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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Overnight Report

This is going to be a short & sweet overnight report because I'm running a little behind today and need to get to the live feeds and hear all the gossip/game talk today!!

If you missed the Craig Ferguson late night talk show last night w/ the BB houseguests, don't worry because the video is right here:

Ollie & April had sex again. And upon April's request, Ollie "unloaded his love" all over her. (I think I just threw-up in my mouth.)

The HG's are now off of slop and they dug right into REAL food as soon as they could! :)

Steven will be going home tonight. In many convo's he has said (even last night) that he's "ready to go" and looks forward to seeing his boyfriend and his dog. But then he also said that he hopes for a twist to keep him in the game. (Me too, Steven!!!) But Julie confirmed that this season there will be no twists, so..he's good as gone. :-( I can only hope that douchebag Jessie goes this week for nominating Steven over something so freaking dumb. He's such a tool.

In other news, Michelle confronted Renny about her always saying that her & Jessie are "together" and assured her that they're not. Renny said that everybody says it in a playful way and not meant to hurt her. Michelle leaves the room and Renny talks to Keesha about how pissed off she is at Michelle now. Oooo...DRAMA!!! :-D

Okay, so that's the overnight report!!!

Just as a reminder:

*Live eviction tonight!!
*The chat room will be open from 8-10pm/EST!
*Drawing for 1 month feeds is tonight!
*Evel Dick's 1st show on the live feeds is this afternoon!!!!

More updates to come, so...

Stay tuned...