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Friday, July 25, 2008

Jessie & Michelle brainstorming

Jessie & Michelle are talking about what they're going to do, or should do.
Jessie is freaking out thinking of ways to either get himself off the block or to ensure that Angie goes home.

As I posted in my previous post (below), Angie said that if Keesha does decide to use the veto, to use it on Jessie (unless Keesha will get out Libra) because Angie honestly & truly cannot stand to be around Libra for one more day. Angie flat out said that she will do whatever it takes to make sure she goes home this week *if* Libra is not the target.

Jessie & Michelle are banking on either Angie following through with that, or with Libra getting nom'ed and taken out. Their brains are in overdrive (and let's be honest, for those two, it doesn't take too much.)

Stay tuned...