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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Overnight Report (vids)

Good afternoon. ;-) I slept in today to give my brain a rest from the information overload on the feeds last night. There was soooo much talk, and it was constant!

Keesha had everyone in her HOH room..sometimes all at once, other times just a few hg's, and they all rotated in & out of her room all night. It got so bad that Keesha had to tell people to wait (before coming in her room) because she could barely finish a conversation before a couple more HG's were on their way back up to her room.

Okay, so as I posted yesterday, Keesha & Jerry had a nice convo about him not even being a thought to be nominated. But then later on, his name was thrown around thanks to some hints from a couple of HG's like Jessie. Basically, Keesha thought about putting EVERYBODY up at one point last night. "Maybe Angie because she's a strong compeitor...or maybe Libra because she starts drama...maybe Memphis becaus I think he's in alliance with Angie..." and it just went on and on! It was too much to take in!! I would really like to know where Keesha's head is at and see who she was bullshitting to.

But, just like Keesha said last night, she'll leave Libra getting evicted to another HOH because there's so many people in that house that just hate that girl. And in fact, Keesha had a long talk with Libra last night and the point of their convo was for Keesha to hash out their little problems/gossip bullshit and Keesha asked Libra if she has her back from here on out, and Libra (of course) said yes.

But that convo was a tactic to *not* be a target this week. Here's Libra telling Ollie & April about how she handled Keesha:

Then Keesha came downstairs (drunk) and sat down at the table to talk to Ollie, April, and Libra:

Oy. :-/ Keesha better watch out for those 3.

So who will be nominated today? Right now it looks like it will be Angie & Memphis (with Angie being the target). Angie doesn't know Keesha's intentions just yet, but Angie was saying last night that if she goes up, she'll just fight for the POV. Keesha plans on telling Memphis before the nominations about her target being Angie and not him. If this happens, then that will be 1 sub-alliance (Memphis & Angie) broken up..well, most likely anyways.

This week is going to be a GREAT week on the feeds!!! There's so much backstabbing/plotting against already and Keesha has only had about 12 hours of her HOH so far. ;-)

Alright, more updates coming right up!!

Stay tuned...