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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A twist?????? (vid)---Updated!!

Good afternoon, BB10 blog fans!! :-D

The afternoon in the BB house has been pretty easy going. Steven has talked to some of the HG's and they all assured him that, yes, he will be going home tomorrow. :( Nooo!!!!! But later on, him and Dan were talking outside and Steven was telling him that he's had enough of BB and he's ready to get out. He wasn't bitter by any means, just accepting his ultimate fate and is (still) rather happy about leaving. He said his speech tomorrow will be "totally random" and will have nothing to do with the houseguests. lol

Okay, on to the juicy stuff...


What is it? WHO KNOWS!!! All I know is that it will happen at 8pm EST tonight and it will last for an hour.

Here's a clip of the live feeds that I took..the HG's are speculating what it is, and even bring up the idea of Steven NOT going home due to a twist (boy, would that be nice!)

Check it out:

What do *you* think the surprise is??? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW! :-D

Currently, the HG's are on outside lockdown and it looks like it will be that way for a while because BB told Michelle (in the Diary Room) to tell everyone they better be ready with their showers & hair and take their makeup outside to do it, because when they come back in, they'll only have time to change clothes.

UPDATED: As of 5pm BBT, the feeds switched to the fishies swimming in the tank, which means..THE SURPRISE IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!! :-D BB said it would take 1 hour, so I expect to see & hear what the hell happened when the feeds come back around 6pm BBT (that's 9pm EST). Keep checking back!!

Stay tuned...