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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Currently on the Live Feeds...

I am SUPER EXCITED!!!!! BB starts in LESS THAN 24 HOURS!! :-D

What's even better is that the live feeds start immediatley following the show! Currently on the feeds is this nifty little message...

Did you guys & gals get the Early Bird Special today? If not, you have literally just a couple of hours left to get them!!! Early Bird Special? Whaaa? It's the special that is currently running for BB fans that want the live feeds: get them for $12.99/month instead of the regular price of $14.99/month!! Save yourself a few extra bucks this season and grab the feeds!! :-D

Early Bird Special

Omg, tomorrow is THE DAY that Big Brother 10 FINALLY starts!!!!!!!!!!! Are you as excited as I am??!! :-D

Leave a comment below!!

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Your 1st look at the HG's INSIDE THE BB HOUSE!!!

We are just 1 day away from Big Brother 10 starting, and what a better way to get us BB fans excited by having CBS release a little clip from the live feeds!!! Now, the live feeds aren't live for us (the viewing public) until tomorrow right after the CBS show airs, but here is a little taste of what we can expect:

Ooooo, I can't WAIT to see the live feeds!!!!!! :-D I bought mine yesterday and have them all set up & ready to go! How about you? ;-)

Also, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to get the live feeds Early Bird Special!!! You have, literally, hours before this deal is gone for the whole season, so hurry & get those feeds and save yourself money!!

I still have a lot to do before BB10 starts tomorrow, but I can't WAIT until BB starts!

And don't forget, tomorrow is the last day to enter the BB10 Pool!! $5 donation per ticket, you choose a HG, and on finale night, I will announce the winner of the $100 prize! SO HURRY AND GET THOSE ENTRIES IN!!! There's not too many entered, so your chances of winning are very good! :-D (see 2 posts below for details)

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Early Show w/ Julie Chen: Full House Tour!!

As mentioned, this morning Julie Chen and Allison Grodner showed the Big Brother House in a full house tour!! The video is just over 3 minutes long, which is longer than the "teaser video" CBS leaked out a few days ago.

Check it out!! :-D

Also, if you still wanna enter the BB10 Pool, there's still time & with only 5 people entered, you have a pretty good shot at winning the $100 PRIZE! (see 1 post down for details.)

And just a reminder, the Early Bird Special for the live feeds ends TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! If you know for sure you will be getting the feeds this season, then hurry up and snag this great deal up!!! You get 2 weeks totally free, then $12.99.month (orig. $14.99/month), so save some money this season on the feeds and sign up now!!

Early Bird Special

Okay everyone, we have only a short 2 DAYS LEFT before BB10 begins!!!! :-D I have a ton of stuff to do in order to prepare for this season, but I will be posting throughout the day, so keep checking back!!! Oh, and don't forget to BOOKMARK THE BLOG!!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

**CONTEST!!!!!!** (Deadline is Sunday July 13th!)

SURPRISE, Big Brother 10 Blog fans!!! :-D

This season, I want to spice things up a bit here on the blog. Instead of just cheering on your favorite houseguest, now you can bet on them and REALLY hope they win! lol

So look through the interviews on CBS's YouTube channel and pick the HG's you think will make it all the way to end!

So, how do you enter? Well, that's easy as pie, too! The blog needs *your* help this season (more than ever!) to stay alive! So I incorporated the need for support for the blog with an idea for a contest with a SWEET PRIZE!!

Here's how to enter:
1.) Choose a HG you think will make it to the end!
2.) Donate $5 to the blog (button is on the left side of the blog)
3.) In the description part of the donation, type the name of your HG.
4.) All correct guesses will go into a drawing
5.) The drawing will be 1 hour before the season Finale!

The Winner Will Receive $100.00!!!!

Your $5 not only gets you a entry into the contest, but it supports the blog as well. It's a Win/Win situation! :-D

I run this blog on my own (unlike 99% of the other BB blogs out there), which means that I'm the one who stays up all night, sleeps very little, takes videos & uploads them, and blog multiple times a day to keep you BB fans informed up to the minute! :) The donations help keep me here in front of the computer for you lovely guys & take a chance on winning a cool $100 and help keep the Big Brother 10 Blog going all season long! :-D

Those few of you that have already donated, I will contact you and ask you for your houseguest choice for the're already entered in the contest! ;-)

If you have any questions or comments, leave'em below!! :-D


We have our 1st HOH!!!!!! (spoiler)

Since many of you won't want to read about this spoiler, I won't post it here on the blog. So instead, if you DO wanna find out who the 1st HOH of Big Brother 10 is, then click here. Otherwise, wait until Sunday to find out & be surprised! :-D

WARNING: Minor Spoilers Below!!

Ok, so the houseguests moved into the BB house yesterday (Weds), an HOH has already been crowned (see above link to find out who), half the house is already on slop, Renny is annoying the HG's, Jessie & Memphis are buddies, and to avoid drama, the new HOH wants to draw names out of a hat for nominations (smart move!).

So there ya have it, up to the minute news about what's going on in the BB house!!

If you want to see all the HG's interview videos, head on over to CBS's YouTube Channel! Personally, I love Jerry and I'm loving Renny's wild-ways. They ALL seem like they're gonna be a force to be reckoned with, though!!! I have VERY high hopes for this season of Big Brother!!!

There's only 3 more days until BB airs on CBS, which means that there is 2 more days to get the live feeds "Early Bird Special"!!! Still don't have the live feeds yet? Get them now at a discount price PLUS 2 Weeks Totally Free!!!!

Early Bird Special

Some of my favorite things on the live feeds is (of course) the naughty stuff, but also seeing friendships forming, chemistry between two people building up, tension rising & eventually exploding into a good fight, and then all the other little misc. things that are hilarious to watch, such as people dancing, farting, tripping over things, flashing the cameras, having convos with us feed viewers via the cameras in the house, and the list goes on and on! But, my ABSOULTE FAVCORITE REASON for getting the feeds is....*drumroll please!*....listening & watching the HG's scheme, plot, plan and manipulate the other HG's!!!!! That is something that happens on a daily basis (sometimes hourly! lol) and it's always highly entertaining!!

I can't WAIT until Sunday!! Not only to see the CBS show, but that's when the live feeds go live, too! :-D

Is it just me, or is this week going by soooo sloowwwwwww?! ARGHH!!!!

Alright BB10 Blog fans, that's it for now but keep checking back to see what's going on in the BB house!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

House tour with Allison Grodner & Julie Chen

Entertainment Tonight has a video (kinda short, though) of the BB house. Allison Grodner (the exec. producer of BB) points out some things that I didn't even notice!, there is no microwave! That'll be interesting. lol

Also, there are 14 spaces on the Memory Wall (where the pics of the HG's go). What does that mean? Who knows! Afterall, it is big brother: "Expect the Unexpected"..always!

Okay, so here's the video:

Remember, the full house tour with Julie Chen will be on Friday on The Early Show!!

Stay tuned...

Happy Wednesday, BB lovers!!

Wow, yesterday was just full of chaos! We had the houseguests photos released, multiple videos, and tons of info that just had me exhausted by the end of the day!! It was a good practice day for me has prepared me for what the next few months will be like! Kind of like a blogging boot camp, if you will. lol

Alright, so let's see where we are at on this Wednesday;

I didn't make the official announcement, but I have mentioned in previous posts, that Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime will be returning again this year! I personally love watching BB After Dark because I get to lounge on my couch and snack away on some popcorn, instead of being a slave to computer. :-P BB After Dark on Showtime starts on July 13th (the same day that Big Brother 10 starts on CBS) at 12am EST.

Next on my list of things to talk about, is the Early Bird Special for the live feeds. Early Bird Special? Whaaa?? The live internet feeds are being offered at $13/month instead of $15/month PLUS you still get a full 14 Days TOTALLY FREE on top of that deal!! So if you KNOW FOR SURE you're going to get the feeds this season, then hurry up and grab this deal because this deal EXPIRES ON JULY 13th!!! Which means, you have to get them on/before July 12th. So hurry up & snag up the deal:

Live Feeds:
Early Bird Special

Moving on..

I would like to thank the Big Brother 10 Blog fans that have donated to the blogs "Tip Jar"! It is so nice to see that I am as appreciated as I appreciate you guys & gals! So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! :-D If anyone would like to give a buck or two, please feel free to donate anything you can to the "Tip Jar" on the left side of the blog! :)

Totally off topic, but want to address:
I've been getting SOOOO many emails and comments about if I got married yet, how did it go, etc etc. I was REALLY surprised at you fans remembering AND caring enough to ask! Yes, I am a married woman now! :-D w00t w00t! We got married 2 1/2 weeks ago (June 20th) and we had a great wedding! I uploaded 20 pictures to the blog's myspace page (click the Myspace button on the right side of the blog). Thank you to those how have sent congrats and their warmest wishes!!

Now that the wedding is over (and we're broke because we paid for the wedding ourselves), I'm going to have the time to work EXTRA hard for ya'll this season! That means more videos, more pictures, more screenshots, more more MORE of everything!! And yes, even more surprises! ;-) If you followed last seasons blog, then you already know how much fun I love to have and how I love to get the BB blog fans involved (Easter Egg Hunt, anybody? lol ;-) ) So be prepared to get a ton more updates and cool surprises this season!! :-D

Alright ladies & gents, that's it for now! There's nothing more to report today, just a friendly reminder that this Friday on CBS, Julie Chen gives a FULL tour of the house (the video you saw was just a teaser). I've been hearing rumors of "secret rooms" in the house this season, but of course, has not been confirmed. We shall see on Friday! If you don't catch the Early Show to see the house tour, don't worry, I'll post the video here on the blog!

I'm going to go snoop around & see if there's any info/vids that I need to share with ya'll, so...

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Video of all 13 Big Brother 10 Houseguests!

Wanna get to know the BB10 houseguests before the show even starts? Then watch this video:

Get to know their names so that when I start blogging about them, you actually know who the hell I'm talking about! LOL ;-) Last season was brutual trying to learn everyones name because of how many HG's there I'm very thankful that I only need to learn 13 this season, plus 1 HG will be evicted 3 days after BB starts on CBS, so that's even better! ;-)

Okay, let me go look for some other vids & info for ya'll!!

Oh, and if you would like to help stock my pantry with coffee & snacks, I'd be EVER SO GREATFUL!!! :-D You can do this by donating a buck or two through the "Donate" button on the left!!

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Big Brother 10 Houseguests Cast (pics)

Here they are!!

Your Big Brother 10 Houseguests:

More to come, so..

Stay tuned...

House Decor: THE VIDEO!!!!

Yayyyy!!! We don't have to wait until Friday to see the BB house, the video has been LEAKED!!!! :-D

This season's house looks freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY wish I could live there this summer! lol Check it out:

I LOVE the kitchen, love the outside, LOVE the new HOH room, I'm "diggin" the 70's room, and what a blast from the past is the 80's room! OMG, I love the whole house!!

What do you guys & gals think?? Leave a comment below & express your thoughts! :-D

Stay tuned...

Meet all 13 of the Big Brother 10 Houseguests!!

If you watched the Early Show today, then you already saw this. But for those of you who were unable to catch it, no fear...the video is here!!! :-D

Also, the pics of the BB10 cast and their bios are up on!! Go check'em out!

I'll be doing alot of posting today, so keep checking back!

BB10 is now only 5 DAYS AWAY! w00t w00t!

Stay tuned...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Meet 7 of the 13 BB10 houseguests!!!!!

While sitting aroud wishly hoping/waiting for to reveal the pictures of the houseguests for BB10, I stumbled onto 2 videos (I compiled them into 1 vid for ya'll) that introduce 7 of the 13 houseguests!!!

And guess what, that rumored list I posted, IT'S REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BB lovers, get crazy happy & meet 7 of the confirmed houseguests!!

Meet Brian, April, Libra, Steven, Ollie, Jerry, & Keesha:


Oooooo...I'm getting EXCITED!!! :-D This season is already better than BB9 and it hasn't even started yet! LOL How can it be better already? Because it doesn't have 15 whinny 20'somethings and a "45 yr old single mother" on it! lol ;-)

More details to come! You know what to do..

Stay tuned...

BB10 Blog presents...Calendar of Events!

If your mind is swirling from all the when's & what's for Big Brother 10, you're not alone! So to help ya'll understand what is going on, and when!, I compiled this calendar of events:

Calendar of Events for Big Brother 10:
Mon July 7th: is rumored to release cast pics!
Tues July 8th: Cast will be revealed on The Early Show @ 8am EST
Fri July 11th: Tour of the the BB house on Early Show @ 8am EST
Sat July 12th: Last Chance to get Live Feeds Early Bird Special!
Sun July 13th: Big Brother 10 STARTS!!! On CBS @ 8pm EST
Sun July 13th: Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime starts @ 12am EST

I will be checking tonight to see if the cast pics of Big Brother 10 has been posted, and if they are, I will post the pics right here!!

If you haven't yet bookmarked this blog, go ahead and do so!

Also, to keep ya'll on your toes, I have a *SURPRISE* coming up next week for ALL OF YOU!!! So make sure to definitely check back early next week to see what I have up my me, you won't wanna miss it! ;-)

6 days and counting! Are you ready to be addicted?

Stay tuned...