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Friday, July 25, 2008

Angie (finally) talks to Keesha

Angie finally got her turn to speak to Keesha. Since Keesha has been HOH, her door has been a revolving the point where she couldn't even take a shower until 11pm last night. People won't leave her alone and she said it feels like "a job" talking to everyone every single minute.

Keesha says Angie's nomination wasn't "personal", and she's saying that it was really hard for her to come up with 2 people to nominate (and I know this to be true..Keesha flip-flopped several times in 1 day).

Keesha warns Angie to watch out for Michelle because she'll throw anybody "under the bus" to save her own ass. Michelle denied her alliance with Angie (to Keesha). Angie says the only person she has in the house is Memphis (as a friend). Keesha tells Angie she's a strong girl in the game, Angie takes it as a compliment.

Keesha blames Angie being nominated on everybody telling her that Angie was after her and to put her up. Keesha says that she sees "the girls coming from a mile away!"..meaning that she sees their true colors and they're not good.

Angie tells Keesha that if she were to use the veto, to not use it on Angie because Angie can't take another week in the house with Libra and to just let the HG's vote however they want.

Now they're bashing Libra a little they start talking about Steven and they're both confused on why he had to leave, and that Steven brought so much fun and positive energy to the they have to deal with Libra's shitty attitude. Keesha regrets not giving Steven a vote, but she was in a position where it would have came back on her in a bad way because the house was telling her how to vote (and not go against the house). Angie agrees, and she shed a tear.

Angie leaves the room and there's good vibes between them both. (Honestly, I wouldn't shocked if Keesha uses the POV to save Angie and backdoor Libra. At this point, I can totally see that happening!)

Stay tuned...