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Friday, July 25, 2008

Jessie pitches the "Backdoor Libra" plan

This morning in the BB house has been buzzing with game talk!!

Jessie approached Keesha with the plan (that the alliance of 4) came up with late last night. He was telling her that she NEEDS to backdoor Libra (depending on who wins POV today, of course) otherwise it would be her "biggest mistake" if she didn't (implying that Libra is lying to her and will come after her).

Keesha listened and agreed and they left the meeting with a nice hug:

When Libra & April came back into the HOH room (they were waiting outside the HOH door as Jessie & Keesha whispered their whole convo), Libra asked Keesha what he said...

...and surprisingly, she LIED TO LIBRA!!! She didn't tell her anything that her & Jessie talked about, she just said "Oh, he's worried about being on the block and such.." Then she flat out told Libra "This game is gonna get...ugly." Ironically, Libra said "Ya.." lol

Could it be? That Libra could very well be backdoored & the house flipped upside down? Oh,'s VERY possible!! :-D

This POV is gonna be HUGE!!!!! Personally, I can't wait a minute longer for them to play the POV comp! I actually canceled going swimming today just to stay home to see who wins it! lol

Stay tuned...