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Friday, July 25, 2008

Jessie & Keesha talk

Jessie is doing his best (and surprisngly well!) at getting Keesha to put up Libra as a renom..and get Jessie off the block. Jessie is saying some valid points.

Keesha just called Libra a "fucking backstabber" and much she drives her "crazy".

Jessie is telling Keesha to break her word to Libra and stop being the good person in this because Libra has already broken her word to her by lying and starting shit and talking behind peoples back, it's okay to break her word. Keesha tells him that she is taking everything he's saying very seriously and will think hard about all of it.

Jessie is relentless and Keesha is getting tired of the convo. Jessie won't calm down and he's repeating the same things over and over again.

Jessie: "She has kicked your word up & down the house! She has degraded you every chance she got..even today!"

Keesha: "Oh, I know!! She's two-faced as fuck!!"

Now Keesha is going OFF about Libra and how much she bitches around the house and Keesha is calling her a bitch. (Wow! lol)

Jessie is getting heated & his face is turning red:

April comes up to the HOH to give Keesha a beer that BB just gave them. Keesha assures Jessie that he wasn't the target and still isn't and that everything is fine. She then says "Let's not talk about it for a while.." (told ya'll she had enough. lol) The convo was intense for a long time and Keesha looks like she's worn out.

They both head downstairs to mingle with the HG's. Oops, I spoke too soon! Keesha grabs April & Renny and takes them upstairs.

She starts the convo with:

Keesha (to April & Renny):
"I brought you two up here for a reason. You are the only 2 people that I *truly* 100% trust in this house..You see the way Libra treats me and degrades me, right? I mean, come on, everybody has to see it..."

Keesha just told the girls that she will NOT put up Libra. The girls tell her that Jessie is the one who put Steven up on the block in the first place and to remember that as he talks in her ear.

Just FYI, Keesha is by far the worst HOH ever in the history of BB. lol She's talking shit on EVERYBODY to everybody, promising everybody everything, she's in like 4 different sub-alliances...I'm telling ya'll, she's gonna get caught up in her own web of shit real quick!

Keesha is now asking the girls where she stands next week (after her reign of HOH is over) and the girls (Renny & April) assure her that she's "fine". Keesha goes on to tell them that Jessie is saying Libra & April & Ollie will f-over Keesha in a heartbeat after her HOH is done. April says "nooooo!!!!" (But I'm thinking 'yessss, you will April!'.)

Now Jerry is up there with them and they're all talking about what all the HG's are saying. Lies are coming out all over the place and April says "That alliance is tearinf themselves apart!". The house is a clusterfuck of lies and stories and theories and...PHEWWW!! My head is SPINNING!!!!!! lol

Keesha: "Angie is leaving. She's leaving."

Don't worry, Angie fans, Keesha is bound to change her mind again in 30 mins. lol

Okay guys & dolls, it's now 12:29am EST and I'm beyond tired. I've been online since 8am. I'll be back tomorrow!

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Until tomorrow morning.. :)

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