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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keesha's HOH room

Keesha got her HOH room just a little bit ago. Here's some pics for ya'll to enjoy!!

And, yes..that is Keesha's cat going to the bathroom on the toliet. lol It poops & pees on the toliet. (Wonder how I can get my cat to do that??!)

Keesha & Renny were in the HOH room alone for a few minutes and Keesha told Renny about what Steven told her..which was that to watch out for the girls (Libra & April) and Ollie (because of his connection with April).

Downstairs, the camera was on Dan & Ollie whispering to each other for a minute. Ollie told Dan that he thinks Keesha isn't going to nominate him but if he does get nom'ed, to not worry about it because he could just be a pawn. Then Dan tells Ollie that if he wins HOH, then Ollie has "nothing to worry about" (meaning he won't nom Ollie).

The HG's sure are throwing around promises of saftey tonight!! And I'm sure it'll all backfire at some point. ;-)

Stay tuned...