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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Will return early morning!

Hey everyone! How was your Saturday? Hopefully ya'll rested up and took it easy like I did this afternoon.

I was planning on being home earlier, but traffic was HORRIBLE and it's now 1am EST. I'm going to head to bed, but I'll be back in the early morning with a full report and the latest in updates!! :-D

The only thing on my agenda tomorrow (other than being glued to the feeds for most of the day as usual) is that I the hubby & I are going to look at a house for sale (we're looking for our first home. :) ) But that will only take a couple hours all together, but I still wanted to warn ya up front.

Alright guys & dolls, I'll be back tomorrow morning around 9am EST (maybe even earlier) so check back then!! :-D

Stay tuned...


Okay, I have to leave a little bit earlier than planned, so I'm going to make a couple of new announcements and then get going (don't worry, I'll be back tonight!!)

Alright, first off, Crazy James from last season of BB released a video (a blog video) saying a few different things (like that his wrist is broke and he's looking for work, and trying to live in Paris). But the thing that you BB fans will find interesting is that he said to look for past HG's on the Aug 1st or Aug 2nd show for a comp! That should be interesting to watch! :-D

BB Live Eviction Wednesday is now being moved to Thursday's @ 8pm EST!

Alright everyone, I'll be back later on tonight!! If you don't have the feeds and you need your daily fix of BB, then go ahead & sign up for the 2 week TOTALLY FREE (yes, seriously free!) trial and start watching the feeds within minutes! :-D

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I'll start updating tonight!! :-D

Stay tuned...


Okay, it's time to announce the winner of the 2nd contest of the BB10 season here on the blog!!! :-D

Are you ready??

Alright, let's get to it...

The Winner of 3 Months Live Feeds is:

(drumroll, please!)


Congrats!!! :-D I will be sending you an email shortly with details. ;-)

Those of you who entered, thank you & I appreciate all your support!!

This drawing was supposed to actually happen yesterday, but I got side-tracked with all the legal stuff that came to me all of sudden & I had to tend to that, so my appologizes for the delay.

There will be more contests this sesaon, so keep your eyes peeled!! :-D I have 1 contest in mind that will be really fun for everyone and I can't wait to do that contest (will be sometime in the next 2 weeks).

More to come, so..

Stay tuned...

"Houseguests, time to wake up!" (pics)

Finally the housguests are awake!

They're all doing their morning routines and such. Not many words are being spoken just yet (they all seem a little too tired, still).

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report

Good morning everyone!

I stayed up until 12am reporting so I didn't expect too much of anything (worth reporting) to happen.

The house pretty much stayed divided all night (for the most part). Jerry made a sub-alliance with Ollie and to my knowledge, Ollie hasn't leaked that to April..which kind of pleasantly surprised me! Someone in the house actually keeping a secret??? Wow!! He just may get to finals at this rate! lol

In other news, Ollie & April had sex..does anyone even care?

There was alot of bashing from both sides of the alliances last night, but most of it was repeating convos of what I've already reported late last night, so you're not missing anything.

Okay, as of 12:03pm EST (which is 9:03am BBT), the houseguests are still snoozing away:

I'll be here reporting until around 2pm EST, but then I'm taking the day off until tonight (around 11pm tonight EST). I've been working anywhere from 12-18 hrs/day since BB started on July 13th and I need a break otherwise I'll go insane! lol :-P

Don't have the feeds and you need your daily fix? Then sign up for the 2 week TOTALLY FREE (yes, seriously free) trial and start watching the feeds within minutes! ;-)

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I'll be posting whenever the HG's wake up for the day!!

Update: As of 1:23pm EST, the houseguests have woken up!

Stay tuned...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Jessie & Keesha talk

Jessie is doing his best (and surprisngly well!) at getting Keesha to put up Libra as a renom..and get Jessie off the block. Jessie is saying some valid points.

Keesha just called Libra a "fucking backstabber" and much she drives her "crazy".

Jessie is telling Keesha to break her word to Libra and stop being the good person in this because Libra has already broken her word to her by lying and starting shit and talking behind peoples back, it's okay to break her word. Keesha tells him that she is taking everything he's saying very seriously and will think hard about all of it.

Jessie is relentless and Keesha is getting tired of the convo. Jessie won't calm down and he's repeating the same things over and over again.

Jessie: "She has kicked your word up & down the house! She has degraded you every chance she got..even today!"

Keesha: "Oh, I know!! She's two-faced as fuck!!"

Now Keesha is going OFF about Libra and how much she bitches around the house and Keesha is calling her a bitch. (Wow! lol)

Jessie is getting heated & his face is turning red:

April comes up to the HOH to give Keesha a beer that BB just gave them. Keesha assures Jessie that he wasn't the target and still isn't and that everything is fine. She then says "Let's not talk about it for a while.." (told ya'll she had enough. lol) The convo was intense for a long time and Keesha looks like she's worn out.

They both head downstairs to mingle with the HG's. Oops, I spoke too soon! Keesha grabs April & Renny and takes them upstairs.

She starts the convo with:

Keesha (to April & Renny):
"I brought you two up here for a reason. You are the only 2 people that I *truly* 100% trust in this house..You see the way Libra treats me and degrades me, right? I mean, come on, everybody has to see it..."

Keesha just told the girls that she will NOT put up Libra. The girls tell her that Jessie is the one who put Steven up on the block in the first place and to remember that as he talks in her ear.

Just FYI, Keesha is by far the worst HOH ever in the history of BB. lol She's talking shit on EVERYBODY to everybody, promising everybody everything, she's in like 4 different sub-alliances...I'm telling ya'll, she's gonna get caught up in her own web of shit real quick!

Keesha is now asking the girls where she stands next week (after her reign of HOH is over) and the girls (Renny & April) assure her that she's "fine". Keesha goes on to tell them that Jessie is saying Libra & April & Ollie will f-over Keesha in a heartbeat after her HOH is done. April says "nooooo!!!!" (But I'm thinking 'yessss, you will April!'.)

Now Jerry is up there with them and they're all talking about what all the HG's are saying. Lies are coming out all over the place and April says "That alliance is tearinf themselves apart!". The house is a clusterfuck of lies and stories and theories and...PHEWWW!! My head is SPINNING!!!!!! lol

Keesha: "Angie is leaving. She's leaving."

Don't worry, Angie fans, Keesha is bound to change her mind again in 30 mins. lol

Okay guys & dolls, it's now 12:29am EST and I'm beyond tired. I've been online since 8am. I'll be back tomorrow!

If you wanna see the rest of tonights convo, sign up for the live feeds! You get 2 weeks (yes, 14 full days) totally FREE!!! So sign up and check'em out..I promise you'll love them (especially with a drama-filled cast this season! The feeds are non-stop action!)

Until tomorrow morning.. :)

Stay tuned...

Jessie & Michelle brainstorming

Jessie & Michelle are talking about what they're going to do, or should do.
Jessie is freaking out thinking of ways to either get himself off the block or to ensure that Angie goes home.

As I posted in my previous post (below), Angie said that if Keesha does decide to use the veto, to use it on Jessie (unless Keesha will get out Libra) because Angie honestly & truly cannot stand to be around Libra for one more day. Angie flat out said that she will do whatever it takes to make sure she goes home this week *if* Libra is not the target.

Jessie & Michelle are banking on either Angie following through with that, or with Libra getting nom'ed and taken out. Their brains are in overdrive (and let's be honest, for those two, it doesn't take too much.)

Stay tuned...

Angie (finally) talks to Keesha

Angie finally got her turn to speak to Keesha. Since Keesha has been HOH, her door has been a revolving the point where she couldn't even take a shower until 11pm last night. People won't leave her alone and she said it feels like "a job" talking to everyone every single minute.

Keesha says Angie's nomination wasn't "personal", and she's saying that it was really hard for her to come up with 2 people to nominate (and I know this to be true..Keesha flip-flopped several times in 1 day).

Keesha warns Angie to watch out for Michelle because she'll throw anybody "under the bus" to save her own ass. Michelle denied her alliance with Angie (to Keesha). Angie says the only person she has in the house is Memphis (as a friend). Keesha tells Angie she's a strong girl in the game, Angie takes it as a compliment.

Keesha blames Angie being nominated on everybody telling her that Angie was after her and to put her up. Keesha says that she sees "the girls coming from a mile away!"..meaning that she sees their true colors and they're not good.

Angie tells Keesha that if she were to use the veto, to not use it on Angie because Angie can't take another week in the house with Libra and to just let the HG's vote however they want.

Now they're bashing Libra a little they start talking about Steven and they're both confused on why he had to leave, and that Steven brought so much fun and positive energy to the they have to deal with Libra's shitty attitude. Keesha regrets not giving Steven a vote, but she was in a position where it would have came back on her in a bad way because the house was telling her how to vote (and not go against the house). Angie agrees, and she shed a tear.

Angie leaves the room and there's good vibes between them both. (Honestly, I wouldn't shocked if Keesha uses the POV to save Angie and backdoor Libra. At this point, I can totally see that happening!)

Stay tuned...

No more videos (important announcement)

Hey guys & dolls,

I need to make an important announcement. Starting right now, I will no longer be posting videos of the live feeds. I was contacted today by a gentleman that asked me to remove all my (Big Brother) videos and of course, I complied.

BB10 blogs across the net either have, or are in the process of, complying with this request to remove all BB related videos, as it it a violation of Copyrights.

Thanks for reading this. :)

PS You might wanna get the live feeds now, as you will be missing out on alot!

POV Comp winner is...

The POV Comp has ended!!!! :-D

Winner of the POV is:


Angie & Jessie are visibly upset:

Michelle & Jessie are talking about how to get Keesha backdoor Libra now.

Let's see what Keesha is really made of & see if she has the balls to turn the house upside down tomorrow during the Veto Ceremony!!

The feeds will be buzzing ALL NIGHT, I guarantee you!! So if you don't have the feeds just yet...
Get'em Here!!

More updates coming up!!

Stay tuned...

Jessie pitches the "Backdoor Libra" plan

This morning in the BB house has been buzzing with game talk!!

Jessie approached Keesha with the plan (that the alliance of 4) came up with late last night. He was telling her that she NEEDS to backdoor Libra (depending on who wins POV today, of course) otherwise it would be her "biggest mistake" if she didn't (implying that Libra is lying to her and will come after her).

Keesha listened and agreed and they left the meeting with a nice hug:

When Libra & April came back into the HOH room (they were waiting outside the HOH door as Jessie & Keesha whispered their whole convo), Libra asked Keesha what he said...

...and surprisingly, she LIED TO LIBRA!!! She didn't tell her anything that her & Jessie talked about, she just said "Oh, he's worried about being on the block and such.." Then she flat out told Libra "This game is gonna get...ugly." Ironically, Libra said "Ya.." lol

Could it be? That Libra could very well be backdoored & the house flipped upside down? Oh,'s VERY possible!! :-D

This POV is gonna be HUGE!!!!! Personally, I can't wait a minute longer for them to play the POV comp! I actually canceled going swimming today just to stay home to see who wins it! lol

Stay tuned...

"Houseguests, time to wake up!" (pics)

The HG's were woken up about 9:00am BBT.

Everyone is getting ready for the day & taking turns going pee:

As Ollie lathers his head & face up with shaving cream, Jerry starts laughing hysterically at him:

Jerry: "You look like Casper (the friendly ghost)! Doesn't he look like Casper?" (laughing continues)


Stay tuned...

Overnight Report (Friday)

Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday!!!

Today is the POV comp, but first let's get the Overnight Report taken care of:

Jessie attempted to talk to Keesha last night by going up and ringing the HOH doorbell but she never answered. He walked outside and told Memphis, Michelle, and Angie that she didn't answer the door. They told him maybe she was showering or sleeping or listening to music, but Jessie wasn't really buying it..and rightfully so. Keesha was well aware of his presence outside the door but decided to not answer it. Her day was long and full of drama and mulitple convos, she just wasn't ready or in the mood to talk to him at that point in time.

Memphis & Angie were having some fun last night on the feeds. The CBS show never shows the way those two with each other, but if you're a feed watcher like myself, then you know how good of friends they are and might I add, they have chemistry. Now, I'm not saying that they have girlfriend/boyfriend or even showmance chemsitry, just good friend chemistry. You know when you have a friend that you can just be yourself and have fun? That's the way they are around each other and I love watching them together! Memphis told Angie how much he misses his girlfriend (a couple of times last night) and you could really tell that he meant it. He said he misses sleeping beside his girlfriend and that if he was ever offered to do BB again, he would turn it down because he can't stand all the time he has to be away from his girlfriend.

Here's a clip I recorded of Memphis & Angie having a bit of fun & then Angie and Michelle talk about how Dan joined the Keesha alliance (Michelle calls him a "bitch"):

Later on, it was the 4-people alliance (Memphis, Angie, Michelle & Jessie) that were sitting around the jacuzzi and talking about a way to get Keesha to backdoor Libra. They have to wait until the POV to see who wins it and then make a decision if they wanna approach Keesha with a plan to backdoor Libra or not, but until the POV comp (which is today!!), there's no sense in talking to Keesha and starting shit for no reason. Jessie is freaking out but the way he's handling it is very..weird. As Angie said (when he went back inside), "He (Jessie) needs to calm the fuck down."

On a side note, BB has been saying random "Did you know..." facts over the loudspeaker. Yesterday there were two facts that were mentioned. I'm guessing that either the facts have something to do with today's POV comp or that it has something to do with the next HOH comp. We shall see!! :-D

Here's one of the Trivia questions that BB announced last night (fast foward to 5 mins & 20 seconds):

Hmm, interesting!! ;-)

Okay, that's about it for the Overnight Report!!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

After the nominations:

Michelle got pissed that Jessie got nom'ed and started to slam doors and such around the house. Jessie is also upset but hasn't shown it through any actions like Michelle has.

Apparantly during the nomination ceremony, Keesha told Jessie that her reason for nom'ing him was because of the "remark you made on tv". Jessie seems to think it was the "I'm the HOH, they have to talk to me!" remark.

Angie kinda saw her being nom'ed coming and actually perfers being nominated rather than being backdoored. She pulled Keesha aside about an hour after the ceremony and told her that she would like to talk to Keesha at some point and she's sorry she didn't do it earlier but there were just so many people going in & out of the HOH room (and she's exactly right on that one!)

Angie, Michelle and Dan are working out in the backyard, Memphis & Jessie are bench pressing, and the rest of the HG's are kinda scattered throughout the house: Libra & Renny are having light conversation in the kitchen (April is in the kitchen as well just fussing around a bit).

Each time Michelle & Angie do a lap in the yard, they're bashing the Keesha alliance: "61 jackasses..." and "69 fucking ho-bags" and "70 whores". lol

More updates to come!

Stay tuned...

Nominations!!! (spoiler)

The Nominations Ceremony is taking place right now!!!! :-D

I will post the results the second the live feeds come back!

Nominated for Eviction are:

Angie & Jessie

Guys, I've been at the computer ALL DAY and I need to eat dinner (I'm shaking right now because I haven't ate in several hours now). So give me about an hour and I'll be back (that's around 10:30pm EST)

Stay tuned...

A new alliance has been formed:

Keesha just brought Jerry & Dan into the HOH room to form the alliance of:

April, Ollie, Keesha, Libra, Dan, & Jerry.

They couldn't think of a name for their alliance, but they threw around the team name "Jeriatrics". lol

And Keesha is now firmly stating that Jessie is going to be nominated, and I believe Angie will be the other one but I'm not 100% sure. We shall see!

Now that this alliance has been formed, they have the numbers in the house. What they're forgeting though is that they are not guaranteed safety for the "4 weeks" that they think they will be, because if the other side of the half gets HOH and puts up 2 of the "Jeriatics", one will HAVE to be voted out and that can happen 2 weeks in a row making the house split.

Stay tuned...

Nominations are today!!

Who will Keesha put up? I have no idea!! She has changed at least 100 times today. Angie..Jessie...Jerry..Libra..April...Dan...Memphis, they were ALL a thought for being nom'ed today!

All I know is that shit is gonna hit the fan, no matter WHO she nominates! Because everyone thinks they're good friends with Keesha. And I can't wait to see the fireworks on the feeds!!! :-D

UPDATE: The feeds came back at 6:38pm EST. The ceremony has NOT taken place yet!!!

More to come, so..

Stay tuned...

Memphis talks to Keesha

Memphis is trying like hell to keep his alliance with Angie alive.

Memphis went up to the HOH room trying to not only change Keesha's mind about nom'ing Angie, but to make his relationship/friendship with Keesha tight as can be by saying that he wants her (Keesha) to be with him in the game and that he's got her back. Am I the only one who doesn't believe him? ;-) lol

Now Jessie is talking to Keesha trying to throw Libra under the bus and he keeps saying "I'm not trying to defend Angie, but.."

It looks like Dan & Libra might be a good option for nominations (with Dan being the pawn).

Stay tuned...

Food Comp was held! (updated)

Okay, the food comp is over but I'm not sure what happened because my feeds were down for a little bit. :( I have no idea if anybody is on slop or whatnot. If you're a feed watcher and you know, please leave it in a comment below!!

Alright, Memphis is talking to Keesha, and I'll post about that in a seperate post...

UPDATE: According to Amanda (a BB10 Blog fan), she said this:

"no slop it was a in certain type of food... i know they got pigs feet and beer and some differnt types of breads sour dough and some other kind and then i know they have milk and coffee.. no eggs... not sure what else.."


Stay tuned...

Overnight Report (vids)

Good afternoon. ;-) I slept in today to give my brain a rest from the information overload on the feeds last night. There was soooo much talk, and it was constant!

Keesha had everyone in her HOH room..sometimes all at once, other times just a few hg's, and they all rotated in & out of her room all night. It got so bad that Keesha had to tell people to wait (before coming in her room) because she could barely finish a conversation before a couple more HG's were on their way back up to her room.

Okay, so as I posted yesterday, Keesha & Jerry had a nice convo about him not even being a thought to be nominated. But then later on, his name was thrown around thanks to some hints from a couple of HG's like Jessie. Basically, Keesha thought about putting EVERYBODY up at one point last night. "Maybe Angie because she's a strong compeitor...or maybe Libra because she starts drama...maybe Memphis becaus I think he's in alliance with Angie..." and it just went on and on! It was too much to take in!! I would really like to know where Keesha's head is at and see who she was bullshitting to.

But, just like Keesha said last night, she'll leave Libra getting evicted to another HOH because there's so many people in that house that just hate that girl. And in fact, Keesha had a long talk with Libra last night and the point of their convo was for Keesha to hash out their little problems/gossip bullshit and Keesha asked Libra if she has her back from here on out, and Libra (of course) said yes.

But that convo was a tactic to *not* be a target this week. Here's Libra telling Ollie & April about how she handled Keesha:

Then Keesha came downstairs (drunk) and sat down at the table to talk to Ollie, April, and Libra:

Oy. :-/ Keesha better watch out for those 3.

So who will be nominated today? Right now it looks like it will be Angie & Memphis (with Angie being the target). Angie doesn't know Keesha's intentions just yet, but Angie was saying last night that if she goes up, she'll just fight for the POV. Keesha plans on telling Memphis before the nominations about her target being Angie and not him. If this happens, then that will be 1 sub-alliance (Memphis & Angie) broken up..well, most likely anyways.

This week is going to be a GREAT week on the feeds!!! There's so much backstabbing/plotting against already and Keesha has only had about 12 hours of her HOH so far. ;-)

Alright, more updates coming right up!!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keesha's HOH room

Keesha got her HOH room just a little bit ago. Here's some pics for ya'll to enjoy!!

And, yes..that is Keesha's cat going to the bathroom on the toliet. lol It poops & pees on the toliet. (Wonder how I can get my cat to do that??!)

Keesha & Renny were in the HOH room alone for a few minutes and Keesha told Renny about what Steven told her..which was that to watch out for the girls (Libra & April) and Ollie (because of his connection with April).

Downstairs, the camera was on Dan & Ollie whispering to each other for a minute. Ollie told Dan that he thinks Keesha isn't going to nominate him but if he does get nom'ed, to not worry about it because he could just be a pawn. Then Dan tells Ollie that if he wins HOH, then Ollie has "nothing to worry about" (meaning he won't nom Ollie).

The HG's sure are throwing around promises of saftey tonight!! And I'm sure it'll all backfire at some point. ;-)

Stay tuned...

Keesha isn't putting Jerry up

Well, there's 1 person we know that won't be on the block this week..Jerry!

Jerry and Keesha had a nice convo and Keesha told him that he wasn't even a thought for nominations this week. Well, that was enough for Jerry; he then said he would do whatever she wanted to do (voting wise) this week AND said he would NEVER PUT HER ON THE BLOCK!!! My mouth was to the floor when I heard this on the feeds because he basically made a sub-alliance with Keesha and there's nothing that Keesha can really do. Smart move on Jerry's part! lol

Here's the vid:


Okay, back to the feeds I go!!

Stay tuned...

After the show (pics)--Video Added

No game talk has happened yet, but I don't expect it to until after Keesha gets her HOH room tonight.

The only game talk that has been mentioned was Keesha and the girls bashing Angie a little bit and then Libra asked Keesha if she (Libra) was gonna be nominated for eviction. Keesha said no, but what else could she say? Anyways, it seems like Angie might one of the noms. We'll see!

She's in an alliance with them and if Keesha were to want to shake things up a bit, she would never tell her flat out her plans! Plus, Keesha could always backdoor Libra (unless Libra won the POV). It's just too early to tell where Keesha's head is at.

Keesha will be getting her HOH room shortly and when she does, I'll post pics!! :-D

Right now, all the HG's are just talking and eating.

At 10:48pm EST, Angie was called into the Diary Room. Now you're updated on everything going on in the house!!

Stay tuned...


Okay, it's time to announce the winner of the very first contest of the BB10 season here on the blog!!! :-D

Are you ready??

Alright, let's get to it...

The Winner of 1 Month Live Feeds is:

(drumroll, please!)


Congrats!!! :-D I will be sending you an email shortly with details. ;-)

Those of you who entered, thank you!! I appreciate all your support!!

If you entered the contest and didn't win, don't worry: there's another drawing on FRIDAY!!! Anybody who signs up for the live feeds this week (until friday night) and that was entered into tonights drawing will also be entered for this friday's drawing for 3 Months of Live Feeds!! :-D

Here's how to enter for Friday's Contest:
1) Sign up for the 2 Week Trial of the live feeds.
2) Forward your live feeds confirmation email to
3) Bookmark the blog & then check back this Friday to see if you won!!

If you don't want to sign up for the feeds but would still like to support my blog, there is a "Donation" button on the left side of the blog and I would really appreaciate anything you can give! :) Your donations really help keep this blog alive!!!

Thank you for everyone who has, and will, support the blog!!!!

Updates on the HG's coming up so..

Stay tuned...

BB is on right now!! (chat is open!)

Okay ladies & gents, the chat room is OPEN!! Feel free to talk during the show! :-D I'll be popping in & out of the chat room during the show.

Right now, they're showing a recap from last nights episode.

**NOTE: I am SO happy that Jessie is no longer HOH. lol

Julie Chen: "Welcome to Big Brother 10!"

Keesha has to keep her word to her alliance and not keep Steven, so she's kinda stuck between a rock & a hard place.

Libra wants nearly half the house gone (Renny, Jerry, Dan, and Steven). She calls them the "floaters" of the house.

Dan's strategy is to shut up and let Steven keep campaigning for himself because it's ticking the HG's off and it works in Dan's favor to just lay low this week.

"I'm under this cloud of Brian that just won't go away!"-Steven

Libra, Keesha, April, and Ollie are thinking about Steven's offer of joining their alliance & that it would benefit them because he IS a strong guy.

Memphis & Angie are in an alliance together and they're talking about keeping Dan close to them.

Keesha and Libra & April are talking about how close Memphis & Angie have been. If the girls voted to keep Steven, they would be "casting the first stone" against the other alliance in the house.


Julie is asking the HG's (live) questions. (I missed the 1st question, sorry.)

"I sense there's love in the air..April!"-Julie Chen

Julie asked Ollie what he thinks his Dad thinks of his showmance..he says his dad is probably happy for him. lol

They're now showing Renny's family and talking about her...she's the life of the party. Now they're showing some of her wigs at home and funny clothing. lol

Renny's son called Jessie a "punk". Haha!!! :-D He also said that Jessie doesn't know how to give respect.

Now they're showing Jessie's family. His mom says that Renny was "exploiting" her son (Jessie). (NOTE: Umm...huh??)

"Still ahead, the live vote! Steven or Dan..who will be walking out of the Big Brother house tonight?"


Julie just talked to Jessie in the HOH room. Jessie said the HG's think he's immature because of his age.

It's time for the votes!!!

Dan is saying his speech..."I've had alot of fun and would love to continue. If I get voted out, I understand but I'd love to stay!"

"I made a choice (Brian) and I regret it! I learned some amazing things.." then he said "Suck it, bitches!" Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle votes to evict...Steven
Memphis votes to evict...Steven
Angie votes to evict...Steven
Jerry votes to evict...Steven
Libra votes to evict...Steven
(its offical, Steven is gone.)
April votes to evict...Steven
Ollie votes to evict...Steven
Renny votes to evict...Steven
Keesha votes to evict...Steven

Evicted from the BB house is:


Steven said goodbye to everyone & hugged them all. Keesha looks really sad but no tears. April is smiling.

Steven is talking to Julie right now...he said the game is harder than riding a bull. A part of him is very glad to be out of the house. He listened to the goodbye messages and tears rolled down his face when Keesha's was playing.

Jessie's goodbye message was TOTALLY all about Jessie..about working out and such. What a self-centered prick that kid is. Blahh!

Up next, the HOH COMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D


They're showiung the Alien behind the mirror and the HG's reactions is HILARIOUS!!!! Now it's time for the HOH comp! BB took things from the house, the comp is called "alien abduction". lol

April is out...
Renny is out...
Angie is out...
Jerry is out...
Michelle is out...
Dan is out...
Memphis is out...
Ollie is out...
Libra is out...

The New HOH is:


I am SO HAPPY that Keesha won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week on the live feeds is gonna be gooooood! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report

This is going to be a short & sweet overnight report because I'm running a little behind today and need to get to the live feeds and hear all the gossip/game talk today!!

If you missed the Craig Ferguson late night talk show last night w/ the BB houseguests, don't worry because the video is right here:

Ollie & April had sex again. And upon April's request, Ollie "unloaded his love" all over her. (I think I just threw-up in my mouth.)

The HG's are now off of slop and they dug right into REAL food as soon as they could! :)

Steven will be going home tonight. In many convo's he has said (even last night) that he's "ready to go" and looks forward to seeing his boyfriend and his dog. But then he also said that he hopes for a twist to keep him in the game. (Me too, Steven!!!) But Julie confirmed that this season there will be no twists, so..he's good as gone. :-( I can only hope that douchebag Jessie goes this week for nominating Steven over something so freaking dumb. He's such a tool.

In other news, Michelle confronted Renny about her always saying that her & Jessie are "together" and assured her that they're not. Renny said that everybody says it in a playful way and not meant to hurt her. Michelle leaves the room and Renny talks to Keesha about how pissed off she is at Michelle now. Oooo...DRAMA!!! :-D

Okay, so that's the overnight report!!!

Just as a reminder:

*Live eviction tonight!!
*The chat room will be open from 8-10pm/EST!
*Drawing for 1 month feeds is tonight!
*Evel Dick's 1st show on the live feeds is this afternoon!!!!

More updates to come, so...

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Brother on CBS

Big Brother is on tv right now, but I'm not going to be posting about it. I'll save that for tomorrow's live show. I'm going to sit back, watch, and take the whole epiosde in!! :-D

I'll post comments and such when it's over!!!

UPDATED: Sorry guys & gals! I got a little busy right after the show ended. I'll be back in the morning so check back then!! :-D

Stay tuned...

The "surprise" SUCKED!! (pics)

Wow, what a disappointment the "surprise" was!

The HG's were greeted via tv by Julie Chen and Craig Ferguson (late night talk show host).

Everyone is clearly dissapointed and don't think that the Craig Ferguson was anything "special", and I personally agree (I'm not a fan of his show, but hey, that's just me.)

Ollie: "I wasted a perfectly good suit, if I'm being honest."

April is clearly upset and they HG's were telling her that she handled herself really good. I get the impression that Craig Ferguson asked/made a comment about her sleeping with Ollie and Jerry grabbing her boobs. Julie (according to Jessie) stood up for April, but she still looks upset regardless. Big Brother...boooo!!!!! The surpise SUCKED!!!

Back to the live feeds I go! :-D

Stay tuned...

A twist?????? (vid)---Updated!!

Good afternoon, BB10 blog fans!! :-D

The afternoon in the BB house has been pretty easy going. Steven has talked to some of the HG's and they all assured him that, yes, he will be going home tomorrow. :( Nooo!!!!! But later on, him and Dan were talking outside and Steven was telling him that he's had enough of BB and he's ready to get out. He wasn't bitter by any means, just accepting his ultimate fate and is (still) rather happy about leaving. He said his speech tomorrow will be "totally random" and will have nothing to do with the houseguests. lol

Okay, on to the juicy stuff...


What is it? WHO KNOWS!!! All I know is that it will happen at 8pm EST tonight and it will last for an hour.

Here's a clip of the live feeds that I took..the HG's are speculating what it is, and even bring up the idea of Steven NOT going home due to a twist (boy, would that be nice!)

Check it out:

What do *you* think the surprise is??? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW! :-D

Currently, the HG's are on outside lockdown and it looks like it will be that way for a while because BB told Michelle (in the Diary Room) to tell everyone they better be ready with their showers & hair and take their makeup outside to do it, because when they come back in, they'll only have time to change clothes.

UPDATED: As of 5pm BBT, the feeds switched to the fishies swimming in the tank, which means..THE SURPRISE IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!! :-D BB said it would take 1 hour, so I expect to see & hear what the hell happened when the feeds come back around 6pm BBT (that's 9pm EST). Keep checking back!!

Stay tuned...

Morning in the BB house (pics)

Nothing has been going on yet, just a lot of small talk as the hg's drink their coffee and wake up for the day. Most of them haven't even showered yet.

Jessie recieved the HOH camera and is taking pics (which will eventually be posted to



Today is the 22nd and it's the last day to get the live feeds special! Get them for $2 off the monthly subscribption. Plus, if you get them today, you can still get entered into tomorrow contest!! Contest?? Whaaaaa? Click here for details!!

UPDATE: Seems that the feeds special might have expired. :*(

Back to the feeds I go for now, but I'll be posting all day long so BOOKMARK THE BLOG (if ya haven't already) and keep checking back!!!

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report!! (vids)

Yesterday the BB house was full of fun, and that continued all through the night!

I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard watching the live feeds before! lol Angie, Steven, and Memphis decided to have a medieval battle last night in the BB backyard. They used tons of foil & saran wrap. It went from funny, to down-right hysterical!!

If you have the time, I HIGHLY recommend watching this video I took last night of the battle. There's so many different parts of this video clip that are hilarious, and it is truly worth the watch! It starts to get REALLY funny around the 3 minute mark. So sit back and enjoy the nearly 9 minute clip:

And here is Steven a couple of hours later when he got bored: He breaks out the Slip N Slide from earlier and goes sliding! lol You have to watch this clip, it's hilarious!!!!

Steven is TRULY the life of that house and it will be a very sad day if he is evicted tomorrow. :( I'm REALLY hoping that everyone has a change of heart and keeps him around. Steven has been showing who he is as a person and he really vibes well with the whole house. Dan, on the other hand, does not. He kinda just blends in and he's not that funny (though I gotta give him credit for trying at times). I guess what I'm saying is that I would much rather see Steven on the live feeds, rather than Dan just walking around and once in a while talking about random shit.

It seems to happen every season that there's 1 person that gets evicted way too soon. For me (personally), it was Nick from BB8 and Joshua from BB9, and tomorrow (if evicted), Steven will be this season's "Gone Too Soon" cast member. *sigh* Come on, houseguests & keep him around!! PLEAAASSEE!!!!!

In other BB news, Jessie & Michelle spent most of the day near each other and bonding some more. At times, it seems like a pure friendship is forming, and then at other times, it seems like they are 14 yr olds that have never been kissed and are making corny remarks from being too nervous and nobody will make a move. So I have no freaking clue what the hell they're doing or trying to do. lol We shall see!

Speaking of uncomfortable couples...

Ollie & April spent the day & night dodging remarks (all in good fun) about their sexual relations the other night. They're more or less playfully denying it ever happened, though they know that the whole house knows. lol I'll apologize up front for you Ollie & April fans (all 3 of you, I'm sure) but I just can't stand watching them cuddle and throw looks and giving kisses here & there. They have NO CHEMISTRY whatsoever and it's a little bit on the "huh??" side for me. They seem to really enjoy each other though, so that's cool! :) But they just don't vibe together. Like, Will & Janelle totally vibed together...and Nick & Danielle (from season 8) totally vibed together...and Chelsia & James totally vibed together last season. Ollie & April?? Not so much. But hey, that's just my two cents.

No game talk occurred last night with the exception of Memphis & Angie talking/forming a sub-alliance...

I have a VERY strong feeling that Angie & Memphis (if they truly stick together) will toally clean house and be sitting pretty at the end. They are both smart as hell and loyal. This is gonna get good! ;-)

So, there was a little Libra bashing from the girls last night (when she wasn't around). It's because Libra has been non-stop complaining about being hungry (she's on slop) and it's to the point where she went into the Diary Room and gave them a verbal lashing. Angie said it best when she said "She signed up for this shit." AMEN, Angie!! I think the HG's have about had enough of her and it's only a matter of time (probably a week if she doesn't win HOH) before her butt is on the nomination block.

So that's the latest scoop of what's been going on in the BB house!! :-D Yesterday AND last night was the first time that I stayed glued to the feeds (until 4am EST). I absolutely LOVE this season and the cast!!! It's only week 2 and look at all the stuff that has's gonna be a GREAT season!!!!!!!!!!

A morning update will be coming up shortly, but first I must make some coffee and get cook me some breakfast. :) Be back in a little bit!

Stay tuned...