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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Overnight Report

Good morning everyone!

I stayed up until 12am reporting so I didn't expect too much of anything (worth reporting) to happen.

The house pretty much stayed divided all night (for the most part). Jerry made a sub-alliance with Ollie and to my knowledge, Ollie hasn't leaked that to April..which kind of pleasantly surprised me! Someone in the house actually keeping a secret??? Wow!! He just may get to finals at this rate! lol

In other news, Ollie & April had sex..does anyone even care?

There was alot of bashing from both sides of the alliances last night, but most of it was repeating convos of what I've already reported late last night, so you're not missing anything.

Okay, as of 12:03pm EST (which is 9:03am BBT), the houseguests are still snoozing away:

I'll be here reporting until around 2pm EST, but then I'm taking the day off until tonight (around 11pm tonight EST). I've been working anywhere from 12-18 hrs/day since BB started on July 13th and I need a break otherwise I'll go insane! lol :-P

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I'll be posting whenever the HG's wake up for the day!!

Update: As of 1:23pm EST, the houseguests have woken up!

Stay tuned...