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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Overnight Report!! (vids)

Yesterday the BB house was full of fun, and that continued all through the night!

I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard watching the live feeds before! lol Angie, Steven, and Memphis decided to have a medieval battle last night in the BB backyard. They used tons of foil & saran wrap. It went from funny, to down-right hysterical!!

If you have the time, I HIGHLY recommend watching this video I took last night of the battle. There's so many different parts of this video clip that are hilarious, and it is truly worth the watch! It starts to get REALLY funny around the 3 minute mark. So sit back and enjoy the nearly 9 minute clip:

And here is Steven a couple of hours later when he got bored: He breaks out the Slip N Slide from earlier and goes sliding! lol You have to watch this clip, it's hilarious!!!!

Steven is TRULY the life of that house and it will be a very sad day if he is evicted tomorrow. :( I'm REALLY hoping that everyone has a change of heart and keeps him around. Steven has been showing who he is as a person and he really vibes well with the whole house. Dan, on the other hand, does not. He kinda just blends in and he's not that funny (though I gotta give him credit for trying at times). I guess what I'm saying is that I would much rather see Steven on the live feeds, rather than Dan just walking around and once in a while talking about random shit.

It seems to happen every season that there's 1 person that gets evicted way too soon. For me (personally), it was Nick from BB8 and Joshua from BB9, and tomorrow (if evicted), Steven will be this season's "Gone Too Soon" cast member. *sigh* Come on, houseguests & keep him around!! PLEAAASSEE!!!!!

In other BB news, Jessie & Michelle spent most of the day near each other and bonding some more. At times, it seems like a pure friendship is forming, and then at other times, it seems like they are 14 yr olds that have never been kissed and are making corny remarks from being too nervous and nobody will make a move. So I have no freaking clue what the hell they're doing or trying to do. lol We shall see!

Speaking of uncomfortable couples...

Ollie & April spent the day & night dodging remarks (all in good fun) about their sexual relations the other night. They're more or less playfully denying it ever happened, though they know that the whole house knows. lol I'll apologize up front for you Ollie & April fans (all 3 of you, I'm sure) but I just can't stand watching them cuddle and throw looks and giving kisses here & there. They have NO CHEMISTRY whatsoever and it's a little bit on the "huh??" side for me. They seem to really enjoy each other though, so that's cool! :) But they just don't vibe together. Like, Will & Janelle totally vibed together...and Nick & Danielle (from season 8) totally vibed together...and Chelsia & James totally vibed together last season. Ollie & April?? Not so much. But hey, that's just my two cents.

No game talk occurred last night with the exception of Memphis & Angie talking/forming a sub-alliance...

I have a VERY strong feeling that Angie & Memphis (if they truly stick together) will toally clean house and be sitting pretty at the end. They are both smart as hell and loyal. This is gonna get good! ;-)

So, there was a little Libra bashing from the girls last night (when she wasn't around). It's because Libra has been non-stop complaining about being hungry (she's on slop) and it's to the point where she went into the Diary Room and gave them a verbal lashing. Angie said it best when she said "She signed up for this shit." AMEN, Angie!! I think the HG's have about had enough of her and it's only a matter of time (probably a week if she doesn't win HOH) before her butt is on the nomination block.

So that's the latest scoop of what's been going on in the BB house!! :-D Yesterday AND last night was the first time that I stayed glued to the feeds (until 4am EST). I absolutely LOVE this season and the cast!!! It's only week 2 and look at all the stuff that has's gonna be a GREAT season!!!!!!!!!!

A morning update will be coming up shortly, but first I must make some coffee and get cook me some breakfast. :) Be back in a little bit!

Stay tuned...