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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Overnight Report

Hey BB10 Blog fans! :-D Time for the overnight report!!

Yesterday in the BB house was pure madness again. Basically, just take all the convos from Friday and put them into Saturday and that's what it was like yesterday. Alot of Keesha believing everything she hears and talking shit on Libra..then she's Libra's best friend...then she calls her a bitch...then she loves her again. Rinse & repeat.

Also, Michelle & Jerry got into a fight yesterday. Michelle calls Jerry out for saying that "The power changes every week (HOH).." and Michelle adds that he also said that he would kiss ass to whoever the HOH is that week to stay safe. Jerry denies that last part. Jerry then goes off on Michelle for trying to start shit with him, Michelle said that he was talking shit behind her back saying that she (Michelle) was trying to get Jerry nominated for eviction (via Keesha) this week.

Michelle is saying she heard of all this from Angie (who was sitting right there in the middle of this fight, btw.) Jerry says the conversation is over, DONE!..then he gives Michelle & Jessie (who just walked in on the convo) the finger and walks away as Michelle is still ranting. Jerry comes back in the kitchen, Michelle leaves (screaming) and Jessie & Jerry are left exchanging words after Michelle walks away and both of the guys said that if they were to win HOH, they'll be nominating each other for eviction.

OKay, so if you haven't heard about the "the banner" yesterday, listen up:
Yesterday Jessie, Memphis, Angie, & Michelle were in the backyard when a plane with a banner flew over.

Jessie saw the banner and said "It's a banner! Dude, it's a fucking banner!" ..and then he read it.

The banner, according to Jessie, read:

"Keesha: Libra is a Liar. Love, Steven."

But Memphis told Angie that he thought it said "We love Libra", but he's not going to tell anybody. They both giggled over that. They're hoping that Keesha is thinking hard about the banner and that it will be that push that she needs to backdoor Libra. We'll see!

Michelle & Jessie are trying so hard to get Jessie to stay in the house, but they already know that he's not the target. So anything he says/does to "get himself off the block" is only making his situation worse and the HG's are taking notice and it's not looking good for Jessie. I would say, at this point, it's 50/50 on who will go home. They're afraid that Jessie might act this way everytime he's nominated but that maybe this is his stategy. (How that can be a good stratgey, I don't know).

Jessie is losing it and it's showing. He keeps saying over & over again that he can't sleep, he can't eat, and it's driving him crazy. The game is getting to him, and fast.

April got upset last night (tears off & on) about how much she misses her pregnant twin sister and her family. Libra is missing home, as well. She misses her kids.

Oh, and Ollie & April had sex again.

Okay, that's it for the overnight report!!!!

Just as a side note, this week very well might be an Endurance comp for HOH (gawd, I hope so!!) I hate those Q & A comps for HOH. Booorrring. The endurance comps are fun to watch on the live feeds!! Sometimes they can go on for hours and it's thrilling to watch it all unfold live!

More updates coming up!

Stay tuned...