! :-D

All 3 of the guys are outside in the backyard enjoying the morning air and talking about movies.

Memphis: "One of my all-time favorite movies is that 'Stand By Me' movie.."

10:45am BBT:
The Dan/Memphis are on lockdown outside. Jerry is inside in the Diary Room.

10:58am BBT:
The boys are now talking about which HG's hate them the most. lol

The boys are talking about wearing their red "Renegade" bandannas starting tonight.

12:52pm BBT:
The "Renegades" are swimming and Jerry just got done doing 35 pushups.

They're all talking about how busy of a year BB had with 2 back-to-back seasons (Winter & Summer).

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Winner of Part 2 HOH is:

FEEDS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winner of Part 2 is:


Jerry: "Oh well, I'm done. I don't have to do anything anymore. I think you 2 will fight it out tomorrow."

All 3 of them are in the kitchen talking about how good Jerry did in the game and he's been through so much and got so far.

Jerry is laughing at himself because it took him over 50 minutes to complete the comp.

Memphis is trying his best to bottle his excitment, Dan too. Looks like they're holding it for respect of Jerry but I bet the first second they have to themselves, they'll be dancing the jig of glee!! lol

6:04pm BBT:
I was right!!! :-D The minute Jerry walked away to get something from the Storage Room, Dan started to jump up & down!

Memphis smiled, but didn't jump or celebrate because Jerry started to come back towards the kitchen.

6:10pm BBT:
Storage Room

They do a little celebrating real quick and then make a deal...

Dan: "You bit the bullet for Keesha [by evicting her]. If you vote Jerry're not getting his vote, know what I mean? I'll trade 1 for 1 on that."

Memphis: (smiling from ear to ear) "Can you believe this shit?"

Memphis: "Our bank accounts are gonna be like..(whoa!)"

6:28pm BBT:
Memphis is sitting on the couch alone. Thinking.

(I hope he sells that hat on ebay, I want it! LOL)

6:38pm BBT:
All 3 are cooking dinner and are about to eat.

Okay, so Dan said that he'd evict Jerry because Memphis evicted Keesha. So if Memphis throws the comp and Dan wins, Dan has the power to choose who he wants to take with him to the Final 2. He could EASILY f**k Memphis over and take Jerry. Will he? Who knows!! But this is the best Final 3 that I've ever seen! You can't predict who the Final 2 will be and Dan is totally unpredicatable...he's a pro at getting ahead in the game and getting what he wants. Tomorrow is gonna be freakin' insane on the live show!

6:55p,m BBT:
If you have the feeds, check out Steven & Brian chatting LIVE on Feed 4!! :-D

If you don't have the feeds, Get'em Here!!

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House:

2:53pm BBT:
The theme from "Rocky" was played over the loudspeaker and then Dan shouted "Mike O.!!" (the guy who does all the comps. If you have the feeds, then you've heard him before.)

The feeds switched to fishies a second later, but still no trivia (yet).

Part 2 of the HOH is most likely going on right now!!! :-D

Who will win: Memphis or Jerry?

Considering that Jerry was helping Memphis out with trivia stuff 5 minutes before the feeds switched to fishies, I'd put my money on Memphis. Plus Dan has been drilling him every chance he could get. And Memphis is faster & stronger than Jerry.
But then again, Memphis' nerves were getting to him and you know how people act when their nervous: their minds go blank, etc.

While we wait, watch last night's Craig Ferguson show (it was taped on Monday).

Stay tuned...


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Wednesday in the BB house: (updated)

Good afternoon, ya'll!! :-D Sorry for the late start today (had to tend to some non-BB stuff this morning).

The good news is that I didn't miss anything this morning. lol

Dan & Memphis are still pretending to hate each other until after the Physical Comp today (which is Part 2 of 3 of the Final HOH comps).

I'll be back in about 30 mins, I'm watching Housecalls with Keesha!! :-D

12:43pm BBT: Housecalls is now over.

It was nice to see Keesha again after being evicted yesterday. I was anxious to see where her head is at on different things. So in case you missed it, here's some highlights:

*Keesha wants to see her dog, Gizmo, more than anything/anybody. JJ was 2nd on her list. lol

*A fan asked (via email) if she was attracted to Memphis, and she said "No, he's too young for me." What does age have to do with the question? ;-)

*She would LOVE to do All-Stars, and she would love to take Renny with her.

*Keesha still has no ideas why the word "HOT" was on the rubber cow (not duck!!) that Dan gave her. She said she racked her brain and cannot think of anything, except the only obvious guess..that Dan thinks she's hot.

*Keesha hinted towards getting Dan all the votes she can. She still wants him to win and she will do everything she can in the Jury House. "My game isn't over, yet!"

*When asked who in the house she would hang out with after the show is over, she said Renny & Dan. (No talk of Memphis).

*Keesha is done working as a Hooters girl, but still wants to work within the company, but just higher-up (like a management position).

Currently on the feeds:

12:54pm BBT:
Jerry is in his bed sleeping.
Dan is resting in the Spa Room.
Memphis is laying on his bed, he looks nervous about today's comp.

As soon as the Physical Comp is over today, all will be back to normal as far as Dan & Memphis talking. Right now, they're putting on an act for Jerry to throw him off of their alliance.

I can't WAIT to see Jerry's reaction when the boys pull out their red bandannas and do their Renegades handshake in front of him! :-D Jerry is gonna be pissed..then sad...then even more pissed...then he'll probably yell at Memphis for "playing him" and then he'll go take a nap, I'm sure. Hahaha! ;-)

The only question is: will that happen today? If Memphis wins this comp, then yes.

By the way, someone left a comment this morning about something I've been thinking about as well and wanted to bring it up to see what ya'll think:

Do you think that Memphis or Dan would get rid of each other, so that they'd have a better chance at winning against Jerry?? I'm finding it hard to believe that Memphis isn't seeing Dan using him as a puppet. Memphis is too smart (or am I giving him too much credit?)

What are your thoughts??

1:36pm BBT:
Memphis is freaking out!

He gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom. On his way, he tells Dan (who is at the kitchen table)...

Memphis: (quiet voice) "I'm driving myself insane!!"

..and he continues to walk to the bathroom. After he's done, he went back into the bedroom to lay back down.

Memphis: (outloud) "UGHH!!!!!!!!" (sounds very frustrated)

His nerves are totally getting to him about today's comp.

2:10pm BBT:
Jerry is in the Diary Room.

Dan opened the door to the 60's room where Memphis (finally) was sleeping and starts quizzing him on who won HOH's and POV's.

Dan: "Let's go over it again..who won HOH's."
Memphis (irritated) "Dude, you just woke me up."

Memphis takes a second to wake up and then starts firing off names, Dan tells him he's right.

Dan: "Oh, and if it's a puzzle, double check your answers before hitting the buzzer."

Dan tells Memphis that BB is now done building today's Physical Comp and then leaves.

A few minutes later..

BB: "Memphis, please go to the Diary Room."

2:22pm BBT:
Dan is reading his Bible in the Spa Room.
Jerry is eating at the kitchen counter.
Memphis still in Diary Room.

2:35pm BBT:
Memphis is now out of the Diary Room.

Here's a current look at the feeds:

Stay tuned...


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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So what happens now?

Been getting a lot of emails/comments on this, so I figured I'd have some fun with photoshop and make a little diagram for ya'll.

Hopefully this will answer all the questions. :)

9:16pm BBT:
Memphis is now in the Diary Room, Jerry still on the couch laying down, Dan in Spa Room on lounger. Not a word has been said in like 10 minutes or so. Blah.

I'm taking a break, guys. Be back later! ;-)

Stay tuned...


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After the Endurance Comp: (pics)

I think Memphis threw it, but won't know for sure until the boys have a chance to talk later on without Jerry being around. But when Memphis walked back into the house, he did a little jig for a second, so I'm guessing he threw it.

Tomorrow it will be Memphis VS Jerry in the Physical Comp.

6:54pm BBT:

They both whispered & smiled at each other, but couldn't make out what they were saying (the water was much louder than their whispers).

7:14pm BBT:
60's Room

Both were laughing, couldn't hear any convo (not sure if there was any). Then Memphis hurried up and put on a pissed off face (for Jerry) as he left the bedroom.

7:17pm BBT:

Dan is laying down in Keesha's old bed, looks to be in deep thought.

7:25pm BBT:
60's Room

Memphis walks in and him and Dan laugh together.

Dan: "Get [Jerry] to throw tomorrows comp."
Memphis: "What?" (he didn't hear him)
Dan: "Get him to throw it."

7:48pm BBT:
Memphis & Dan are still pretending to be mad at each other, so they can't be seen by Jerry talking or being in the same room together.

8:00pm BBT:
Jerry gets called into the Diary Room, Memphis & Dan use the time to talk:

Dan: "Don't over indulge (overacting being pissed off). Hey, I called you out (during the comp) on that wind breaker."
(Both Laugh)
Memphis: "Tomorrow, dude."
Dan: "Get [Jerry] to throw it, its a done deal. Don't worry about it."
Memphis: "Then we're gonna have to flip to see who sends him home."
Dan: "Ya. You saw what happens when you send someone out of this house
Memphis: "What did you ask Keesha when she walked out the door?"
Dan: "I asked her to ask Renny about her vote, because it was up in the air."
Memphis: "Oooo.."
Dan: "Ya, & there's no way I'll get [Jerry's] vote."

They start talking about tomorrows Physical Comp that will be Memphis VS Jerry.

Dan: "If it's something I can't watch, come out with a red bandana. If you win, wear the red one."
Dan: "Jerry said 'We'll talk about what we're gonna do'? Thats what he told you?"
Memphis: "Ya. No f**king way, dude!"
Dan: "We gotta come up with some bullshit story that you know what the 3rd [comp] is gonna be."
Memphis: "We set ourselves up. I don't think I need to say shit."
Dan: "I'll be freaking out if I have to go against him in the 3rd heat, dude."
Memphis: "We'll be like, "get the f**k outta here, dude!"
Dan: "He folded it like a house of cards on the endurance. I could've been up there for more than an hour. [Big Brother] couldn't of run that at night..there was no lights."

8:49pm BBT:
This is what's been on the feeds for like 45 mins now. lol

Dan is in the Diary Room.

So, Memphis & Dan can't talk (around Jerry), and Memphis can't stand Jerry but has to act like he does..oh boy, this is gonna be a fun 12+ hours. LOL Hopefully Jerry will pass out early and the boys can start talking again.

Stay tuned...


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HOH Part 1: Endurance Comp

Here we gooooo!!!!! :-D

Wanna see the Endurance Comp 100% TOTALLY FREE right now?? Then CLICK HERE!!!

The feeds are still on trivia, should be back in about 5 mins, so hurry up & get the feeds in the meantime!

Feeds are on...


6:11pm BBT:

6:17pm BBT:

Dan: (to himself) "Watch the nose of the the nooosee of the pllanne."

OOO!!!! Listen to this..

Dan: "You know what I tell all my football players? If it ain't rough, it aint right. So guess what Memphis, you're in for LOOONNNGG night!"

Dan: *sreaming* "Yaaa...YEAHHH!!!!!!!"

6:30pm BBT:
The wind machine is kicking on again, and some bouncing of the planes (aka turbulence).

Dan: "Focus on the nose...focus on the nose. [pause] Focus on the nose."

6:35pm BBT:


Winner of Final HOH Round 1:


Memphis TOTALLY threw that comp.

Stay tuned...

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