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Monday, July 7, 2008

BB10 Blog presents...Calendar of Events!

If your mind is swirling from all the when's & what's for Big Brother 10, you're not alone! So to help ya'll understand what is going on, and when!, I compiled this calendar of events:

Calendar of Events for Big Brother 10:
Mon July 7th: is rumored to release cast pics!
Tues July 8th: Cast will be revealed on The Early Show @ 8am EST
Fri July 11th: Tour of the the BB house on Early Show @ 8am EST
Sat July 12th: Last Chance to get Live Feeds Early Bird Special!
Sun July 13th: Big Brother 10 STARTS!!! On CBS @ 8pm EST
Sun July 13th: Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime starts @ 12am EST

I will be checking tonight to see if the cast pics of Big Brother 10 has been posted, and if they are, I will post the pics right here!!

If you haven't yet bookmarked this blog, go ahead and do so!

Also, to keep ya'll on your toes, I have a *SURPRISE* coming up next week for ALL OF YOU!!! So make sure to definitely check back early next week to see what I have up my me, you won't wanna miss it! ;-)

6 days and counting! Are you ready to be addicted?

Stay tuned...