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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Final 2...The Renegades!!!! :-D

Okay, first off...go to to vote for mean, America's Choice! ;-)

And 2nd, I am happy that Memphis & Dan (aka The Renegades) are in the Final 2. I feel/think that they played the game the best, hands down!! Memphis, who never won a single HOH, is sitting pretty right now with at least $50k under his belt. Dan...the Master..the Pro...the ultimate BB player ever (in my personal opinion, of course). Dan single handily dupped each & every houseguest at one point or another, manipulated people to do his dirty work so that the "blood" was on them and not on Dan, and...well...the list really could go on & on. While I'm a Memphis fan, I really believe that Dan should win the $500, questions asked!

That is only my OPINION!!! So share yours with me and everybody else by leaving a comment below!! :-D

6:38pm BBT:
Backyard Lockdown
"The Renegades"

A message for their girlfriends:

Memphis: "Monica!! Ashley!!! Get a hold of each other on myspace and GET OFF OF WORK! Plan shit out together and take the same time off of work together."

Memphis: "Dude...can you believe this shit?"
Dan: "I know." (smiles)

The boys talked about the Jury House questions tomorrow: Dan agreed to not bring up the car thing, and they're not gonna tell them about them being in an alliance (they feel it might hurt their chances).

They're still waiting on the outside lockdown to be over. BB is giving them a celebration dinner and taking away the 3rd chair at the dinner table.

7:10pm BBT:
They are still waiting to get in the house!

Dan: "When did you know you could trust me?"
Memphis: "After the Judas thing."

7:53pm BBT:
Feeds are on trivia as the HG's get their food.

Trivia came back and they were finishing dinner. They then spent alot of time in the hot tub talking (I took screenshots and notes, I'll post them in the Overnight Report!)

Until then, goodnight! :-D

Stay tuned...


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