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Monday, July 7, 2008

Meet 7 of the 13 BB10 houseguests!!!!!

While sitting aroud wishly hoping/waiting for to reveal the pictures of the houseguests for BB10, I stumbled onto 2 videos (I compiled them into 1 vid for ya'll) that introduce 7 of the 13 houseguests!!!

And guess what, that rumored list I posted, IT'S REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BB lovers, get crazy happy & meet 7 of the confirmed houseguests!!

Meet Brian, April, Libra, Steven, Ollie, Jerry, & Keesha:


Oooooo...I'm getting EXCITED!!! :-D This season is already better than BB9 and it hasn't even started yet! LOL How can it be better already? Because it doesn't have 15 whinny 20'somethings and a "45 yr old single mother" on it! lol ;-)

More details to come! You know what to do..

Stay tuned...