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Monday, July 21, 2008

Afternoon fun: (vids)

The HG's finished the assembly of their Slip N Slide and it was a huge success!!! :-D

But before I go into that, check out Steven having fun with Angie and singing/dancing "Maniac" LOL

I LOVE Steven and I can't believe the HG's are still gonna evict him. Maybe they'll change their minds? Or maybe I'm just hopeful. He's the most fun person in that house and I would hate to see him leave! *sigh*

Okay, so as I was saying, the HG's put together their Slip N Slide and had a blast!! Instead of taking multiple videos of them sliding, I decided to make a video that showed only them sliding and little bits & pieces of them giggling/laughing. :) Also, Michelle & Angie have a soapy girl fight towards the end of the clip (Guys, you're welcome! ;-) lol)

The HG's sliding + Soapy Girl Fight:

And you don't have the live feeds because why?? They're free for 2 weeks and totally worth it to catch live moments like today. :) Plus, the season has BARELY STARTED! Pftt, it's only week 2 and look at all the entertainment we've had so far!!! GET THE FEEDS!!!

Right now, the HG's are chilling out but I'm hoping that by tonight, there's some more action! :-D

Stay tuned...