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Monday, July 21, 2008

The HG's are gonna Slip N' Slide!! (pics)

I didn't do an overnight report because there wasn't anything to really report. The mood in the house all night and today has been just FUN! The hg's were all sharing stories and such.

To get the party started today, BB gave the houseguests a roll of garbage bags and tape to make their own Slip n Slide!! This outta be good! lol ;-)

There were nails in the ground (from previous comps) so Steven, Angie, and Memphis all got down on their knees and removed all of them...or at least they hope they did! lol Also, BB just gave them 6 speedo caps for their heads. Why? Who knows! All I know is that I about pissed myself when Steven put his cap on and took it off..along with a good clump of hair! LOL

If you have the live feeds, TURN'EM ON!!! And if you don't, get'em here!!

Here's some screenshots:

They just put soap all over the slip n slide and Steven is about to test it out!!! Full video and screenshots coming up!!!

Stay tuned...