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Friday, July 25, 2008

Overnight Report (Friday)

Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday!!!

Today is the POV comp, but first let's get the Overnight Report taken care of:

Jessie attempted to talk to Keesha last night by going up and ringing the HOH doorbell but she never answered. He walked outside and told Memphis, Michelle, and Angie that she didn't answer the door. They told him maybe she was showering or sleeping or listening to music, but Jessie wasn't really buying it..and rightfully so. Keesha was well aware of his presence outside the door but decided to not answer it. Her day was long and full of drama and mulitple convos, she just wasn't ready or in the mood to talk to him at that point in time.

Memphis & Angie were having some fun last night on the feeds. The CBS show never shows the way those two with each other, but if you're a feed watcher like myself, then you know how good of friends they are and might I add, they have chemistry. Now, I'm not saying that they have girlfriend/boyfriend or even showmance chemsitry, just good friend chemistry. You know when you have a friend that you can just be yourself and have fun? That's the way they are around each other and I love watching them together! Memphis told Angie how much he misses his girlfriend (a couple of times last night) and you could really tell that he meant it. He said he misses sleeping beside his girlfriend and that if he was ever offered to do BB again, he would turn it down because he can't stand all the time he has to be away from his girlfriend.

Here's a clip I recorded of Memphis & Angie having a bit of fun & then Angie and Michelle talk about how Dan joined the Keesha alliance (Michelle calls him a "bitch"):

Later on, it was the 4-people alliance (Memphis, Angie, Michelle & Jessie) that were sitting around the jacuzzi and talking about a way to get Keesha to backdoor Libra. They have to wait until the POV to see who wins it and then make a decision if they wanna approach Keesha with a plan to backdoor Libra or not, but until the POV comp (which is today!!), there's no sense in talking to Keesha and starting shit for no reason. Jessie is freaking out but the way he's handling it is very..weird. As Angie said (when he went back inside), "He (Jessie) needs to calm the fuck down."

On a side note, BB has been saying random "Did you know..." facts over the loudspeaker. Yesterday there were two facts that were mentioned. I'm guessing that either the facts have something to do with today's POV comp or that it has something to do with the next HOH comp. We shall see!! :-D

Here's one of the Trivia questions that BB announced last night (fast foward to 5 mins & 20 seconds):

Hmm, interesting!! ;-)

Okay, that's about it for the Overnight Report!!

Stay tuned...