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Thursday, July 10, 2008

**CONTEST!!!!!!** (Deadline is Sunday July 13th!)

SURPRISE, Big Brother 10 Blog fans!!! :-D

This season, I want to spice things up a bit here on the blog. Instead of just cheering on your favorite houseguest, now you can bet on them and REALLY hope they win! lol

So look through the interviews on CBS's YouTube channel and pick the HG's you think will make it all the way to end!

So, how do you enter? Well, that's easy as pie, too! The blog needs *your* help this season (more than ever!) to stay alive! So I incorporated the need for support for the blog with an idea for a contest with a SWEET PRIZE!!

Here's how to enter:
1.) Choose a HG you think will make it to the end!
2.) Donate $5 to the blog (button is on the left side of the blog)
3.) In the description part of the donation, type the name of your HG.
4.) All correct guesses will go into a drawing
5.) The drawing will be 1 hour before the season Finale!

The Winner Will Receive $100.00!!!!

Your $5 not only gets you a entry into the contest, but it supports the blog as well. It's a Win/Win situation! :-D

I run this blog on my own (unlike 99% of the other BB blogs out there), which means that I'm the one who stays up all night, sleeps very little, takes videos & uploads them, and blog multiple times a day to keep you BB fans informed up to the minute! :) The donations help keep me here in front of the computer for you lovely guys & take a chance on winning a cool $100 and help keep the Big Brother 10 Blog going all season long! :-D

Those few of you that have already donated, I will contact you and ask you for your houseguest choice for the're already entered in the contest! ;-)

If you have any questions or comments, leave'em below!! :-D