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Thursday, July 24, 2008

After the nominations:

Michelle got pissed that Jessie got nom'ed and started to slam doors and such around the house. Jessie is also upset but hasn't shown it through any actions like Michelle has.

Apparantly during the nomination ceremony, Keesha told Jessie that her reason for nom'ing him was because of the "remark you made on tv". Jessie seems to think it was the "I'm the HOH, they have to talk to me!" remark.

Angie kinda saw her being nom'ed coming and actually perfers being nominated rather than being backdoored. She pulled Keesha aside about an hour after the ceremony and told her that she would like to talk to Keesha at some point and she's sorry she didn't do it earlier but there were just so many people going in & out of the HOH room (and she's exactly right on that one!)

Angie, Michelle and Dan are working out in the backyard, Memphis & Jessie are bench pressing, and the rest of the HG's are kinda scattered throughout the house: Libra & Renny are having light conversation in the kitchen (April is in the kitchen as well just fussing around a bit).

Each time Michelle & Angie do a lap in the yard, they're bashing the Keesha alliance: "61 jackasses..." and "69 fucking ho-bags" and "70 whores". lol

More updates to come!

Stay tuned...