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Saturday, September 20, 2008

BB10 Tribute Video

Here's a short, but sweet video that I stumbled upon. It includes some pics from the Wrap Party that I haven't come across yet.

Enjoy! :-D

Stay tuned...

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Renny getting down on the dance floor! (video)

I freakin' LOVE Renny!!! :-D

Here she is getting her boogie on at last night's Wrap Party:

(The guys towards the end is her hubby.)


Also, for more Wrap Party pics, Dani of BB8 uploaded her pics on her Myspace:

Click Here for Dani's Myspace Page

Here's a preview of one of her pics:

Stay tuned...

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pics from the Wrap Party

Thanks to Gretchen (host of Housecalls), she emailed the link to see all of her Wrap Party pics that are posted on her new website!!

Here's just a few:

And the link below will take you to ALL the pics on Gretchen's website.
Enjoy, guys & dolls!! ;-)

[Click Here for the Wrap Party Pics]

More photos will be added from the crew of Housecalls real soon (I'll let ya'll know when they've been posted).

Stay tuned...

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BB10 Gag Reel

Last night was the Wrap Party for BB10 and as a part of the Wrap Party, they do a "Gag Reel". Usually it's pretty hilarious but I wasn't too impressed with this seasons Gag Reel. It was just "okay" for me, though the Renny/Dan thing was pretty hilarious. lol

Enjoy! ;-)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Also, I recieved an email from Gretchen (host of Housecalls on around 4am my time this morning after she got back from the wrap party, but I'm not sure how she even got my email address. lol It was clearly a mass email, but still not sure how she got my adresss. Anyways, here's the email:

9/19/08 1:38am

Hey All!

I just got back from the BB10 wrap party and I had a fabulous time. Not only was the season 10 cast there, but so many other past house guests as well.

I have to say, Dan and Memphis are some of the most gracious winners I've ever met--they could not have been nicer. In fact, they signed the Team Dan shirt I wore on HCs (as did the rest of the BB10 house guests, plus some of the past guests--I'll be auctioning off the shirt for charity on EBay soon--stay posted for those details...) and they couldn't have seemed more in love with their girlfriends.

I talked to Chelsea and Crazy James (who's moving to France on Wednesday to 'get away from it all'), BB6 James was there, Erica and my favorite, dear friend Marcellas. Sheila was there with her hot, younger comedian boyfriend, and Chicken George was completely working the room.

Danielle has totally warmed up to Keesha after meeting at tonight's wrap party--I even saw them taking pics together like the best of (somewhat identical) friends. Evel Dick was there with a foxy date, and Bunky actually brought a super-fan from San Fran.

Libra looked gorgeous, but I didn't get a chance to meet her husband. Get this--not only her hubby, but all her kids are out here too--they're making a bit of a vacation of it. Jessie was, well...Jessie. April and Ollie still look like quite the couple together, and could not have been friendlier and in a better mood.

Jerry was great on the dance floor with his daughter, and it was cute to see Renny and her husband Patrick together after so long. Steven was in a great mood from riding, and Brian and Angie were super cool as usual--right up to Angie busting my husband's balls for saying, 'Congratulations'---she asked, 'For what? I lost!'. Okay, it was funny at the time...

The gag reel was absolutely hilarious! It featured a Graduate tribute featuring footage of Renny and Dan 'flirting' and Jerry saying 'Plastic'. It also had a Jerry Gone Wild segment, with the old guy running around the house topless, and his nipples bleeped out. And a batman take called The Dan Night, with Dan in his black cape and Renny in her white facial cream and red lips, looking like Heath Ledger's Joker! And they put together a montage of Michell in the diary room asking for wine and beer, beer and wine, just wine, just beer, and then some hard alcohol (don't worry, she had a great sense of humor about it!) Well done, whoever done it...

Overall, a nice ending to a great season. And best of all, it was announced that there absolutely will be a BB11 next summer, so we have that to look forward to.

Well I'm exhausted, and I'm going to bed--we took a ton of awesome photos which I will put up on our site some time tomorrow--I'll send you the direct link as soon as I do. But in the meantime, here's a couple of shots to whet your whistles...

Take care,


BB11 next SUMMER?? Is Gretchen trying to throw us off?? Everything points to a WINTER edition of BB11. The application form for BB11 being up already, the HOH room was already being re-done before Dan & Memphis were out of the house, it's listed as a midseason show in the Fall on, and a few different sources from CBS have emailed me, left me a message on myspace, and also here on the blog that BB11 will start in Feb. Hmm!!! Interesting. I'll keep ya'll posted!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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Memphis & his prize car

Looks like Memphis didn't get his classic car after all.


In the first episode of BB10, Memphis won a sweet 1969 Camaro in a car-pulling contest (don't ask). Small problem -- "Big Brother" couldn't give the car away because the show didn't own it. We're told someone else actually held the title. In fact, the car had already been returned to the owner almost immediately after the contest.

Memphis the Mixologist was none the wiser because no one told him about the snag while he was inside the house. But on Tuesday, Memphis gained his freedom, losing to Dan, and learned the car he had come to treasure wasn't really his. Another problem -- the car has been repainted since it was on the show.

We're told producers are now scrambling to buy the car from the real owner. Sources say the real owner will turn the keys over for $24,000. A '69 Camaro online sell for anywhere between 7 and as much as 80 grand. Fact is, Big Bro doesn't have a lot of bargaining power, so they are more SOL than HOH.

Follow Up:


Memphis, the "Big Brother" contestant who won a 1969 Camaro the show didn't even own, has decided he doesn't want the car anyway.

After setting up a test-drive to see if he wanted the classic car -- which "Big Bro" would've had to purchase from the rightful owner -- Memphis realized the gas-guzzler wasn't for him and chose to pocket an undisclosed amount of greenbacks instead.

**Wonder if he'll buy a more gas friendly car to roam around in or use the money to help start up him & Dan's idea for "Renegade Gear".

Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Housecalls: Dan & Memphis (video)

Thanks to a fan of the blog (jluv!!!), I was informed that CBS has posted the episode of Housecalls with Dan & Memphis a little bit earlier than expected!!! :-D Thanks, Jluv!

So if you haven't seen it yet, here it is:

Stay tuned...

Dan & Memphis on Housecalls

At 3pm EST (12pm BBT), Memphis & Dan will be on Houscalls!!!

Here's a pic of them with the host Gretchen waiting for the show to go LIVE!!!

1:01pm BBT:
If you missed housecalls today, CBS will have the video up tomorrow so you can watch it then! :-D

It was a GREAT show!! A couple of callers asked Memphis AND Dan if they had a crush on Keesha: Dan said no and I believed him. Memphis said no, but I didn't believe him. ;-) lol He was blushing but said that he likes her like like a sister. (Mm hmm. lol)

If you're wondering if Keesha & Memphis are friends right now, the answer is no but Memphis REALLY hopes to patch up their friendship soon. Dan told Memphis that they will. They also mentioned how Keesha will eventually see that it was Memphis AND Dan who wanted her out of the house, not just Memphis (which is what Keesha believes right now). So they think that will help repair their friendship.

Catch the full episode of Housecalls tomorrow on!!

Stay tuned...

Videos, videos, & more videos!!

Good morning, ya'll! :-D Boy oh boy do I have some videos for you!!

Oh! Before I get to posting the vids, let me just remind ya that at 3pm EST/12pm BBT, Memphis & Dan will be LIVE on Housecalls on, so go check that out for sure!

Alright, let's begin with...

Dan & Memphis on the Early Show. It's a 3 minute clip:

Housecalls host, Gretchen, interviews Keesha:

Here's the rest of the interviews:


Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Miss the Finale? (video)

If you missed tonight's episode and can't wait until tomorrow to view it on, then you're in luck!! Or if you just wanna re-live the moment that Dan won, go ahead & indulge. ;-)

Stay tuned...

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Wow! Wow! WOW!!!!!! :-D That was a GREAT episode, wasn't it!!?!

I loved Memphis' reaction to Dan being America's Player, and I was even more happy to see Keesha & Memphis hug when Keesha won America's Choice! :-D I think they'll gain their friendship back for sure. :) Oh, and did anybody catch Memphis hugging/kissing Ashley? That was super cute! And Monica ran up to Dan as he was coming out of the house to give him a hug and then ran back into the audience..she looked gorgeous!!

So what's going on with the HG's right now? Well, all the Jury House members & Dan/Memphis will get their "Debriefing" with Big Brother. They'll get caught up to speed on how they were perceived on the show, what's been in the media, etc etc. This happens before they even start doing the backyard interviews. It's THAT quick!

Then after the debriefing, all the HG's will be interviewed & photographed in the backyard (I'll post those videos here on the blog when they become available, so keep checking back!)

Tomorrow on, Memphis & Dan will be LIVE on Housecalls at 3pm EST (12pm BBT), so make sure to check that out tomorrow and call into the show to talk to them! :-D

Leave a comment below about how you liked the show, what you think about Dan getting all the votes, and anything else on your mind! :-D See ya'll in the comments section!!

Stay tuned...

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Tonight is the Season Finale:

Here it is, guys & gals: the Season Finale is about to start!!!! :-D

A little depressed about BB10 ending? Don't worry, BB11 is right around the corner and is rumored to start the 1st week of Feb. 2009. If you haven't yet, go bookmark my BB11 blog so that you'll be ready when it starts! ;-)

Big Brother 11 Blog..because you're addicted. are my TWO NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS:

You asked for it, and now you got it!!!

Love my blogging? Love Survivor? Love The Amazing Race?

Then you'll love my 2 New Blogs!!!! :-D

The Survivor Blog..because you're addicted.

The Amazing Race Blog..because you're addicted.

So make sure to clickity click click on those 2 links, bookmark them, and join me for the brand new seasons of Amazing Race & Survivor!! ;-)

Okay, we have only MINUTES to go before the LIVE FINALE starts!!

Go grab your snacks, something to drink, and pull up a chair: the time has come! Let's get this party started, shall we? ;-)

Winner of Big Brother 10 is:


Memphis got zero votes. lol Wow!!

And the Winner of America's Choice is:


Congrats to Dan & Memphis & Keesha!! :-D

I'm really happy that Keesha got the prize, but I have NO CLUE how Jerry was a "close 2nd" to winning the America's Choice.

Okay, time to announce the winner of the Big Brother 10 Blog BB Pool!!!! :-D

The Winner of $100 is:


CONGRATS TOM!!! :-D I will be emailing you shortly! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Tonight is the FINALE!!!! :-D

Happy FINALE DAY, everybody!!! :-D

The live feeds are officially offline now. I woke up to this message:

Notice the "Watch 24/7 Feed Replay" at the top right corner of the picture? That's what you click to watch BB10 all over again!! :-D Here is what is currently on the replay feeds:

Watch the Re-Feeds Here!!

Okay,'s finally here: the day that the winner of Big Brother 10 is crowned! What a wild, wild ride we've had. I think this season was great! From Dan being a wolf in sheeps clothing (the first half of the game), to Renny's crazy impressions, to all the great fights in the house! It has been a BLAST blogging about this season and I can't wait to do it again for Season 11 which is (rumored) to start the 1st week of February! :-D w00t w00t!

If you haven't done so yet, go & bookmark my BB11 blog:

Big Brother 11 Blog..because you're addicted.

After tonight's Finale, I will posting some related BB10 videos, what happened at the wrap party, and the video of the Gag Reel (which happens every season courtesy of BB), all in the next coming days! So keep checking back here for the latest BB10 news.

I will be streaming the finale LIVE tonight, right here on the blog!! So make sure to come back and watch the show, chat in the chat room, post comments, and enjoy the last day of BB10!

If you have signed up for the feeds through the links here on the blog and/or gave a donation at any point during this season, I want to thank you!! Thank you for supporting the blog! Without you guys & gals, I wouldn't be able to blog at all.

If you have spent the whole season here with me and have not yet supported the blog but want to, you can still do so by hitting the "Donate" button on the left side of the blog!!

Alright ya'll, I'll be back later on to make a few announcements, so as always...

Stay tuned...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday in the BB house:

Happy Monday, everybody! :-D

I've been a little busier than normal today, that's why I haven't posted until now. (Trying to buy a house is stressful & time consuming, to say the least.)

Okay, time for an update!! :-D

Today in the day in the house has been rather uneventful. Just convo after convo, blah blah blah. From what the Jury House questions were, to how much they can't wait until the Finale tomorrow.....and frankly, I can't wait either!! :-D 5 days of them being stuck in the house is just brutal, for them & for me to watch. lol

6:15pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The boys plan to play their "Olympic Games" tonight, so that should boring to watch. lol Poor guys are bored out of their minds! :-P

On the re-feeds, it is Day 8 (I believe) of the live feeds.

BB10 will be replaying for the next couple of months, so if you're truly addicted like I am, the re-feeds are a good substitute! ;-)

If you sign-up for the TOTALLY FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL (Yes, they're honestly free for 2 weeks straight!) of the re-feeds, you also get to see the last moments of Dan & Memphis in the house. I think tonight will be interesting since it will be their final night to sleep in the house and they'll probably have a really hard time sleeping...I know I would!

I'll be online all night, so keep the comments coming and I'll keep the updates coming towards later on this evening.

6:36pm BBT:
The boys are playing cards at the dinner table. BB told them to not worry about dinner and that perked their ears up a bit. :) Wonder what BB is giving them & when! I'll let ya'll know when they have din-din!

6:49pm BBT:
The boys got SUSHI!!! ..and alot of it! The boys are THRILLED! :-D

Dan: "THANK YOU BIG BROTHER!!! We love you!"
BB: "You're welcome!"
Dan: "This is the best meal we've had in here. Sorry, Renny."
Memphis: "The last supper."
Dan: "That it is."

Stay tuned...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Currently at 8:10pm BBT, the boys are eating dinner. They haven't done anything but talk about various things, Keesha & how weird it was that BB never showed a pic of her boyfriend JJ when she won HOH, and how they plan to do a "Olympics" challenge tomorrow that involves playing chess, boccie, a card toss into a hat, rummy, & parking their remote control cars. lol Yes, the boys are that bored! :-P

Memphis: "48 hours and we'll be all done. 48 hours and counting."

Yep, the season will be over that soon! Hard to believe still.

As far as BB11, there is no set date as of yet, but the word on the street is that it will begin early Feb. of 2009! :-D Of course I'll keep ya'll updated on the BB11 Blog (link is at the top left corner of the blog), so make sure to bookmark that and keep checking back.

I didn't catch tonight's show because I wasn't home yet and I came home to discover that BB was about 50 mins delayed. Grr!! :-( I'll have to watch it over at tomorrow (I'll post the video tomorrow when CBS uploads it for ya'll that missed the show as well!)

I'll be back online tomorrow with another update on the latest news, so check back then! :-D Until then, goodnight guys & dolls!!

PS: I would like to wish my grandmother (who is a fan of the blog) and my grandfather (who doesn't like BB at all lol) a very Happy Grandparents Day..yes, I know, I'm like a week late. lol But I love you guys very much & I promise to fly back home to visit real soon! :) XOXOXO!

Stay tuned...

Happy Sunday!! :-D

Good afternoon, ya'll! Hope your Sunday is going well and you're getting plenty of rest and/or enjoying your Sunday afternoon. Sunday's are meant to be lazy days (though I've been known to work on alot of those so-called "lazy days" in my time, so if you're working today, hang in there & look forward to your next day off!)

There will be a Big Brother Sunday episode tonight at 8pm EST. The show will be never-before-seen clips/bloopers from this season. Since I've seen everything on the feeds, there's nothing that will shock me..but I am VERY curious to see what BB put together! I'm hoping for a little Renegade tribute (thought that's probably far fetched.)

A quick note: I hosted a BB Pool at the VERY beginning of this season where people could guess who would get to the end of the game. There's only a couple of you who guessed Dan and/or Memphis, so you guys are still in the running. I will post the winner on Finale night!! :-D And in good ol' BB style, there was a twist to the contest (a good twist): I posted that you had to guess 1 HG that would "make it to the end", not who WINS BB. This DOUBLED your chances per guess to get it right. ;-) So if you guessed Dan, you're in the drawing. If you guessed Memphis, you're in the drawing. If you guessed both Dan AND Memphis, you have TWO entries into the drawing!! Good luck to those are will be in the drawing, we'll see which of you wins the cool $100 prize on Finale Night! :-D

As of 11:32am BBT, Dan & Memphis are both still sleeping. They didn't go to bed until 4am this morning.

I'm taking the day off today to visit with some family that I haven't been really able to see since BB started. lol ;-) I'm going to try to be back here in time for the Sunday show, but if I'm not, feel free to use the chat room tonight to talk to other BB fans about the show!


Oh, and don't forget that I have 2 announcements to make on/before the Finale. Make sure to stick around to see what the heck I'm up to now! ;-)

Stay tuned...