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Friday, September 12, 2008

Overnight Report/Morning Update

Hello BB fans! :-D Today the boys will get questioned from the Jury House and that should be happening sometime tonight (BBT). I'll let ya'll know when that happens.

Last night, the boys spent time talking about what they could do/want to do with the money if they won the $50k or the $500k prize. They also talked about how it was hard to leave their girlfriends because they were crying as they drove away.

Memphis: "That was the hardest part for me. To see Ashley cry as I drove away."

Talk then turns to Keesha & Dan asked him if it was hard to evict her, considering they're friends.

Dan: "Do you think the hardest thing you had to do in this game was cut Keesha?"

Memphis: "For sure. (Nodding his head) Every other move I made in this house, I was very confident in. Not to say that I WASN'T confident in the move I made with [evicting] Keesha..because I do think we made a really.good.decision. for us [Renegades]. But that was the hardest. To do the things that I did to everybody else in the game, I was fine [with screwing them over]. I looked up to her as sister, man!"

Dan: "A sister??" *laughs* (hinting that he found Keesha attractive)

(Memphis blushing & smiling, looking away from Dan)

Dan: "You looked at her ALOT!"

Memphis: "Bullllshitttt." (puts his head down & grins)

Dan: "Dude..YOU checked her out more than I did!"

Memphis: "YOU are craaazzyy. Crazy."

Dan: "Dude, I saw your eyes looking at her all the time. Don't worry, it's natural."

Memphis: "How are you lookin' at MY eyes when you're checking HER out?" *laughing*

Dan: "Everytime she walked up those stairs, I knew where your eyes were."

Memphis: (still blushing) "You only ASSUMED that because that's where YOUR eyes were! Don't get it twisted."

Dan changes the subject to the Jury House and who was first to go, etc..and Memphis interrupts & continues to talk about Keesha some more.

Memphis: "No but umm, Keesha was harrddd for me to get out, man. How could she NOT know that I was gonna vote her out? We knew where Jerry's game stood with us, but her game was so unclear to me. I had to fucking do it!"

He goes on & on reassuring himself that it was the right move (obviously still feeling a little bit of hurt for kicking her out. I think it was the WAY that she was kicked out, not her actual eviction.)

Memphis: "I wish she would have just shaken my hand and said something like good luck in the game or something."

Dan: "Mmm hmm."

Memphis: "I had to do it..I had to...dude, she's never gonna talk to me again."

Dan: "After the wrap party, she will."

Memphis goes on about how he didn't wanna be friends with anybody in the house but he considers Keesha (and Dan) his friends.

11:20am BBT:

The boys are on interior lockdown and not sure why.

Memphis: (to BB) "Are you building us a MoonBounce for us out there and you're just not telling us?"

Dan goes over to the Memory Wall and starts asking Memphis who he could see on magazines and which magazines they'd be on. He says Keesha could be on the cover of Maxim.

Dan: "Who would get the cover of a gay rodeo magazine?"

They both start laughing. lol :-P

They're now both going through each HG's and figuring out their jobs and such.

I won't be online much until the late afternoon/early evening. I have to tend to offline stuff.

If you want to watch Dan & Memphis having some pretty interesting convos today, then go ahead and grab you 14 day totally free trial of the live feeds. :)

See ya'll laterrrrr!!

Stay tuned...