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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Will return early morning!

Hey everyone! How was your Saturday? Hopefully ya'll rested up and took it easy like I did this afternoon.

I was planning on being home earlier, but traffic was HORRIBLE and it's now 1am EST. I'm going to head to bed, but I'll be back in the early morning with a full report and the latest in updates!! :-D

The only thing on my agenda tomorrow (other than being glued to the feeds for most of the day as usual) is that I the hubby & I are going to look at a house for sale (we're looking for our first home. :) ) But that will only take a couple hours all together, but I still wanted to warn ya up front.

Alright guys & dolls, I'll be back tomorrow morning around 9am EST (maybe even earlier) so check back then!! :-D

Stay tuned...