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Friday, July 11, 2008

Early Show w/ Julie Chen: Full House Tour!!

As mentioned, this morning Julie Chen and Allison Grodner showed the Big Brother House in a full house tour!! The video is just over 3 minutes long, which is longer than the "teaser video" CBS leaked out a few days ago.

Check it out!! :-D

Also, if you still wanna enter the BB10 Pool, there's still time & with only 5 people entered, you have a pretty good shot at winning the $100 PRIZE! (see 1 post down for details.)

And just a reminder, the Early Bird Special for the live feeds ends TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! If you know for sure you will be getting the feeds this season, then hurry up and snag this great deal up!!! You get 2 weeks totally free, then $12.99.month (orig. $14.99/month), so save some money this season on the feeds and sign up now!!

Early Bird Special

Okay everyone, we have only a short 2 DAYS LEFT before BB10 begins!!!! :-D I have a ton of stuff to do in order to prepare for this season, but I will be posting throughout the day, so keep checking back!!! Oh, and don't forget to BOOKMARK THE BLOG!!

Stay tuned...