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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

After the show (pics)--Video Added

No game talk has happened yet, but I don't expect it to until after Keesha gets her HOH room tonight.

The only game talk that has been mentioned was Keesha and the girls bashing Angie a little bit and then Libra asked Keesha if she (Libra) was gonna be nominated for eviction. Keesha said no, but what else could she say? Anyways, it seems like Angie might one of the noms. We'll see!

She's in an alliance with them and if Keesha were to want to shake things up a bit, she would never tell her flat out her plans! Plus, Keesha could always backdoor Libra (unless Libra won the POV). It's just too early to tell where Keesha's head is at.

Keesha will be getting her HOH room shortly and when she does, I'll post pics!! :-D

Right now, all the HG's are just talking and eating.

At 10:48pm EST, Angie was called into the Diary Room. Now you're updated on everything going on in the house!!

Stay tuned...