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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Wow! Wow! WOW!!!!!! :-D That was a GREAT episode, wasn't it!!?!

I loved Memphis' reaction to Dan being America's Player, and I was even more happy to see Keesha & Memphis hug when Keesha won America's Choice! :-D I think they'll gain their friendship back for sure. :) Oh, and did anybody catch Memphis hugging/kissing Ashley? That was super cute! And Monica ran up to Dan as he was coming out of the house to give him a hug and then ran back into the audience..she looked gorgeous!!

So what's going on with the HG's right now? Well, all the Jury House members & Dan/Memphis will get their "Debriefing" with Big Brother. They'll get caught up to speed on how they were perceived on the show, what's been in the media, etc etc. This happens before they even start doing the backyard interviews. It's THAT quick!

Then after the debriefing, all the HG's will be interviewed & photographed in the backyard (I'll post those videos here on the blog when they become available, so keep checking back!)

Tomorrow on, Memphis & Dan will be LIVE on Housecalls at 3pm EST (12pm BBT), so make sure to check that out tomorrow and call into the show to talk to them! :-D

Leave a comment below about how you liked the show, what you think about Dan getting all the votes, and anything else on your mind! :-D See ya'll in the comments section!!

Stay tuned...

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